9 June, 2007

BTL: Leonard Pitts: “Cry Me a River”

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[I don’t know what headline, if any, Pitts gave this column. In any case, it was printed in papers nationwide. This column represents perhaps the fourth national coverage of the Christian-Newsom slayings: 1) AP (picked up in papers nationwide) the Monday before the Saturday (May 26, 2007) rally; 2) AP reporting our rally/my arrest; 3) CNN segment after the rally; 4) this column; 5) Chicago Tribune article (June 9). There have been other AP stories but they were small and not picked up. Papers tend to pick up only those stories that push the liberal agenda. The AP story reporting the slayings was picked up by very few papers. But the AP story putting the liberal spin on the slayings, appearing days before the rally, was picked up nationwide because it served The Agenda – “Nothing racial to see here, folks, just move along.” That is the rule. It was, as I have said, the same with the murder of Judgess Lefkow. The AP reports were picked up nationwide when there was speculation that WN might have killed her. When it became apparent, in subsequent AP reports, that WN were not involved, the stories were picked up by very few papers. There’s an Agenda. It is jewish. It is anti-White. It is unswerving. The heart of the matter is that our nation and its media are controlled by jewish moneymen and editors, and we Whites must change this or our people will be ridiculed and raped out of existence. The hiring of pet monkeys to write syndicated columns is just one way the jews laugh at us and ride herd on us, but the Internet, another White man invention, like everything else, lets us fight back with a real chance of winning. So enjoy this nigger’s upbraiding in this BTL . . . .

It always amazes me when white people put on the victim hat. As in victim of racial oppression. By any measure — health, education, economics, employment — white Americans enjoy a superior standard of living. If that’s racial oppression, sign me up.

Whites earned that standard of living. Because of their genius and hard work, blacks in America enjoy a standard of living they couldn’t earn on their own – far higher than their bros in Afreaka, who still eat each other and live in mud huts. The only reason you have a syndicated column, Pitts, is because you’re black. The only reason you have a Pulitzer for commentary is because you’re black. I doubt you even realize this. There are literally dozens of White men at the forum that brought the crime you sneer at to light who can write more incisive and profound political analysis than you can.

But still, one occasionally hears mewling noises from that subset of my white countrymen who feel put upon by big, bad racial minorities. This is one of those times. And Knoxville, Tenn., has become the capital city of that lunatic fringe.

Niggers like Pitts rape 100 White women a day, and murder thousands of Whites each year. And only mewling lunatics make an issue of it. Why is Pitts still employed? A White writer who does so little as to praise niggers in the wrong way is fired before the day is out, but this nigger keeps his job after insulting a race whose people are being raped and slaughtered around the clock by jew-loosed muds.

This ridiculous nigger wouldn’t even have a job if he were White. He lacks the talent. But in a government controlled by jews, hacks in the right category prosper, and today that means blacks. Pitts is able to live a nice upper-middle class lifestyle because he is one of a handful of niggers nationwide who can write string together two or three intelligible sentences. Pitts, you’re nothing but a house nigger for the jews who set up the System, and the sad part is you don’t even realize it. You actually believe you hold your position by merit.

It seems that in January, a young white couple, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, were victims of a brutal crime. They were carjacked, kidnapped and raped. Cleaning fluid was sprayed into Christian’s mouth. She was stuffed in a trash can and apparently suffocated. Newsom was shot and set afire. His body was dumped. Five blacks, one a woman, have been arrested.

The story made headlines around Knoxville. It was unnoticed nationally.

Unnoticed? Rather, it went unreported, unpicked up. As is always the case when the perps are muds and the victims human, managing editors nationwide leave the story on the wires and out of their pages. The jews producing the national cable shows avert their eyes and whistle show tunes while sending their pert ‘n’ inert blondes out to interview kike experts about the disposition of Larry Birkhead’s legal bill (I kid you not – was a subject on Greta Van Sustern). The crime did not go unnoticed, it went unreported by junk media. It was covered in depth in the new media, the blogosphere, the video sites. All you have to do to see the difference between the old ways and the new is search “Channon Christian” under google/news vs google/blogs. It is crystal clear that the people who run the System media do not think the same way as the People. They think the reverse. That is why the most horrific crime in the history of Tennessee went uncovered, and it is also why our borders remain open, our troops in Iraq, and affirmative action on the books. The People are at war with the System and its Media.

