30 June, 2007

For Anyone Who Doesn’t Realize Who Runs our Government…

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..Christopher Bollyn’s story should set you straight. Beaten up by tool cops; found guilty by ADL-assisted jew judges. At all costs the lies surrounding the World Trade Center demolitions must be protected, lest Israel be harmed.


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    1. Tom Dublin Says:

      ”Judge Hyman Riebman’s wife is active in a Jewish Zionist organization known as ORT America.”

      ”One sinister looking fellow tried to sit as closely as possible to me and send me evil looks. I was appalled to see that during one break he emerged from the judge’s chambers practically arm in arm with Judge Riebman. As I said, the malice was most evident.”

      They really are arrogant bastards. They don’t even hide it anymore.

    2. America First Says:

      As for jews being arrogant and out and out screaming for more war, along with the standard strong anti White hate, this has been the case for the last last 7 years in areas that had never seen this. In the 90’s as the cities got bad the have bought real estate in White areas. This conduct used to be confined to the University, big city locations, but now it is in the remaining mostly White areas of U.S. too. The minute these enemy aliens move in to a Rural White area, they get on city councils school boards etc. Rust never sleeps.

    3. Lutjens Says:

      “The truth of 9-11 will certainly not be given to us on a silver platter. It is something we will have to fight for,” I wrote at the conclusion of my essay “9-11 Through the Eyes of an American Skeptic.”

      It’s pretty obvious who the guilty are. Some of them had their names, addresses, and phone numbers printed on Hal Turner’s Website. I think this would be a nice tactic for exposing the Jew scum at the ADL and JDL as well.

    4. neuter newt Says:

      newt gingrich the KING “RICH”, famous gasbag and quitter, founder of THE CONTRACT “ON” AMERIKJA, has donned his Dirty Dozen Duds !!! Support NEWTS efforts to raise GOBS of CAmpaign money and increase his wealth via Parasitic electioneering !!! Actually, we NEED his political weight hanging under the BLACK FRIARS BRIDGE —> 2,000,000 more may soon follow NEWT !!!

    5. white pride Says:

      A WHITE dark horse running under the NSA’s BANKER Radar, such as David Duke, could win the highchair with enough blogging support…Wouldn’t it be great to see A PRO- WHITE get elected without any “Media” exposure and electioneering such as kissing nigger babies, jew asses, etc ??

    6. white pride Says:

      another black baptist and crook, Ike BROWN, NEGRA BAGMAN for the Democratic Party of mississippi has been found GUILTY of violating white voter rights !!! That black friars bridge is gonna get mighty heavy !!!

    7. Wolf Says:

      A heavily armed anti-gang strike force arrives at Bollyn’s house, they tackle him, break his arm and TASER him in front of his wife and kids and HE’s charge with assault?

      Then a jury convicts him, a mostly White and female jury I bet.

      That’s the system we live under.

      Just imagine if Christopher was a White separatist.

    8. abe foxman Says:

      Wolf said ‘Just imagine if Christopher was a White separatist.

      He is…..in the eyes of the IJPC (International Jewish Plutocratic Conspiracy)!.
      That is why it’s pointless to look to the judiciary for any hope of retribution. They have demonstrated this repeatedly through the kidnapping and deportation of Zundel and Rudolf to name a few…that’s why I’m perplexed at Bollyn doing ‘a runner’ after the trial rather than well beforehand. Did he seriously believe he was going ‘to walk’? I just hope that he had enough foresight to put things in place that effectively support the current fugitive status he and his family now hold.

      I am compelled to say that I admire Bollyn’s tenacity but his method of war is flawed. He, like many, suffers from the ‘Messianic Syndrome’….that is a belief that people are just waiting for a messiah…a leader that will allow them to come together as an indefeatable body that will sweep all before them. Maybe many like Bollyn believe themselves to be this person. This syndrome is a direct result of Judeo religious indoctrination.
      But that is not the case. Many including myself who have been woken from this indoctrination are intelligent enough to understand the frailty of their position. Former lives surrounded by dupes who still remain in the vegetative state and who could easily become informers and infiltrators for the IJPC. The question in awaking them is not to stomp in with hobnailed boots but to tread carefully and delicately so as these compatriots can be awoken from their slumber in a state that will allow full and effective rehabilitation. Here are needed the talents of Bollyn et al.

      On the new battleground i.e. the internet, for people such as Bollyn to battle openly against the forces of darkness is a foolish waste of their important strengths, talents and abilities through open confrontation.
      The IJPC understands (in fact it is of their making) the cowardly induced self serving mammonism that grips formerly noble nations and their Aryan citizenry. They realize that any threat comes from the high profile refuters of their corrupt power and terrorist tactics, and targets them accordingly. In silencing people like Bollyn, they attempt to ‘cut the head off the beast’.
      This is why Bollyn et al people should be working underground. Promoting nationalism through small cell familial cyber-networks that function independently yet along the same idealogical lines while steering clear of high profiling. Such a system operates without the inherent risks to it’s elite while effectively controlling infiltration by agents of the plutocracy. Any high profiling should be made with triple layer security to protect anonymity.

      The answer to Aryan problems is reeducation and the opportunity to take the initiative is fast approaching. The mammonistic world built on the current house of cards will inevitably come crashing down. Martial law will soon follow and the internet will soon be an empty shell. Hate laws to protect dissent against the IJPC will be commonplace. That is why such critical motivators of the Aryan cause should take a step backwards and protect themselves for the true battles ahead when Aryans need a voice to lead them away from the abyss.
      Lacking awareness of this simple prerequisite to white preservation must show to all that an identified leader is nothing more that turncoat to his race.

    9. Cormac Says:

      I don’t trust anyone who lived on an Israeli Kibbutz for 3 years , married a jEW & speaks modern hebrew.

      Niether does Mike Piper.


    10. abe foxman Says:

      It would be handy if your links would work Cormac.
      Anyway, I don’t know whether Mike Piper is totally objective when it comes to Bollyn.?LOL
      Nevertheless, I would like to read this if you can post an alternative link.Thanks

    11. Celtic Warrior Says:

      If it is true that Bollyn spent 3 years in Kikestan then we must be very suspicious of his motives. He could well have been recuited by Mossad??

    12. Wolf Says:

      Let me try this again.

      Michael Collins Piper is an outed and acknowledged homosexual and he did in fact stab Christopher Bollyn in the back on Pipers show on RBN last year.

      Can VNN handle that truth?

    13. Cormac Says:

      Mr Foxman you need to have either iTunes or WinAmp (it really kicks the Llama’s azz) to make that link work because it is an audio file.

      As for the “Homo” accusations against Michael C.Piper I’ll beleive it when I see it or hear it from the man himself… ok Wolf , or is your real name Huffschmidt ?