5 May, 2007

Race Meets the She-Liberal: Cathy Buckle’s Zimbabwe

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The following is from Cathy Buckle’s site (link at bottom). She’s a liberal White woman who lives in Zimbabwe. She has experienced, and documented in archived letters, the decline of the black-run state first-hand, although she continues to deny reality and insist that race has nothing to do with atrocities and daily indignities she and her fellow humans suffer in the Land of Mudman Mugabe. Rather like a Christian Scientist who refuses to acknowledge the onset of a lethal disease, wethinks.

Don’t be a Buckle! It’s ALL about race. Niggers can’t make or sustain human civilizations. They can wreck them! All it takes is for you to play along with the jew and pretend they’re your equals. Not sure what more they have to do to prove they ain’t, but if such a thing is possible, Cathy Buckle is well positioned to witness it!

Saturday 28th April 2007

Dear Family and Friends,
Having spent three weeks in a civilized country south of Zimbabwe, I must admit that there were many things that made me not want to come home. Food was one thing – its existence, huge variety and consistent pricing. Money was another thing – coins that are actually worth something, bank notes that don’t have expiry dates printed on them and money that keeps its value from one week to the next.Then there was the freedom of the media with abundant newspaper and radio stations with criticism and debate encouraged. There was the joy of petrol stations that always had fuel and of being able to travel freely without incessant road blocks and police checks. Even little things like public toilets that were fit for use by human beings, water that was safe to drink from a tap, street signs that haven’t been stolen and dustbins being emptied – all were cause for stares of amazement.

For three weeks my eyes were open wide and slowly it began to sink in just how utterly shocking everything in Zimbabwe has become. We have all been so busy trying to survive the horrors that not only have we forgotten how a country should work but also how to demand that officials paid with our taxes do our bidding and not their own.

Crossing the border back into Zimbabwe there were just three people in the queue. On the other side of the counter at least 60 Zimbabweans were jostling to get out of the country. I knew I was home within minutes of leaving the border post. Deep potholes litter the highways; cows, donkeys and goats have right of way and there are no roadside fences. Road markings have worn away, cat’s eyes in the tar have gone and sign posts have been stolen.

But it was good to be home and the scenery this time of year is exquisite. Baobab trees in full leaf, crowds of yellow flowers in the dry bush and eagles soaring in the skies. The names of dry, dusty places conjure up images that can only be of Zimbabwe: Bubye, Nuanetsi, Sosonye, Mwenezi and Mount Guhudza. In the middle of nowhere there are always bottle stores: The “Try Again Bottle Store” caught my eye – a shabby little building, surrounded by red dust, women trying to sell water melons and men sitting drinking beer in the middle of the morning. This for sure is home!

Breaking the journey at one stage and in the middle of nowhere, two young teenage girls appeared.
“Hello,” I called out, “How are you?”
“Hello,” they answered, ” we are eating!”
One girl opened her hand to reveal a dozen shiny black berries. “Take them” she said, “you are welcome.” I thanked her and took two. She told me they were called Subvu and I gave her some peppermints in exchange. We all clapped our hands in thanks and the girls went away giggling. Instantly I was overcome with emotion and patriotism. In a land where hunger is rampant, in a country with the lowest life expectancy in the world, two young girls would offer me a mouthful of their food. Where else could I be except at home and this is the Zimbabwe that everyone knows and loves. Later I found that the berries are from the Mutsubvu tree and also called Chocolate berries.

The grim reality of being back home came soon. On the bottom of the electricity bill waiting for me when I got home were the words: “Tariff increased by 350% effective 1 April .”

I thank the two young girls on the roadside for making me feel welcome , and my mum for writing her letter ‘from the diaspora’ these past three weeks and keeping the news current.
Until next week, thanks for reading, love cathy
A Letter from the diaspora.

Saturday 21th April 2007

Dear Friends. Londoners have a saying, ‘You have to laugh.’ It refers to situations that could be described as tragi-comic, where laughter is the only recourse which will save you from downright heartbreak and tragedy. In other words, you have to laugh or you will weep.

Zimbabwe is like that. Sometimes, when you listen to the ministers and top cops defending the indefensible, you simply don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Is this man serious you ask yourself. Can he really mean what he’s saying or is he so brain-dead that he no longer knows the difference between sense and nonsense.
Last week it was Kemba Mohadi in an interview with SW Radio Africa that was pure slapstick. Tears of mirth at the utter stupidity of the man as he denies the sickening brutality going on all over the country. He doesn’t even make excuses; he simply denies the evidence! An estimated six hundred people beaten and bruised, two murders and parrot-like the Minister repeats ‘ Not true, not true.’ You have to laugh!