That has changed. A constellation of white supremacists and conservative bloggers has pushed the story into the national limelight as an illustration of their argument that news media, constrained by political correctness, refuse to report black-on-white crime while pulling out all the stops when crime is white-on-black, as in the Duke lacrosse debacle. Me, I would see their Duke case and raise them a Central Park jogger, but what do I know?

Even for a nigger this is stupid. See, nig Pitts, the Duke boys were innocent. The mudpack that raped the human woman was guilty. You see the difference? No, you don’t. No reasonable person could believe the Duke students were guilty within 24 hours of the allegation, since the whore’s fellow stripper said she was lying. But you and the rest of the media ran with story purely out of your hatred of Whites, and White men specifically. You ran with it for the better part of a year, and when you were proved so wrong the D.A. actually proclaimed the positive innocence of the three, you hadn’t the decency to apologize. You were angry. Yet you’re the ones lecturing us mewling lunatics about hate.

Anyway, bloggers like Michael Oliver have chastised the “liberal, biased, Mainstream Media” for missing the Knoxville story. He asked, “Had the roles been reversed, would the media ignore such a horrific crime?”

That’s a question so easy even a nigger can answer it.

Truth is, media ignore horrific crimes all the time.

I stand corrected.

Space is limited and growing more so. Which means the story that catches fire usually has some element beyond gruesomeness to sell it. In the Duke case, it was class, privilege, sex AND race that did it.

All that was missing was actual CRIME. And, no, in fact there are few to no crimes committed by Whites against blacks that are not made national affairs. Whereas the 90% of interracial crime that is black-on-White is covered up. The crimes are never reported nationally, let alone trumpeted or dramatized or even merely set in context. So that most readers and viewers have no idea that ALL interracial rape is black on White. Yes, niggers rape 40,000 White women a year. Are White girls warned about this? Not by the government that set up the System that facilitates that rape! The government, of which the mass media are simply the propaganda arm, does everything it can to sell young White females on the idea that niggers are their natural friends and benefactors, whereas White males are freaks, weirdos, serial killers and child molesters – or at best goofy, doofy and terminally uncool. “Liberal, biased mainstream media” is nothing but the tip of the iceberg. The bulk of the iceberg, meant to rip the White Titanic apart and send it to the bottom of the ocean, is the coerced integration called ‘civil rights.’

We’re onto you guys, Pitts. Well, we’re onto your bosses. You, your commentary Pulitzer notwithstanding, how shall I put this?, lack the intelligence to grasp the System or your role within it. The fact is that bias has nothing to do with anything. The System covers up the Knoxville atrocity because it has to. The crime, while unusually awful, is nevertheless typical. The communist jews who refounded America in the sixties knew that crimes just like the Knoxville atrocity would be commonplace occurrences in the new nation we call AmeriKwa. They intended these crimes. They scare the White population, and prevent it from fighting back. Civil rights is nothing but domestic terrorism. It is jews siccing feral jungle savages on human populations. Well, Mr. Nigger, and Mr. Nigger’s Jew Boss, on May 26th, the White man began to fight back. This fight will continue until you and your kind are destroyed and we have our own free and independent nation. A nation without jewish commissars and nigger hacks.


Not that I expect Oliver or any other “oppressed” white person to pay attention to something so trivial as fact. They’re too busy demanding that this case be tried as a hate crime — even though police say there’s no evidence the couple was targeted for any other reason than that they were there. And May 26, white supremacists held — I kid you not — a “rally against genocide” in Knoxville.

Nigger Pitts, there are 5,000 hate crimes a year. There are 2 million interracial violent crimes a year, 90 percent of which are black on White. We didn’t hold the rally to call it a hate crime. Of course, anytime you gang rape someone for hours, then torture and strangle her/him, there’s hate involved. And of course these niggers have heads full of jewish memes such as “all White girls really want nigger dick” and “the White man is responsible for all blacky’s problems.” But we did not rally to demand this jew-sponsored, black-executed act of routine domestic terrorism be fitted to a judeo-communist political construct; we rallied to discuss the Systemic nature of this crime. To explain to ordinary Whites what I’ve just said above: that America today is run by jews. Those jews intend to bring about White genocide. They do this by what they call civil rights, or, accurately, coerced racial integration. What are the fruits of this evil tyranny? The horrors visisted on the bodies of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom… Their charred, strangled, raped, mutilated, chemically burned corpses are the everyday, routine, predictable INTENDED CONSEQUENCE of the hell that is ‘civil rights’ (race-mixing at gunpoint). The bottom line has nothing to do with the conservative fool’s liberal-bias bugaboo and everything to do with the communist jew’s plan for White genocide by diversity. In other words, diversity = death, and that was what I carried on my sign when I was beat down by System bullies.

