22 June, 2007

Whose Theory?

Posted by Socrates in Einstein, jew frauds, science at 1:47 pm | Permanent Link
Like the Jew Sigmund Freud, the Jew Einstein achieved artificial greatness only via decades of Jewish-media hype. The E=mc2 theory in space [1]:


[1] about Olinto De Pretto and E=mc2: [Here]

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  7. 8 Responses to “Whose Theory?”

    1. dq Says:

      Isn’t it strange how before there have been no great jewish scientists then all of a sudden Einstein is the greatest scientist ever.

    2. Bohemond Says:

      The speed of light is not a constant. It’s variable. And the “E”
      doesn’t and has never had a proper and complete definiton. What
      type of energy? Please. If Einstein plagiarised, I can believe that
      based on the substantiated claims; but still “E=MC2,” is at the
      very best just haiku poetry for theoretical physics. Here’s a haiku poem for reference for those who don’t know haiku. The poet is
      Matsuo Basho, the title is “A Bee:”

      A bee
      staggers out
      of the peony

    3. Zoroastro Says:

      similiar with the arts: nowhere to be seen until after world war II. I think they started gaining mind-control leverage about that time and it started with Kafka (even though I admit that Kafka is brilliant compared to 99.8% od the amerikan jew scribblers/possible exception being kurt vonnegut, maybe even that old smelly cunt;a burly, nasty liar and bully named mailer whose utterly fake anti-shizosemantic “naked and the dead” was not a bad novel…)
      visual arts?
      needs no comment. this is the area where psychology comes to fore and a skilled psychologist quicly realizeas that jewish patients are definitely wired ass backwards (good taste =bad taste , hideous=beautiful etc. )
      they had some great piano and violin players, but only one great composer (mahler); everything else second rate screeching and instrument torture (copeland, gerswhin, to philip glass…).
      all those good fiddlers and pianists however were either russian or polish jews.

    4. Anti Says:

      What, some wop thought of it first? He must’ve been a white aryan Lombard. Maybe a member of Liga Nord! At any rate, he would not have been so smurrt without a large amount of NORDIC-GERMANIC-ARYAN blood, though no doubt he was part OTHER as well!

    5. Olde Dutch Says:

      Only the jew media plays up Einstein. Page through any college level physics text—Einstein gets two or three pages at most.

      Even on the surface of the earth, two masses will demonstrate attraction for each other. This has been proven.

    6. Petrarch Says:

      There were three jew composer of note: Felix Mendelssohn, Gustav Mahler, Arnold Schoenberg.

      All were born into German speaking families. All converted to Christianity. All were “unappreciated” in their lifetime for the compositional works. All were more famous in their lifetime for either their conducting or teaching or “theories”.

      As jew hegemony was established in the 20th century over the arts, these three members of the tribe have been “re-evaluated” by jew music critics and their works revived by jew conductors who were installed in the major symphonies halls by jew money.

    7. JD Says:

      Vonnegut was German-American, not Jewish.

    8. anti nostra Says:

      hidden hand ??? When a person is Knighted, he beomes a SIR, correct ?? Is that an English or POPE thing ??? SIRhan SIRhan the assassin must have gotten knighted twice, eh ??