This week it’s the Department of Statistics trying to find ways of NOT telling us the true rate of inflation in the country. At first, we were told that there would be a delay while ‘the technical glitches were ironed out’. We all know what that means; it’s called ‘massaging the figures’ After the rate for February shot up to over 1730%, it was patently obvious that the government simply hadn’t a clue what to do about it. There was no way they could disguise the fact that the country was in hyper-inflation with the rate probably nearer 2.500%. But you know what? It doesn’t really matter whether they tell us or not. Zimbabweans don’t need statistics to explain their desperate poverty as they struggle to put even one meal a day on the table. It’s not statistics the people need, it’s solutions.

Today I read the latest excuse from the Dept of Statistics is that their computers have a virus! And we all know what the virus is called, don’t we? It’s the Zanu PF virus and there is no known cure for this deadly condition except total eradication in free and fair elections. This virus clearly affects the whole body politic but particularly the brain function where powers of reason and logical thought are seriously impaired, if not destroyed forever. How else could otherwise normal human beings talk such blatant nonsense?

Look back over the last seven years and remember some of the excuses these brain dead officials have come up with; the failure of Zesa to deliver electricity was caused by a naughty monkey tampering with the transformer, it was obviously an imperialist primate imported from Blair’s Britain; the food shortages that were just not going to happen because the then Agriculture Minister Made had flown over the country and seen for himself the flourishing harvest – of grass! Read the Herald or listen to ZBC and you will find dozens of similar examples of Zanu PF idiocy. You have to laugh!

It all reminds me of my favourite homework story. The village boy who says he was crossing the flooded river on his way to school when a crocodile leapt from the raging waters and devoured his homework. Result: the whole class and the teacher collapse in side-splitting mirth. But, and here’s the rub, the boy still gets punished – and he still has to do his homework. So these brain dead Zanies can invent as many nonsensical excuses as they like, no one believes them. And in the end they will have to pay for their criminal stupidity… What goes around comes around!

This is my last Letter from the Diaspora. The Litany Bird will return to her nest next week; let’s hope she finds it as she left it.
Keep smiling through the tears, Zimbabwe. We shall overcome.
Ndini shamwari yenyu. PH
A Letter from the diaspora.

Saturday 14th April 2007
Dear Friends,
The South African papers over the Easter weekend were full of comment and analysis of how Thabo Mbeki was going to tackle the problem of Zimbabwe and what particular hurdles he might face in dealing with Mugabe. It was pretty much agreed that it was not going to be easy for the South African President to influence Robert Mugabe. Demonising him as just another crazed African dictator is not helpful; the truth is that Mugabe is a complex and enigmatic character who inspires both fear and respect. It is sometimes hard to remember when one hears the claims of near-deity from some of his followers, that Mugabe is human with ordinary human as well as political problems.

Reports that Mugabe had flown off to Malaysia to spend Easter with Grace and the children combined with a piece in the British tabloid The Sun that the trip was intended ‘to rescue his marriage’ set me thinking. Then, last week’s Zimbabwean carried a story which suggested that Grace had been out of Zimbabwe since the middle of March, supposedly on a business trip. According to usually ‘reliable’ sources, Grace had gone off in a huff after a disagreement with her husband over the country’s political situation and his stated intention to contest the 2008 election.

At first glance it seemed no more than salacious gossip, irrelevant to the current political crisis in the country but the story might have more significance than at first appears. Consider the facts; Grace is Mugabe’s second wife, the mother of his children and some forty years younger than her 83 year old husband. Over the years Zimbabweans have consistently dismissed her as unintelligent, greedy and a shopaholic whose only interest is in being First Lady with all the privileges and power that entails. Her public appearances have shown her unsmiling, generally behind large dark glasses and seemingly completely bored with whatever ceremony is taking place. Such is her public persona; if indeed Grace is ‘just in it for the money’ then it seems curious that she is opposed to her husband staying in office where she can continue to enjoy all the perks that go with his job – despite the occasional boredom.

I tried putting myself in Grace’s expensive shoes and I think it must be quite an uncomfortable place to be! She must know that her husband is the most feared man in the country, she can’t move around freely, her life is not her own and she can never be quite sure that she or her children are safe. ‘Well,’ you might answer, ‘ She knew that when she married him’. Ah, but she didn’t know then – none of us did – that the country would descend to near bankruptcy, lawlessness and violence. I am certainly not suggesting that Grace deserves our sympathy; what I am saying is that perhaps, her state of mind may have some relevance in the current stalemate. Here’s an 83 year old man who has enjoyed absolute power for 27 years. As his wife, Grace has never been loved, by her husband or the people in the way Sally Mugabe was and she must know that. Mugabe’s personality, characterised as it is by arrogance and messianic self-delusion, is such that he is never going to admit it’s time for him to go. As the wife of the President of a pariah state, Grace has very little to look forward to and maybe that’s why she wants him to ‘take the gap’ now – before it’s too late and she is the wife of a convicted war criminal.

