9 July, 2007

The Defeat of the Jewnited States As Imagined by H. A. Covington

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by Michael O’Meara


Those who want to live, let them fight, and those do
not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do
not deserve to live.


H.A. Covington’s Northwest Trilogy of novels — Hill
of the Ravens
(2003), A Distant Thunder (2004), and A
Mighty Fortress
(2005) — now represents the most
worked out and authoritative treatment of White
Separatism in the English language. Both as popular
fiction and political tract, it is a remarkable work.
But most remarkable of all is the utter silence that
surrounds it. If not for a VNN “respondent” (the wise
and judicious “New America”), I might never have
learned of its existence.


I’m not quite certain why this is. Covington’s
Trilogy is infinitely more readable and convincing
than William Pierce’s Turner Diaries (now one of our
classics), but has probably sold only a fraction as
many copies. Part of the problem with its reception
might lie in the fact that Covington, a veteran of the
NS movement, has made not a few enemies within “the
racially conscious community,” evident in his numerous
critical references to Pierce, as well as to Koehl,
Klassen, Metzger, Duke, Webster, Tyndall, and others.







As a nationalist whose experiences are mainly European
I have no actual knowledge of Covington’s personal
history or of the sectarian squabbles that have
alienated him from other racial nationalists. For
this reason, there may be a subtext to his Trilogy
that eludes me. I only know the Trilogy as a work of
political fiction. But on this basis, I can
categorically say that Covington is a great talent and
that his work speaks, as no other does, to the burning
question of our age.


Political fiction has one overriding purpose: To reach
those who can’t be reach through rationalist
discourse. In this Covington’s Trilogy is superb. It
is full of memorable characters — classic American
types (strong, daring, two-fisted white males) who
remind us of our ancestors and not the ridiculous
creatures we see on nightly television. It abounds
with actions and adventures that evoke our earliest
racial memories and reveal what we can be once freed
of the Jews’ lunar spirit. It conveys the ideals of
our movement in a language and style accessible to
those who would otherwise ignore them. It tells an
exciting story that is both entertaining and didactic.
But above all it imagines a course of action —
perhaps the one possible course of action — that will
insure our existence as a people. Whatever one might
say of Covington the activist, he’s made a work of art
out of his separatist vision and it deserves a


It is not, though, his art that I want to address in
this essay, but rather certain of his ideas, three of
which I think are fundamental to the politics of white
racial survival in this period. To put these ideas in
their proper context, something needs first to be said
of the story Covington tells.


As a separatist, he believes the present situation is
such that any hope of reversing America’s
“de-Europeanization” or the Judeo-liberal regime in
Washington responsible for it is no longer feasible.
The sole option left to whites seeking to ensure their
existence in North America is to break off a portion
of the lands their ancestors possessed and establish a
white homeland. To this end he proposes the
“migration” of racially aware whites to the Pacific
Northwest — the whitest section of the United States
— to create there the critical mass that will be
needed when the time comes to wage an anti-colonial
war against the Zionist regime in Washington.


Premised on this migration, his three novels revolve
around events that occur sometime in the second or
third decade of the 21st century, when all the
tendencies presently in place have been taken to their
horrific and ethnocidal extension. For reasons almost
providential, whites in Coeur d’Arlene (Idaho) finally
rebel, when they spontaneously resist federal agents
attempting to carry off the children of a politically
incorrect, but well regarded family. Locally based
members of the “party” created by the migration then
intervene. They help arm, organize, and lead several
hundred Coeur d’Arlene whites against the troops sent
in to crush them. Their rebellion is quickly
extinguished, but, like Ireland’s Easter Rebellion,
ignites a war for national independence.


From three different perspectives Covington tells the
story of the Northwest Volunteer Army (NAR), as it
leads an IRA-style terror campaign against the
Anglo-Zionist forces in control of the United States.
The NAR’s struggle is greatly facilitated by the fact
that in this future period American society and the US
government have become even more incompetent than they
are today. The US military is bogged down in endless
Mideastern wars fought on Israel’s behalf; its social
system is increasingly dysfunctional, balkanized into
rival racial-ethnic interest groups; an ever-growing
part of the white population, unable to compete with
coolie labor, is condemned to unemployment or
conscription; and the material prosperity that has
long served as a race-obliterating opiate has given
way to the growing impoverishment and alienation of
the white masses.