Well, nigger and Boss Jew and appeaser-apparatchiks I’m back up and louder than ever.

Part of me thinks I should consider the source and let this slide. But the argument being advanced here is so utterly, abysmally, stupidly, self-servingly wrong that I cannot help but respond.

Consider the source? Ok. We’re intelligent White men who know the facts, and fight the powerful forces of Semitical Correctness to convey them to genocidally threatened Whites. You’re a neo-Soviet Realist hack who has a job only because of his race – and is too dumb to realize it.

Let’s make it personal, Pitts. You have my job. I am roughly ten times more qualified to write a paid column than you are. But because I am the wrong color and because I don’t advance The Agenda, you have the job and the standard of living that comes with it. The truth is that you could never obtain your position on your own merit, and you only have it because it serves jewish political interests. No one’s ever hipped you to that fact, Lennie cat, but that’s the way it is.

Know, Leonard, that I can outtalk, outwrite and outanalyze you any day of the week – and so can any one of a hundred of my guys at VNNForum.com.

You have no idea. You’re an uneducated hack who happened to be born the right race in the right time and place. Pulitzer material? Your writing’s on the level of a high school student.

Black crime against whites is underreported? On what planet? Study after study and expert after expert tell a completely different story.

You’re likelier to read a story about White on black crime forty years ago than black on White yesterday. If that weren’t true, the alternative media would mirror the junk media. That it differs so radically shows at the least that the People’s interests differ from the mass media, supposedly driven by profit!, or at the most that something very, very strange is going on: some kind of overt suppression of stories that matter most. The alternative media are talking about Channon Christian. The junk media are talking about Paris Hilton.

The only story my local paper, representative of Flyover papers nationwide, picked up re Channon Christian story was the AP story the Monday before the Saturday rally in which the Big Kike attempting to puts its liberal spin in the mouths of the parents of the victims and thereby defuse White rage. The first reports of the double-murder went un-picked in most of Tennessee, let alone in other states. You guys are not only junk media, you’re bad-faith media. Your jew bosses tell people what jews want them to think, not the truth. Not even the facts. You’re liars with a genocidal agenda, and we’re on to you, thanks to the Internet.

For instance, there’s “Off Balance: Youth, Race and Crime in the News,” a 2001 report which concluded that: Blacks and Latinos are underrepresented in news media as victims of crime and significantly overrepresented as perpetrators, based on crime statistics; newspaper articles about white homicide victims are longer and more frequent than those about black ones; and interracial violent crime is more likely to be reported even though it is just about the rarest kind of violent crime.

Every story about “crime,” if it is about real crime, rather than the jewish construct hate crime, focuses on blacks as victims. These reports NEVER report the simplest and most significant fact: black males are 6% of the country, and they are responsible for over 50% of the violent crime. That’s the only fact that matters. Blacks commit most of the violent crime, and blacks commit ALL interracial rape, and 90% of interracial violent crime.

You niggers are AT WAR WITH Whites. You’re deliberately victimizing us in record numbers, and the jews who sicced you on us with ‘civil rights’ are covering up your foul deeds.

No more.

On May 26, the White man began to fight back.

We’ll tell the truth about you on the ‘Net, and we’ll fight you in the streets.

And here I’m obligated, because I’m black, to say that if the defendants in this case did what they are accused of doing, I’d be happy to see them rot under the jailhouse. Sadly, that needs saying because there are people who will not take it as a given.

Yeah. We saw how you niggers reacted to the O.J. verdict.

The simple truth is, you niggers do hate Whites. That’s why the jews forced you in among us, and that is why we will liberate ourselves from you – and the jews who set up the Civil Rights Tyranny.

But with that obligation fulfilled, let me add that I am likewise unkindly disposed toward the crackpots, incendiaries and flat-out racists who have chosen this tragedy upon which to take an obscene and ludicrous stand. I have four words for them and any other white Americans who feel themselves similarly victimized:
Cry me a river.

And they call us haters. We’re obscene, ludicrous, mewling crackpots because we discuss the fact that 40,000 White girls a year are raped by niggers, and 1.5 to 2 million Whites fall victim to violent crimes committed by Blacks. We’re anti-semites because we discuss the motives of the jews who set up the System that facilitates the Knoxville horror.