Will this have any effect on Robert Mugabe? Is it possible that his young wife’s opinion will have any sway with him or will his stubborn desire to remain in power for life combined with his fear of prosecution prove stronger than the desire to save his marriage? Whichever way you look at it the truth is that Mugabe is beset with problems – personal and religious. He is a practising Catholic and last weekend the Roman Catholic Bishops’ Pastoral Letter was forthright in its condemnation of the violence being meted out on the opposition. Mugabe’s ministers may deny that the violence is happening – Kemba Mohadi’s recent interview on SW Radio was yet another laughable example of ministerial idiocy – and Mugabe himself may claim that the onslaught is justified because the opposition are no better than terrorists. But when even his wife and his Church are acutely uncomfortable with his behaviour, perhaps the old man will be forced to listen before it’s too late? Miracles do happen!
More later.
Ndini shamwari yenyu. PH
Outside Looking In
A letter from the Diaspora

Good friday 6th April 2007

Dear Friends.
I checked ‘diaspora’ in the dictionary and it’s defined as ‘ A dispersion, as of people originally belonging to one nation.’ Zimbabweans have certainly spread all over the world. Between three and four million people, black brown and white have left the motherland and are scattered through Africa, Europe and North America. That fact more than any other tells you there must be something seriously wrong at home.

Like so many others I am here in the United Kingdom. I have been here just over two years now, watching events at home and wondering if the suffering for the Zimbabwean people will ever end. Sometimes I think it’s almost worse to watch from the outside knowing that there seems to be absolutely nothing one can do except weep for Zimbabwe and respond as best one can to the desperate requests for pounds.

The news this week that fourteen SADCC states had refused to condemn Mugabe’s brutality against his own people was not unexpected but it was very depressing. Placed alongside the horrific pictures of Zimbabweans beaten and tortured in police cells it highlighted the shocking hypocrisy of the African leaders. When he got home from the SADCC meeting Mugabe boasted that he had not received condemnation from one single country. He added, ‘ Of course, he (Tsvangirai) was bashed. He deserved it. I told the police ‘beat him a lot’ He and his MDC must stop their terrorist activities.’ That statement sounds even more shocking when we hear it from thousands of miles away; this is the President of the country we call home.

But this time in exile need not be completely wasted. We can learn something from the experience. The one advantage we have of living in a country with a (relatively) free press is that we can see how the rest of the world covers ‘our’story. Possibly because there has never been a completely free press in Zimbabwe, it is sometimes difficult for us to understand the power of the media in a democratic society. We need to do whatever it takes to keep Zimbabwe in the news; whether it’s the activism demonstrated by the Zim Vigil or the Free Zim youths or something less active, we can all keep the issue alive.

Personally, I write letters to newspapers, MPs, radio and TV editors and anyone else I can think of to air the Zim question. I also keep newspaper cuttings, records of Zimbabwe’s human rights abuses carried in newspapers all over the world. There are names of victims and perpetrators and sometimes even the precise locations where the abuses occurred. One day my overflowing cuttings box may provide just a part of the evidence to bring the wrong doers to justice. You know what they say, ‘What goes around comes around’!

Last week the media here was full of pictures of two once bitter enemies Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams sitting peaceably together at a news conference. Paisley, of course, is the man who said he would never, never, never sit down with the IRA – remember Ian Smith said that Africans would never never never rule in Zimbabwe! You’ll remember too that Mugabe says he’ll never, never, never sit down with Tsvangirai. It seems unlikely that Thabo Mbeki is the man to persuade Mugabe otherwise. Since Mugabe got home from the SADCC meeting he has unleashed an orgy of violence against the people – and Mbeki hasn’t said a word.

But miracles do happen, look at Northern Ireland! Perhaps there’s hope that even Robert Mugabe will one day have to accept the inevitable. Sure, he seems all-powerful at the moment. He can beat the hell out of his opponents and tell the world they deserved it because they are ‘terrorists, he can fiddle around with the economy and blame the collapse on sanctions, he can rig the elections, he can con other African leaders into supporting him because of his ‘liberation credentials’ but there’s one thing not even Robert Mugabe can do. He cannot make the people love him again. And Robert Mugabe is a man who likes to be liked. He may deny there is crisis in Zimbabwe but the fact that the SADCC conference took place at all is evidence that Mugabe’s powers of persuasion are fading. His once loyal African brothers have admitted, if only to themselves, that there is a crisis in Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe can’t seem to see that, he prefers to live in the past when everyone loved him . ‘I have 83 year of struggle, experience and resilience. I cannot be pushed over,’ he boasts. To me that sounds like delusions of grandeur; perhaps Morgan Tsvangirai is right when he says; the man needs a psychiatrist!
More next week.
Ndini shamwari yenyu. PH.