For five bitter years, the NVA wages the “war of the
flea,” blowing up key infrastructures, sabotaging
databases, attacking the regime’s tax-collecting and
judiciary agents, intimidating employers of non-white
labor — even sending Volunteers to disrupt the
vulnerable lifelines that allow New York and
Washington to function as the ZOG’s central nervous


Unable to sustain the damages and disruptions of these
assaults, Anglo Zionist representatives of the federal
government are eventually forced to negotiate a peace
settlement with the insurgents, negotiations which end
up sanctioning the succession of Washington, Oregon,
and Idaho (along with parts of Northern California,
Wyoming, and Montana) from the United States of
America and the establishment of a white homeland
under the political auspices of a Northwest American


Unlike racial conservatives (Vdare and AR types) and
not a few white nationalists, Covington sees the
United States — not just the current Administration,
but the “System” itself — as the enemy. He calls it
“the fount and wellspring of all that [is] evil” in
our time. For at least two generations this state has
carried out a systemic assault on European America,
forcing it to congregate with inferior and hostile
races; promoting integration, miscegenation, and the
destruction of the white family; adopting policies
that siphon off its wealth, pollute its culture, and
corrupt its children; but above all, legitimating its
self-destruction through the imposition of dysgenic
behaviors and values.


With “only the most remote and tenuous historical
connection with the country and system of government
which was originally established and envisioned by the
Founding Fathers,” the United States today has become
a Jew-led corporate plutocracy that denies whites
their birthright. But it’s not just its state, with
its race-destroying policies, that wars on them. The
entire American social system — the reigning
civilizational forms — have become no less noxious to
their existence. Covington describes early
21st-century America (and this is a projection of
current trends) as “a world of unspeakably vile sexual
perversions . . . a kleptocracy, quite literally ruled
by criminals, some of whom were so bad and so blatant
that they were even indicted under the Americans’ own
laws . . . a world based on no other foundation than
sheer greed, wallowing in the most gross and
despicable material gluttony . . . a wasteland of
spiritual emptiness, moral corruption and cultural
pollution . . . an entire society based on a bizarre
and grotesque moral inversion: the utterly ridiculous
and thoroughly evil idea that all humanoid creatures
are in some manner equal.”


This world born of the Jews’ materialist metaphysics
— this world in which man is viewed primarily as “an
economic animal rather than as a spiritual being with
a soul” — turns everyone into either a consumer or a
commodity and everything that has traditionally made
life worth living — family, community, religion —
into an economic calculation. Whether rich and poor,
the “citizens” of this Jewified enterprise live “all
doped up, dumbed down, zoned out . . . confused,
hostile, paranoid . . . looking out for nobody but
Number One.” America’s traditional European life
forms become not only unsustainable under such a
system, they are demonized and rendered criminal.


No self-respecting white man, Covington assumes, would
want to preserve, reform, or redeem such an
abomination. As one of his Volunteers says: “I didn’t
want to be an American any more. I wanted to be a man
instead, a white man.”


Despite the passivity and conservatism that marks much
of the racially conscious community, it is not
difficult to understand why our nobler spirits would
want to wash their hands of the American experiment.


With great justice, Covington argues that a century of
peaceful, legal methods to reverse the racial policies
of the United States have been totally ineffective.
“Petitions have been ignored . . . The electoral and
political process has been undermined . . . The
judiciary has become an instrument of racial and
social tyranny.” All the while, the reigning powers
continue their de-Europeanization, using all their
vast powers to re-engineer the American population and
eviscerate its racial heritage.


Covington’s work rests on the rather unchallengeable
contention that nothing so far has had the slightest
effect in stemming the enveloping tide of mud.
Efforts to create an alternative media, raise white
consciousness, mobilize voters around racial issues,
or post another illuminating exposé on the internet
have had virtually no effect in halting our advance
toward the abyss. Those among us who continue to
emphasize the need to educate or wake people up, he
argues, usually end up doing “nothing more than hide
behind an email address while playing with the
computer in one’s basement rec room, with a bowl of
nachos and a cold brewski beside the mouse.”
Relatedly, most actual efforts by racialists and
right-wingers to act in the real world continue to aim
at influencing the Judeo-corporate system, rather than
getting free from it.


Given that all the forces of indoctrination,
socialization, and influence are in enemy hands and
that all the principal institutions and
social-economic structures are arrayed against us, the
thought of using the system’s established forms to
bring down the ZOG, repatriate the 100 million muds
occupying our lands, or reverse the present ethnocidal
course of American developments is nothing short of
fantastic. Given also that every effort to reverse
American racial policy has failed and that this policy
threatens the survival of the European race in North
America, the sole remaining recourse, Covington
insists, is the “right” to take up arms against the
system threatening us.