Well, boy, I have some unhappy news for you. We’re not only not going away, we’re getting stronger every day.

We will vanquish you along with the jews who created you.

Leonard J. Pitts Jr.
Leonard Pitts Jr. is a columnist for The Miami Herald. Write to him at [email protected]

Write him and tell him that Alex Linder of VNNForum.com publicly challenges him to a debate on race and crime in any forum he chooses.

Pitt, I could have kicked your ass when I was eight. You got any balls, Pulitzer Prize winning nigger, or are you just hot air, Lennie?

The offer is serious: anytime, anywhere. I speak for Whites. Put my name out in any forum, and I will appear on radio, tv, Internet – wherever. If any White coming across this wants a spokesman a la Jesse and Al, I’m your White man.

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  7. 40 Responses to “BTL: Leonard Pitts: “Cry Me a River””

    1. steve b Says:

      Let’s make it personal, Pitts. You have my job. I am roughly ten times more qualified to write a paid column than you are. -Alex Linder

      Try one hundred times more qualified. And even that’s cutting the porch monkey some slack.

    2. Tony Says:

      Know this also Pitts: I am ready and willing to give my life this very minute to regain my freedom and the freedom that the White race rightly deserves and is theirs inherently by Divine Right.

      “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”
      — Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.

      The sooner I and my race takes to the city streets, county roads, and rural lands to fight our Righteous and Just Cause a more happy and contented man will not be found, anywhere in this nation, built by the White race who are the ONLY true people who can claim it as their own.

      I can think of no service or calling higher than that of fighting to free my people from the Big Jew’s grasp and Little Nigger’s seemingly unending murderous attacks on White men, women, and children. Your day is coming Pitts but not for you only. Big Jew and Little Nigger are going to get exactly what they deserve: the most explosive fury and unbridled vengeance the likes of which cannot be imagined.

      Big Jew and its race and Little Nigger and its race will be shown no mercy and no quarter. From the oldest of your two races to the youngest: complete and utter death and destruction. History will barely remember your existence if at all and only for your propensity for perpetrating criminally minded acts of fraud, deceit, and murderous violence upon hundreds of thousands of innocents.

      If called at this very moment I will go where needed and fight with every fiber of my being to destroy you and your race. The enemies of my people.


      May the God of Righteousness in his infinite Wisdom and Mercy raise up such men of right mind and one accord equally willing to give their life, if necessary, to bring our enemies to utter and complete destruction.

    3. lawrence dennis Says:

      Check out the “distinguished literary history” of Mr. Pitts:


      Herald Executive Editor Tom Fiedler said Pitts’ singular achievement is diving into ”those issues that are really closest to us emotionally,” often reaching conclusions that challenge commonly held beliefs of those on both ends of the political spectrum.

      ”He can be tough and he can be tender,” Fiedler said. “Agree or not with his conclusions, you can’t read his columns without coming away smarter for the effort.”

      Pitts agreed that one of his goals in writing is to deconstruct public issues and perceptions, often yielding results that surprise even him.

      ”Most people think whatever they think, but a lot of times it’s unexamined,” he said. “I try to intrigue one reader, which is me.”


      Pitts, a native of Southern California, joined The Herald in 1991 as a music critic. He had been writing about pop music for 15 years and was once the editor of a black tabloid in the Los Angeles area called Soul, now defunct.

      He later made the shift to broader social and political topics, in part, because ”I didn’t have to pretend to take Britney Spears seriously,” he said with a laugh.

      Like many “journalists”, Pitts started out “criticizing” the effluvia mass-produced by the jew-run “music” industry. How this translates into being qualified to write about more substantial subjects … well, let’s just say you don’t survive in the jewsmedia without repeatedly demonstrating your judeoliberal “qualifications.”

      Pitts peddles many myths about Africans-in-America, such as that the males among them want, or want to be, fathers:


      But his politics are strictly mythical as well, in part picked up from such meaty tomes as, for example, this one written by a Jew (one of thousands of such titles):

      Black Wealth / White Wealth: A New Perspective on Racial Inequality by Thomas Shapiro:


      Can you guess how this book begins?

      “Over a hundred years after the end of slavery, more than thirty years after the passage of major civil rights legislation, and following a concerted but prematurely curtailed War on Poverty, we harvest today a mixed legacy of racial progress.”