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    1. alex Says:

      Having spent three weeks in a civilized country south of Zimbabwe

      Think how bad things must be when you’re calling South Africa – with highest rape/murder rates in the world – civilized!

      “Why South Africa Sucks”


    2. alex Says:

      Good 2000 Pierce article on Zimbabwe…

      Zimbabwe: Liberal Consequences

      by Dr. William Pierce

      Today let’s talk about liberalism. Let’s look at what this disease of the soul is doing to one group of our people. Let’s look at the consequences of liberalism in a country in the southeastern part of the continent of Africa, a country that until 20 years ago was known as Rhodesia and today is called Zimbabwe.

      The reason Rhodesia is called Zimbabwe today is that in 1979 the Rhodesians, under intense diplomatic and economic pressure brought to bear against them by liberals in America and Europe — and to be completely honest about it, showing some symptoms of the disease themselves — decided to let Blacks vote for the next government of Rhodesia. Since there were at that time six million Blacks living in Rhodesia and only 275,000 White Rhodesians, this was in effect a decision by the Rhodesians to commit collective suicide. Some of them realized that fact at the time, but most didn’t, because, as I just mentioned, they were showing some early symptoms of liberalism. Today most of the few Rhodesians who are left realize that they made a fatal mistake 21 years ago. But before we get to the Rhodesian situation today, let’s just remember a little history.

      Early in the 19th century people from the British Isles first began farming and mining operations in the part of Africa north of the Limpopo River and south of the Zambesi River: an area that later became Rhodesia. Murderous forays by Blacks were a problem during the 19th century, even though they more often were intent on murdering and eating each other than on killing the White settlers, but eventually the Whites taught the Blacks to behave themselves. By the beginning of the 20th century the Rhodesian highlands were being farmed on a significant scale by White settlers.

      The Rhodesian highlands, with their almost European climate and fertile soil, weren’t of much interest to the jungle-acclimated Blacks, but the Whites found the area ideal, and in the period between the two World Wars they built a thriving country, not only with farming and mining, but also with gleaming cities and a number of industries. After the Second World War, many veterans from England migrated to Rhodesia. The Rhodesian population was certainly a cut above that in Europe: taller, fairer, leaner, more enterprising and energetic on the average. Look at photographs taken in Salisbury or on Rhodesian farms. The Rhodesian women especially were tall and blond and beautiful. Rhodesia was a good place to live, a good place to raise White children.

      But of course, there was a worm in the apple. A wave of liberalism was sweeping over Europe after the war. Liberalism had defeated fascism. The corpses of millions of liberalism’s opponents were rotting in mass graves all over Europe, after they had been machine-gunned, hanged, starved to death at the end of the war. Other millions of the opponents of liberalism were being worked to death in slave-labor camps behind the Iron Curtain. Liberalism was triumphant. And even in happy, sunny Rhodesia the malignant influence of liberalism made itself felt. The liberals in Europe were screaming about the evils of White colonialism and White imperialism. The White man was oppressing and exploiting the Brown man in India and the Black man in Africa, and it had to be stopped. After all, we were all equal. Race was an inconsequential detail, only a matter of skin color and nothing else. To think otherwise was to be a “fascist,” a “racist.” A horribly bloody war had just been fought in order to exterminate the “fascists” and the “racists.” It was intolerable that we should permit “racist” policies to govern our colonies in Africa. The Blacks must be given the vote. We must step down and hand everything over to our Black “equals.”

      This insanity even had its proponents in Rhodesia, especially in the Christian churches there. Most Rhodesians at that time were in no mood for giving their country away, despite all of the liberal propaganda. After all, it was their country. They and their ancestors had built it. Despite the influx of immigrants still arriving from England, most Rhodesians had been born in Rhodesia and had lived there all their lives. And they knew what the Blacks were like. They knew that the differences between Whites and Blacks involved infinitely more than skin color. Furthermore, they knew that they were not oppressing the Blacks, who actually were much better off since the arrival of Whites. The Blacks greatly preferred an occasional lashing by a White farmer when they didn’t work hard enough to being eaten by their fellow Blacks when they lost a tribal war.

