15 May, 2007

O’FARRELL: Leech Speech

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  7. 7 Responses to “O’FARRELL: Leech Speech”

    1. honkey tonk man Says:


    2. Beast Says:

      Excellent essay by O’Farrell.

      We MUST do EVERYTHING we can to keep the internet free.

      It is our only hope at this late hour. Without it 100% free and open, we will be utterly doomed.

    3. Junghans Says:

      Luke is a Judenkenner par excellence. Mind altering internal parasites are clearly the reason that white people are descending into racial oblivion, pronto hasto. The clinical symptoms of this disease are a catatonic stupor and a death wish delirium, culminating in racial death by ‘nutmegging’ or homicide. How ‘odd of god’ that only gullible white people are susceptible to this racial malady known as Parasitica Semitica.

    4. white_skelet Says:

      “So let’s ask some simple questions:
      Q. Is Israel troubled by violent African-Caribbean gangs?

      A. No, not in the slightest.

      Q. Why not?

      A. Because Israel hasn’t allowed mass immigration by blacks or any other non-Jews.”

      This isn’t a strong point, Palestine is troubled too. It’s not a paradise where you can walk risk-free anymore than Londonistan.

    5. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Are we searching in vain for an antibiotic against Parasitica Semitica? I hope not! There is a cure for this infection, and it is incumbent on us to break this 3000 year old fever.

    6. Junghans Says:

      The answer to the riddle of white mental impairment lies in finding the psychological keys to embarrass the literal hell out of them, that is, guilt trip them, so that they can come to grips with their self-destructive mental foibles. They also need to be morally motivated, ie. eine Rebellen um Ehre. I suspect, however, that they have to be lean, hungry and physically threatened before that tipping point can occur. The key to white racial survival, however, lies in exaustively examining the white psyche and acting on it.

    7. hooked moses noses Says:

      a real eyepopper is to call up HAARETZ , ancient italian name…it goes into ALL the ancient middle eastern myths that is today’s christianity, mooslimes, oouumm numb nuts foozebag pakis and fudge packin hindudes, etc…. I’m from Missouri, show me the DNA of these so called ancient HI titties, Iranians, dagoes and others that want to continue the BIG “SWINDLE” !!! It might surprise most as to the silly rediculous origins…. ya can’t make a white boy out of a semite !!!