      “Harvest,” get it? As in dead whites harvested by feral niggers sicced on us by killer kikes like Thomas Shapiro.

    4. Revilo Says:

      The slackwit porch monkey will never agree to a no holds barred debate against a racially aware white man. None of the propagandists, not even the most devious Jewish liars, will. They only pick intellectual fights with half awake suckers like Jimmy Carter who’ve been disarmed in advance by the Jewish cultural distortion field.

      If you’re willing to name the Jew and call him what he is – pure evil – the enemy is unmanned.

    5. lawrence dennis Says:

      Here is the classic article, published originally in the Washington Nose, by a negress who let slip part of the reason Jews wage war against the traditional American family:


      I grew up in a time when two-parent families were still the norm, in both black and white America. Then, as an adult, I saw divorce become more commonplace, then almost a rite of passage. Today it would appear that many — particularly in the black community — have dispensed with marriage altogether.

      But as a black woman, I have witnessed the outrage of girlfriends when the ex failed to show up for his weekend with the kids, and I’ve seen the disappointment of children who missed having a dad around. Having enjoyed a close relationship with my own father, I made a conscious decision that I wanted a husband, not a live-in boyfriend and not a “baby’s daddy,” when it came my time to mate and marry.

      My time never came.

      For years, I wondered why not. And then some 12-year-olds enlightened me.

      “Marriage is for white people.”

      Ah, yes. Enlightenment comes from sexually active pre-teen niggers.

      And we might add:

      Responsibility is for white people.

      Licentiousness is for niggers.

      Taxes are for white people.

      Free money is for niggers.

      Obeying the law is for white people.

      Thug life is for niggers.

      Education is for white people.

      Affirmative action is for niggers.

      And so on, etc.

    6. 2050 Says:

      Alex, you rock.

      You are one of the best writers i’ve ever read.
      That debate would be awe inspiring.

    7. Roger Says:

      I emailed nigg Pitts. Told him Whites will not be going away, nor will we ever forget this crime and its coverup.
      Alex would annihilate Pitts in a debate. Kick this stupid nigger’s ass ALex.
      He is another in a long line of white hating nigger nationalists.

      Itz coming Pitts. We will put the niggers back where they belong: away from us or in the ground.

    8. N.B. Forrest Says:


      Read this:

      “Write him and tell him that Alex Linder of VNNForum.com publicly challenges him to a debate on race and crime in any forum he chooses.

      Pitts, I could have kicked your ass when I was eight. You got any balls, Pulitzer Prize winning nigger, or are you just hot air, Lennie?”

      Oh no he didn’t! You done been SERVED, my nigga! Is you gonna take dat shit from a punk-ass white boy?

      I’ve given 10-to-1 odds that you’ll not only take it, but eat it in sullen silence like a stinky chocolate eclair….;o)

      Peace, love, ‘n’ soul!

      N.B. Forrest

    9. The Mighty Hamburger Says:

      There’s little doubt “Mr” Pitts will never, ever debate Alex or any other aware white. Neither would Pitts’ boss, Mr. Fiedler. Fiedler. Figures.

      I think Pitts should be the new VNN Mascot. Wait. It should be he and Abe Foxman. A nice cartoon could be made. Maybe even something animated. Foxman could be the organ grinder, with a leash on Pitts who’s busy holding the cup out to passerby. Until the passerby has his back turned, then they both attack him. That about sums up America today.

    10. John Says:

      Imagine Alex had a national mainstreem show like the O’Reilly Factor. I am sure that within a couple of weeks the Jews would be driven out of America and those would be the lucky ones.

    11. brutus Says:

      Pitts if you were really a man, you’d take Alex up on the challenge and let the chips fall where they may. What a golden opportunity for you to put one of those neo-Nazi haters in his place! Don’t you think? I bet if you were bold enough to see about the Miami Herald printing the debate in a special series, that’d earn you another Pulitzer!

      But you won’t. Or I should say that you can’t. Your handlers would never take the chance of having you look like a fool.

      You really don’t realize that you’re a simple house nigger, do you? Your people are worse off now since the jew took over and you’re too blinded by your own selfishness to see the suffering of your own folk right there before your eyes. Think of the resentment that the lowly field hand on the plantation had for the house nigger. Whether you know it or not your own people despise you. Because they know that you’re nothing but a kept house nigger enjoying all of those nice things that they’ll never have.

      Yes Pitts, we know, that they hate us White people, too. That’s why we’re so positive that the Knoxville murders were hate crimes.