      At least, that was the case with most of the Blacks in Rhodesia, where they worked primarily as farm laborers. But there was some resentment, some envy of the White man. And there were Whites, infected by the disease of liberalism, who were eager to fuel that resentment and turn that envy into active hatred. Some of these infected Whites were in the media. Even more of them were in the Christian churches. One of the principal activities of the Christian churches in Rhodesia was educating Blacks. They set up mission schools throughout the country, where they not only provided free medical care for the Blacks and taught them how to read and write, but also pumped into them the propaganda of equality and of hatred of their White employers. They preached a theology of revolution. Every single Black terrorist leader who later emerged when warfare between Blacks and Whites broke out in Rhodesia — every one — was trained in a Christian mission school. That includes the current Black dictator of Rhodesia — excuse me, Zimbabwe — former terrorist leader, now president, Robert Gabriel Mugabe. It also includes the Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole, who in 1979 was the head of the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU), one of the principal terrorist groups. And it includes Bishop Abel Muzorewa, the first Black to be maximum leader of Rhodesia after the Whites abdicated.

      When Black terrorists became active on a significant scale during the 1960s, the Rhodesians fought back hard. While other European colonies in Africa were abandoned, the Rhodesians, along with the South Africans, were determined to defend their land and their homes. And of course, the liberals in Europe and in America were solidly on the side of the Black terrorists. The liberals cheered whenever the Blacks murdered a White farm family or set off a terrorist bomb in Salisbury. And when the terrorists murdered or mutilated the Black workers of a White farmer, the liberals were silent. They hadn’t really wanted that, but after all, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

      An ironic point is that Rhodesia’s Christian missions frequently also were targets. The White farmers learned quickly how to deal with terrorists. Their farms were heavily armed, and they set up a very effective mutual defense and alarm network. When they caught a live terrorist, they hanged him. The Rhodesian Army had the best anti-terrorist fighters in the world. Tracking, catching, and killing Black terrorists became a sport at which they excelled. In their frustration, the Blacks turned on the Christian missions that had trained them. The missions were unarmed and often were in remote areas and so were easy targets. The Blacks would gang-rape the White nuns and nurses and then cut their throats. They would slit open the bellies of the White infants and children and pull out their entrails. They would impale the priests on stakes and gouge out their eyes. The liberals back in America would smirk. They would much rather it had been a White farm family than the White staff of a Christian mission station — but at least the victims were White.

      The Rhodesians as a whole were coping pretty well with Black terrorism, so the liberals began applying economic terrorism. Rhodesia was placed under embargo by the United Nations. The intention was to starve the Rhodesian “racists” into submission, to cut off the supplies they needed to defend themselves from the Black terrorists. Well, the embargo was ineffective, because the Rhodesians got whatever they needed from the South Africans, just across the Limpopo River to the south. This infuriated the liberals. Christian church groups in America raised money for the Black terrorists in Rhodesia so that they could buy more effective weapons. Whenever the Rhodesians hanged a group of terrorists, church groups and other liberal groups in America would hold candlelight vigils, which seems to be one of the favorite things liberals do.

      The Jewish media were the liberals’ most effective weapon against Rhodesia, however. The media in America whipped up a frenzy of bloodthirsty hatred against the Rhodesians. They had students demonstrating on university campuses. They invited terrorist leaders to speak to student groups, and they helped to raise funds for the terrorists. The destruction of White Rhodesia was one of the top-priority projects of American liberals during the 1970s. But the White Rhodesians weren’t especially worried. They had declared their independence from Britain in 1965 when the liberals in Britain tried to impose Black rule on them, and as long as they could trade their farm products and their minerals to South Africa in return for military helicopters and petroleum products, they knew they could fight Black terrorism indefinitely.

      So the liberals stepped up the economic pressure against South Africa. And the South Africans, I am embarrassed to say, eventually gave in. They cut off their trade with Rhodesia, leaving the Rhodesians isolated. And I cannot blame this bit of treachery entirely on the liberals. In part it was due to selfishness and stupid shortsightedness on the part of non-liberal South Africans. South African businessmen and politicians thought that if they threw the Rhodesians to the wolves they could relieve some of the economic pressure the liberals were putting on South Africa.

      Even without South Africa’s help, the Rhodesians could deal with the terrorists. But liberalism also had infected many Rhodesians and weakened both their self-confidence and their judgment. They decided in 1979 that living under a Black government wouldn’t be so bad after all. Blacks were human beings too, they thought. Surely the Blacks would understand that their own welfare depended on the Whites. The Whites made up only 4.5 per cent of the population, but they produced 92 per cent of Rhodesia’s agricultural output. Black farmers engaged only in subsistence farming, and their own families consumed nearly everything they produced. Without the White farmers and their large, efficient farms, everything would sink back into the jungle. So with all sorts of agreements and safeguards and assurances from the British government and the United Nations, the Rhodesians turned their government over to the Black majority, thinking that then the world would love them, their standard of living would go up because the embargo would be lifted, and everything would be peaceful and prosperous again.

