3 May, 2007

Latest from Kirksville Today… on education

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By Alex Linder

News arrives that Kirksville middle-school students perform well by comparison to their peers elsewhere in the state. The KDE article below credits teachers and improved curricumlum, but the fact is that Kirksville will always do well on state tests as long as the vast majority of its students are White.

A handful of facts are all you, the average citizen, need to understand the perpetual debate about “education.”


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  7. 3 Responses to “Latest from Kirksville Today… on education”

    1. c womak Says:

      Great article – Blogged it here


    2. maxsnafu Says:

      Alex, the proper term for the Black doctors in television comercials
      is “fantasy niggers.”

    3. Fissile Says:

      Some times the jews tell the truth about education.

      Moe Speaking to Curly: “Did you ever go to school, stupid?”

      Curly: “Certainly, and I come out the same way!”