    12. cliff Says:

      Hi Alex,

      Cliff here. Great piece!! And just a footnote about kike run hollyweird media; when they want an actor to play the dumb white dewb they hire a jew.

      Attention white actors: you cannot even get a job in Hollywood playing a white nerd.

      That really says it all. After reading the “pitts” there is no doubt in my mind that Civil War II is the only remedy available to regain freedom.

    13. sfg Says:

      I can only concur with all of the above. Blacks don’t do anything well–they only do it well enough in some cases to get by when not closely examined. Cynthia Tucker who writes for the Atlanta Urinal is a typical black female who can’t write worth a shit yet she recently was nominated/won? a Pulitzer Prize. Totally undeserved. Any whites, including that neocon shill Neal Boortz who said on his show, “well I may disagree with Cynthia on almost everything, but she can write”. Bullshit. She can’t write. Her writing is high schoolish at best. Her arguments can’t hold water and of course they are your typical Leonard Pitts kind of crap.

      Wonder how these black pieces of shit would feel if it were their family members who had been kidnapped, tortured beyond belief, dismembered, gang raped, and finally murdered when their lifeless bodies could endure no more horror? And all of this perpetrated by whites? Uh huh. The smarmy sons of bitches and bitches can write all they want about how unseemly it is for whites to complain, when it is whites who are being victimized.

      Can you imagine what would be happening if it were the converse that was occurring in America? We’d be raped and murdered in our homes, in our driveways, in our offices, in churches, at restaurants–there would be no hiding–everyday everywhere nonstop–if whites were slaughtering blacks the way blacks are slaughtering us.

      It’s high time for another American Revolution. In thought or deed–maybe both.

    14. sfg Says:

      Anyone within a day’s drive of Knoxville needs to be there June 16th. I’m assuming it’s still happening. Be there.

    15. smith Says:

      Wow. I am impressed what an IQ of 85 can do when you infuse just a little Zionism and good old hatred into it. Let’s see, first we a have a series of vowels and consonants put together to form a string of words when read slowly by the average person will show how much contempt blacks have for white. If we follow the Zionist controlled ideology of racism being a learned thing, we can see how this sub-human called Pitt became the victim he is of “whiety” and is justified to mock white children brutalized by is relatives (that’s a joke son, that’s a joke). Pitts article should be made into a pro-white song or video on You-Tube…..

    16. smith Says:

      PS: I am tired and my spelling is off… Sorry

    17. Antagonistes Says:

      Good job, Alex.

      You are more of a father to these two young people than their own fathers are, or were. I know that “being a father” to them is not your motivation, but you are doing the work that their own silent and impotent fathers should be doing.

      If it had been my kids murdered, I would have said, “Nobody gets in my way on this, be they religious or political. I will burn myself out on making known the nature of these savages and making sure that these particular brutes get death–I have nothing left to lose.”

      If these fathers are waiting until after the trial to speak out, it will be too late.

    18. Logic88 Says:

      Great article, Kamerad Alex! You make honest and factual points that can NOT be disputed. Especially by a stupid nigger.

      Here’s something to back up how we’ve become judeo-bolshevik… the title of this June 3rd New York Times article is: Soviet-Style ‘Torture’ Become ‘Interrogation’.


      And one of the first sentences is: Investigators for the Senate Armed Services Committee are examining how the methods, long used to train Americans for what they may face as prisoners of war, became the basis for American interrogations.

      I’ll save you “investigators” a lot of time and the AmeriKwan taxpayers a lot of money by giving you the answer — JEWS. That’s how and why we’ve adopted so many goddamn tactics and beliefs of Communism.


    19. New America Says:

      A fascinating point is raised in Alex’s commentary.

      If we weren’t constantly TOLD that blacks are our equal…

      How would we know?

      We could not tell it from observed behavior; quite the opposite.

      Why do we have to be TOLD, all of the time, that “diversity is our strength,” when, in fact, as all can easily see, in the words of Peter Shank, “Diversity IS Perversity.”

      We could not tell it from observed behavior; quite the opposite.

      It’s as if, somehow, in some magical world, thinking something to be so, simply makes it so.

      This is how the perverted power of the demonic Jew-controlled television and media systems works, relentlessly trying to make true, somehow, an anti-world, where the exact opposite of the clearly visible truth is, somehow, superior to the real world in which we live our daily lives.

      The fact is, as Bob Whitaker said, we are NOT White Supremacists.