      Well, it didn’t take long for cold, hard reality to assert itself. The first thing that happened was the change in the name of their country from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe. Their capital city had its name changed from Salisbury to Harare. And their democratic government, with all its checks and balances to assure the safety of the White minority quickly reverted to the norm for Black Africa: a one-party dictatorship, with an increasingly unstable and unpredictable Black dictator. Robert Mugabe’s party controls 147 of the 150 seats in Zimbabwe’s parliament. There are Black opposition groups in Zimbabwe, but when they try to have public meetings or election rallies, they are set upon by armed thugs from Mugabe’s party, and their leaders tend to disappear or have fatal accidents.

      During a peaceful march in Harare on the first of this month by 3,000 members of an opposition group, including 200 Whites, Mugabe supporters armed with clubs and machetes attacked the marchers while Black police watched without interfering. The attackers singled out the Whites in the procession. I’ll read you a few lines from an eyewitness report. I quote:

      “As the police stepped hastily aside, they charged. Demonstrators fled in panic as stones were hurled toward them. Crouching in a doorway, I saw an ordinary shopping street overrun by anarchy. Thugs raced along pavements beating bystanders to the ground and snatching handbags. . . . Shops hastily barricaded entrances, leaving desperate people trapped in the street. A white man in his fifties was hit by stones and fell to the ground. His companion, a white woman in her forties, was toppled beside him. Seconds later three youths attacked them with clubs, and blood spattered across the pavement where they lay.”

      In front of me I have dozens of other eyewitness reports of beatings, slashings, and stabbings of Whites who participated in this peaceful protest against the Mugabe government two weeks ago. I doubt that you read any of these reports in the New York Times or the Washington Post. They really don’t like to report such news.

      Much of the recent turmoil in Zimbabwe is related to Mugabe’s threats during the past year to take the farms away from the White farmers and give them to his Black followers. Last week, on April 6, he finally announced that he will confiscate White farms without compensation. Even before the announcement, Black gangs already had invaded more than 800 White farms and had become illegal squatters, and Mugabe had refused to intervene.

      There are only 75,000 Whites left in Zimbabwe today. Of the 275,000 Rhodesians in the country in 1979 at the advent of Black rule, 200,000 already have left. The ones who remain own some 4,500 farms, which still produce more than 90 per cent of Zimbabwe’s agricultural output. Mugabe is basing his popularity with Blacks on a promise to take the farms away from Whites and redistribute the land to Blacks.

      Referring to his refusal to remove the illegal squatters from the White farms, Mugabe announced last week, and I quote: “We will not remove the people from the farms. We are going to share the farms. We are all equal. We all have to share equally.”

      The remaining Whites in Zimbabwe are desperate. Their farms are all they have. When those are taken most of them will have nothing left and nowhere to go. A minority of them with British passports can go to Britain, but everything they own, everything they spent their lives building, will remain behind.

      Now, here’s the punch line to this story: it isn’t a story in America. The Jewish mass media over here have been far too busy giving us the latest updates on Elian Gonzales to tell us about what’s happening in Zimbabwe. Four days ago, on Tuesday night of this week, I saw a one-minute snippet about the dispossession of the White farmers of Zimbabwe on CNN Headline News. I don’t expect to see much more. So far as the Jewish media bosses are concerned it’s not important news. The victims are our people, not Jews or Blacks or other non-Whites, and so there’s no need to make a fuss about it. And the liberals, of course, aren’t interested.

      They were very interested back in the 1970s, when they were busy destroying Rhodesia. But now that the work of destruction is done they have completely lost interest. They don’t care. Their latest project is to persuade the International Monetary Fund that it must not be so stingy in giving our money to African countries that need it. They’re demonstrating in the streets of Washington right now in a campaign to get more money for supporting bankrupt countries — countries like Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. Since the Whites, who were the principal employers of Black workers in Zimbabwe, began leaving a few years ago, the unemployment rate in Zimbabwe has reached 50 per cent. Now the annual inflation rate also has reached 50 per cent. When Mugabe begins grabbing more White farms, as he announced last week that he would, there will be a total collapse of the economy. On top of that, one in every five Blacks in Zimbabwe is infected with HIV.

      Yes, indeed, a new generation of very earnest college girls and long-haired freaks and hymn-singing Christians soon will have a wonderful, new cause to devote themselves to: providing money and food and medical aid to the starving, AIDS-wasted Blacks of Zimbabwe. They will be demonstrating just as self-righteously for this cause as the previous generation demonstrated for Black rule in Rhodesia.

      You know, I started out today to talk about the disease of liberalism. What I’ve talked about so far is just one of the consequences of liberalism, one of the effects of this disease of the soul. The very earnest college girls and the long-haired freaks and the hymn-singing Christians who were so proud of themselves when they succeeded in destroying Rhodesia are just an effect of liberalism also. They aren’t liberals. They don’t have an ideology. They just want to be fashionable. They will take up any cause, with the utmost earnestness, so long as it is fashionable. They don’t have the wits to understand the disastrous consequences of their misdirected earnestness. And they really don’t care.

      I used to want to kill all of these people. I wanted to round up every earnest college girl and long-haired freak and every hand-clapping hymn-singer who had demonstrated for Black rule in Rhodesia, or for a boycott of South Africa, or for Black voting rights in the South, or what have you, make them dig an enormous burial pit, and then machine-gun all of them. I wanted to obtain all of the old membership lists of the organizations to which these people had belonged, so that they could all be rounded up and done away with. They have done so much damage in this world, and then walked away from it without the least regret for what they’ve done, without the least understanding of the harm they’ve caused, that it seemed to me that the proper thing to do was just kill them all.

      Well, I understand now that that’s not really necessary. There are just too many trendy idiots in the world. They are not even inherently evil. They lack the ability to distinguish good from evil. They have no more inherent morality than animals do. They have no souls. They have only the ability to recognize what is trendy at the moment. The people who need to be killed are the ones who set the destructive trends for the idiots. They are the real liberals, the ones who are really sick and need to be put down.

      I’ll talk more about them later. But for now I must tell you, I am really heartbroken when I contemplate what the destructive idiots they manipulate have done to the White people of Rhodesia, who were among the finest of our people and who at this moment are facing a very grim future indeed.

    3. alex Says:

      The minute you open your mind to the possibility that blacks and Whites aren’t fit to live together, Mrs. Buckle, everything falls into place.

    4. alex Says:

      Today I read the latest excuse from the Dept of Statistics is that their computers have a virus! And we all know what the virus is called, don’t we? It’s the Zanu PF virus and there is no known cure for this deadly condition except total eradication in free and fair elections. This virus clearly affects the whole body politic but particularly the brain function where powers of reason and logical thought are seriously impaired, if not destroyed forever. How else could otherwise normal human beings talk such blatant nonsense?

      Buckle’s writing is shot through with this sort of unintentional irony. Apparently the poor woman does not realize that the negroes be thinking as best they can. It is unfortunate that nature has equipped them with a substandard thinker – one that weighs in at about 65 IQ points per black Zimbabwean. You see, Mrs. Buckle, you can’t make lemonade out of lumps of coal.

    5. alex Says:

      Whichever way you look at it the truth is that Mugabe is beset with problems – personal and religious. He is a practising Catholic

      Bwa-hahahahah! Sometimes God throws you a bone! Too funny… This stick is about to have an E.-Michael-Jones’s-head-shaped lump in it!

    6. alex Says:

      Basic problem with Buckle is that she is a woman. She identifies the problems in Zimbabwe with Mugabe. He is responsible for the particular form the problems take, to be sure, but if it weren’t him, it would be some other monkey. Mudgabe is chock full of Western learning and religion, but twenty-five E.-Michael-Jones x 25 Patrick Buchanans can’t explain away the fact that the MONKEY ALWAYS OUTS.

      The conclusion that E-Mike and Pattycakes can’t accept, for emotional reasons relating to their upbringing, is that the Catholic church is NOT the West, the West is Aryan Blood.

      Come on now, E-Mike, you of all people should no better than to let your passion o’ermaster your reason. Hell, you’ve written books on it.

    7. alex Says:

      Buckle, as a myopic woman, sees everything as a matter of personalities. So if Grace and Rob would just come to their senses and act reasonably, then everything would be fine. She cannot see the big picture as males do. She cannot grasp that African IQ is so low that it precludes civilization. Civ came from without – from the Aryan blood of the British who established Rhodesia. Now that those folks are gone, or have relinquished power, the jungle has retaken control. Niggers are just the human form of creeping green plants. Whites are the carving out of the jungle, the erecting of solid stone buildings. Ignorant of the history of her continent, ignorant of the intellectual capacity of the black race, poor woman Buckle struggles to make sense of her world. But then politics is not a woman’s job. The men have failed to secure the perimeter, and she’s just trying to cope with the results.

    8. alex Says:

      God, just read the Pierce. Don’t you miss that guy? And today is Saturday. I wonder what he would have had for us. I suspect he would have had a good long one about La Winkler and the judeo-feminism that facilitated her getting away with murder.

      RIP, Dr. Pierce. We miss you.

    9. John Says:

      It’s a shame that Dr Pierce was followed by the likes of Strom.

    10. Tom Dublin Says:

      Pierce was responsible for my wakey-wakey, rise and shine. In retrospect , it was simple really, but the veils took a while to fall away. When I read ‘What famous men said about the the Jews’…..it was a nudge.

      When I read ‘Who Rules America?’…it was a slap.

      When I read the back catalogue. of Natall, it was like somebody peeled back the upper layer of the canopy in the Forest.