      BLACK PEOPLE are White Supremacists, because Black People inevitably move to where the White People ARE.


      It’s because they understand the TRUTH about their racial brethren…

      And so do we.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    20. Tim Bland Says:

      The title of nigger Pitt’s column in the Baltimore Sun was “Racial Oppression is a One Way Street!”.

    21. lol Says:

      VNN: Truth with balls.

    22. Debate Team Says:

      This nigger would fold in two seconds. “Rev” Sharpton in three. Even if you started off light and asked them “If Paris Hilton is receiving special treatment, why didn’t negress Halle Berry spend one minute in jail after being in a FELONY hit and run?” It would only get worse as any and all groids would stammer, blink their eyes, then grab a handy object and look for someone to hit. Either that or they’d fake an injury like black affletes on TV, grabbing their legs and grimacing in pain AFTER THEY FUCK UP. Just like some 5 yr olds.

      A jew wouldn’t even show up unless it could be rigged as usual, meaning lots of screaming while Alex or any other WN is speaking. Constant interruptions while the WN talks, and of course the jew never actually answers any questions tossed his way. They start to answer, go in another direction, usually working their “answer” to include the Holocaust, and are never called on it. They just start the name calling and make sure their opposition is never allowed to speak. We all saw what happend to the ever cool and oh so arrogant Wolf Blitzer when he couldn’t rely on technology or audience noise to help him against David Duke. The jews are holding it together with smoke and mirrors. We CAN and will break the glass and put out the goddam fires.

      It’s only the start. Worse is better in the not so long run. It used to be 10 – 12 people would show up for a rally. Now we have over 100. As things deteriorate the numbers will swell. It’s inevitable. That’s why the shits in charge have thrown the doors open and are dragging more and more muds across the border. But we know absolute numbers aren’t what wins in the end. It’s going to be interesting to say the least.

    23. alex Says:

      The title of nigger Pitt’s column in the Baltimore Sun was “Racial Oppression is a One Way Street!”.

      Yes – every editor in the land seems to have given the piece a different title, a remarkably wide range if you google it. I can’t see that Pitts gave it one himself.

    24. Tim Bland Says:

      The Maryland unit of the ANSWP is planning a literature drop in nigger Pitts Bowie, MD ‘hood later this week! Anyone interested in assisting, please e-mail me ASAP at [email protected]

      Tim Bland

    25. Graham Wellington Says:

      Linder vs. Pitts

      Pitts would suffer through round after round of brutal one-sided torture.

      Alex, for decency’s sake, please don’t debate Pitts.

    26. Ernst Blofeld Says:

      Alex, as soon as I read this nigger’s column I was hoping you would eviscerate it. BRAVO!
      Nothing illustrates more clearly the intellectual, moral and talent vacuum of our adversaries than to see your words side by side with this affirmative blacktion token.

    27. Amos Jones Says:

      If you REALLY want to piss the negro/negro supporters off, quote crime stats from the FBI. As soon as they see the facts that nigs commit more crime, THEN they start blaming white society. Pretty pathetic.

    28. AmericaFirst Says:

      Make no mistake about this.

      If the parents of the these two innocent young Whites in Knoxville were to have openly sided with VNN, they would be threatened, by employers, anti’s, thugs and feds, i.e. irs, or anything possilbe and including non White traffic cop stops.

      Some folk forget their are in 2007 lesbo, freaks, Congoids, women, and perhaps the regime’s various police forces are now less 50% straight White male.

      If any one could find any stat’s on the break down of who an alphabet inforcer please post.

      I am sure the regime has the exact numbers of who’s employed and they are not going to let US see them.

    29. Aquinas Says:

      Leonard J. Pitts Jr. says:
      “”And here I’m obligated, because I’m black, to say that if the defendants in this case did what they are accused of doing, I’d be happy to see them rot under the jailhouse. Sadly, that needs saying because there are people who will not take it as a given.

      But with that obligation fulfilled, let me add that *** I am likewise unkindly disposed *** toward the crackpots, incendiaries and flat-out racists who have chosen this tragedy upon which to take an obscene and ludicrous stand. I have four words for them and any other white Americans who feel themselves similarly victimized:
      Cry me a river.””

      Note the equivalence he overtly attempts to draw between a gang that kidnapped, raped, tortured, killed and mutilated two innocent people…and the people who are talking about it.

    30. TSman Says:

      “Cry me a river”!? Remember the good old days, when an uppity nigger like this would end up floating face down in a river.

    31. no mercy Says:

      I’ll raise him a twana brawley (al sharptons niece) al sharpton when he made that white interloper speech that ended in the burning down of freddies fashionmarket. (jew ran but hey, his ilk doesn’t act bad it’s whitey that does) I’ll raise him a Slow Motion (nick name of the white guy killed in Jacksonville) by a pack of simians like Mr. Pitt who after seeing the fiction movie a time to kill decided to kill the first white they saw. I’ll raise him a Melissa Mclaughlin who after being locked out of her apartment in the Carolinas was abducted, raped repeadively, skinned, bleached and drove to a remote area and shot in her stomach multiple times. She died from the gunshot wounds. After the coons who killed her where caught they claimed they did it for 400 years of oppression. Then there was John Edward Deveo in New Symerna Beach Florida, set upon by a pack of seven niggers. He was beaten, urinated on and later died from head injuries. During this attack varitions of phrases with cracker was used. Of course, not a hatecrime. Then there was the Carr Brothers and Wichita. Bottom line is, Pitt can cry me a river when another jasper texas event happens and while the wait is on he can keep flapping his oversized dick suckers.

    32. steven Says:

      Being a white man, just couldn’t help but steal his computer. It’s got spelling and grammer correction so no wonder his writing looks like he actually learnt sumthin is da skool. Hang on…let me turn this thing off. Aw shit man, wut da fuk. I shuld a fukin shut mah mouf bout dat thin, now Iz gotta moov my nigga ass outta here, thos crazee honkee be trippin an shit, fo shizzle. I’s uh gettin da fuk back to mah ol hood wher mah brothas be checkin shit. Dos muthafukas r skarin my coon ass, an I gotta leeve my uppity home cuz I dun pissed off too manee crackah. shit, dey ain foolin wit dis shit. damm tootin, I be skootin to philly. Hope tyrone ain steel pissd off bout that rock I borrowd,yea an his bike, an his tv, shit, i forgot bout dat stereo, and his rims. Shit I be a big time prize writin jernalist, fuck man, I just giv him sum munee and he be kool. I nos he caint reed but fuk man i’ll jus showim my pikture on da newspapr and we be shittin in hi cotton with my bling bling, dey still got whit hos over on 72 street?

      Urhm. Lenner the Nigger haulin ass an super fast. He won’t be home for a while white men.


    33. honkey tonk man Says:

      ………..Five days ago I sent this “ape in a suit” a 50lb crate of fresh banana’s, twenty freshly cooked crack rocks and two large buckets of KFC.

    34. no mercy Says:

      Forgot to add this, after the beating of John Edward Deveo the local NAACP chapter was instrumental in supressing the beating death of John Edward Deveo due to “fears of racial tension” for two weeks after the beating happened. Ever notice the NAACP doesn’t bother to do such when the rare instance of the races being reversed and whites beat a black? Matter of fact, shortly after the story broke a black female had faked she was attacked by Whites and the story was ran immediatly. One set of rules for coons another for Whites. Go figure. Wonder how many revenge rapes happened after the bogus accusation of a revenge attack against a coon female was ran. Kind of like how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll lollipop, the world may never know. God damn yard apes.

    35. CHill Says:

      Bravo Alex! Glad to see a White man that’s brave enough to stand up to the media.

    36. van helsing Says:

      Pitts is hiding out in Philly. Too many fone calls and neighborhood visitors of the “wrong” persuasion.

    37. Jim Sachsen Says:

      “Yes, niggers rape 40,000 White women a year.” What is your source for this claim?

    38. Nathanial Bedford Says:

      Hot dang! I love the innernet. It’s nice to no us cavemen have a place to hang out and yammer about them danged darkies.

      Just cause the rest of the world is tryin to evolve don’t mean we have to. Zieg hiel dammen and herren.

    39. [email protected] Says:

      i serously need to get laid by a nazi in uniform about 30 to 40 years old, only kidding about the uniform but if you have it go for it , i have been looking for about one year to hook up with a couple of white supprimist, but here in new york, i can’t even talk about it in public, they suck here and the white don’t unite. my name is barbara and i’m white blonde, hazel eyes and 35 years old.

    40. [email protected] Says:

      I really need to have a relation with a guy about 30 to 40 who is a german nazi and i have been searching for one year, i am 35 single white ukranian girl blone hair hazel eyes, i like in staten island new york, my name is barbara wrte back