      It was like solving the Rubik’s cube………suddenly there was a formula, evidence and substance.

      There was working evidence and motive tied to history…Lavon Affair, USS Liberty, etc. Larry Silverstein.

      And then the Kiko-cuntocratic mental lash on a daily basis from a roach journo who should not have the priveledge of oxygen. Edward G. stacking the cards against McQueen.

      You know what would be funny? Those Jew California bitches getting sent down to nigger prison. That would be the best reality TV in the world….


    11. honkey tonk man Says:

      Our white ancestors should of killed all the blacks in Africa and all the Indians in North America. What where they thinking? I’m sure christianity played a big part in not “finishing the job”.
      Next time we won’t show any mercy to the savages and the JEW!
      Next time the white mans on top we will “finish the job”.


    12. wes Says:

      Not only is Cathy a kook liberal , feeling that blacks are just fine .
      She is also very deceitful . She has access to foreign hard currency . Without which she wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving . She can keep all her major assets outside Zim, beyond Mugabe’s reach. Plus, she can flee across the border , to relatives , if things ever get too ‘hot’ , in Zim.

      In the immortal words of the White Rhodesians , when warned of the disaster of black rule , ” Oh, our blacks aren’t like that ” .

    13. Luek Says:

      Cathy Buckle is an excellent writer but unfortunately she like any racially unconscious white is stuck on stupid. She really believes that a fair election in the former state of Rhodesia will cure everything that is wrong with that niggerfied shithole. If she had been on the Titanic she would have suggested that if all of the passengers just formed a bucket brigade the ship could easily be saved. That is equivalent to thinking that an election will save her country and probably her and her family’s lives! She just seems totally oblivious to the danger she and other whites still living there are in!

    14. Briseis Says:

      It’s like some kind of kikekosis (as opposed to psychosis, which comes from within) mental sickness induced from Big Jew Media/the “Kwa”, and the way were are living now every day , no personal connection to our neighbors, no freaking ‘village’ as Hillary says, just condos with association fees and ‘amenities’ and granite countertops-

      This woman is so impressed with people not being pretentious and fake in the wilds of AFrica because she cant seem to find anything real here. So these tribespeople offer her blackberries and she thinhs “how noble and special they are!” , when in reality, white people used to be like that to each other, before we became hyper consumers and viewed life as a competition for everything in the midst of plenty at that, and not only for resources, but whose resources had the designer label, the latest and greatest, whatever TV told them they needed.

      It is truly pathetic that she probably then projects the generalization “they must all be epaceful , innocent, generous ‘folk’ ” about the Africans, yet no doubt has comtempt and shame for the ‘Kwa, thinking that the “answer” is to give up on the ‘Kwa-ites’ and move on to something else.

      Ironic that in these endless
      wannabe ‘soul searching’ narratives of whites who went on whatever trip, mission etc to these 3rd world places, how it is supposed to come off like the white has done all this “growing and reflecting’ but actually comes off like a ‘review’, a self indulgent form of narcissism (and then the Negro offered me a BERRY! Imagine that! arent they special! and then the Negro women touched my hair , and I let them!, it was just so far out…”)

      It reminded me of that (satirical) website “Black people love us”


      except they need a 3rd world version, they could call it BPLU , 3.0 (not anticipating any patches, fixes or upgrades)….

    15. Agis Says:

      Poor Cathy is what’s left in an open-air insane asylum. Is she insane? Only if rationalizing (or in her case ’emotionalizing’) an insane system qualifies. I think it does. Her scribblings are proof of a disconcerting fact: some people don’t have the mental gumption to draw the correct conclusions — even when faced with a mountain of insurmountable evidence. She’s jumped off the building folks. She hasn’t hit the ground yet but she will. We get to watch in slow motion.

    16. CELTO-GERMANIC Says:

      Wow. It’s pathetic. I hate niggers and Jews more than anyone. But when I see a white bitch like this…. If we can’t correct this and get our women back under control- to paraphrase Hitler at the end- If we can’t win we deserve death… I love women, but we all know about the J.P. Morgan Federal Reserve Scam, and giving women the right to vote was not to liberate, but to destroy the basis and structure of the white household. I know there are some smart white women out there… but… Her role should be fulfilled by tending to her own fucking children and husbands needs instead of a bunch of apes incapable of gratitude or retention. Women are simply wired differently, for different purposes, to nurture and fulfill a very honorable role, that of a mother, ultimately. Again, just as jews have convinced the world whites and blacks are no different, they have convinced everyone men and women are the same-and we’re not- except with the sexes- it’s not about equal or better than, it’s about the symbiosis. Another jew-initiated casualty. And yet, I still have to push personal responsibility upon her, as it is our duty to wake the fuck up from the jew-matrix.