As Covington imagines it, the struggle to establish an
independent white homeland in the American
Northwestern will resemble an anti-colonial war, waged
in ways not unlike the campaign the Provisional IRA
carried out against the British government in Northern
Ireland after 1969. Sustained by a migration of
racially aware whites to the region (Covington
mentions 50,000 migrants), the NVA that is to arise
from some future effort to acquire a “small piece of
territory” will challenge Washington’s monopoly of
armed force and undermine its revenue producing
sources, making it impossible for the federal
government to maintain its authority over the Pacific


But how realistic is such a prospective struggle
against the ZOG? To many it will seem even more
fantastic than the alternatives that Covington
criticizes. And to those who know something about the
physical-force wing of Irish Republicanism, it will
seem no less fantastic to imagine that American white
nationalists (whose struggles are waged almost
entirely in cyber space) could emulate the IRA gun
men, street fighters, and terrorists who fought the
British Army to a standstill.


These objections, though, are not actually an argument
against Covington’s notion of a white liberation
struggle — only an obstacle to be overcome. History,
moreover, is full of improbable undertakings. Who
would have thought that 10,000 lightly-armed Sunni
insurgents would check the conquests of America’s
imperial legions? Great historical transformations
are almost always implausible until they happen. Part
of this is due to the fact that it is rarely the size
of one’s armed divisions or the quality of one’s
military technology that matters, but rather certain
qualities of the human spirit. As Victor Hugo put it:
“Mightier than the tread of marching armies is the
power of an idea whose time has come.” If American
whites, especially their racially conscious vanguard,
should ever imbue the NW migration with the force of a
Sorelian myth (that is, with the force to act), there
is simply no telling what may happen. “Nothing is
impossible” — not even the thought of white men
marching to the sound of the guns.


To those who would dismiss this as wishful thinking,
it might be added that not only does the survival of
the white race depend upon such a mythic
transformation of white consciousness, but that our
age has turned such transformations into something of
a Zeitgeist. With the advent of globalization and the
fourth-generation war it provokes, traditional state
systems have everywhere gone into crisis, as
anti-national elites endeavor to impose a one-world
superstate that reduces everything to the market
demands of the Jew-led Yankee money men cashing in on
the extermination of white race.


The idea of a white liberation struggle is not, then,
entirely implausible. Nor would there be any lack of
potential Volunteers. Sections of the middle class,
deprived by globalization of the lifestyles which
insured their traditional passivity, are already
feeling embittered and by-passed. A sharp economic
downturn, the collapse of the dollar, a humiliating
military retreat from Iraq, an energy crisis that
undermines our automotive civilization, a protracted
governmental paralysis — the conditions could
suddenly arise when elements among the complacent,
TV-programmed white masses are forced to the
conclusion that their allegiances are misplaced. In
any case, conditions for whites are almost certain to
continue to deteriorate.


Echoing the theorists of partisan, guerrilla, or
asymmetrical warfare of the last half century,
Covington contends that the bigger and more complex
the ZOG becomes, the more vulnerable it is to “a few
brave men with weapons in their hands and the courage
to use them.” American society, he notes, is “so
complex, everything so interactive and interlocking
and dependent on everything else, that when you cut
the chain at one point the whole works just grounds to
a halt.”


The struggle for white liberation would also benefit
from the fact that the US government is already a
corrupt, mismanaged institution and that American
society, premised on purely economic criteria, lacks
real cohesion. The whole system, in fact, rests on a
foundation of sand. All the powers of corruption,
incompetence, cowardice, and short-term thinking
conspire against it. (Think of Katrina New Orleans).
Its declining revenues and budget constraints are even
now making it difficult to fund its repressive
apparatus. At the same time, the system is more and
more served by inept muds and the Jews who manage the
system’s decision-making centers are beginning to
overreach themselves, pushing their host people in
ways that formerly ended in pogroms. Is it so
inconceivable to think that an armed white opposition
could force it out of the Northwest?


Once it is accepted that the United States constitutes
the principal threat to our existence and that we will
be free of its perverse, ethnocidal policies only
through force of arms, then the third, most crucial
facet of Covington’s vision comes into focus: The
imperative of creating a white homeland.


Terre et Peuple, Blut und Boden: The notion that
every people needs its own land is as old as Europe
itself. In the postmodern, transnational, and global
order favored by our one-world elites such a notion,
of course, is deemed obsolete, as if the quantitative
monetary principles of the world market are a better
way of organizing social life than traditional ones
based on healthy families, organic communities, and
ethnoracial identities. In the last generation, this
ancient notion has assumed a new urgency: For the
rising tide of color has everywhere begun to sweep
into the former white homelands, threatening the
integrity of white life. One more generation of Third
World immigration and the great race passes away


A racially exclusive homeland, the antithesis of the
New World Order, would in Covington’s view be our “ark
to weather the great flood of mud.” “It is absolutely
essential,” he argues, “that the white race acquire a
Homeland of its own, some place on earth where white
children can be born and raised in physical and
spiritual safety, and where our numbers may be
restored and the threat of racial extinction


Based on blood, not creed or economics, such a
homeland would guarantee the perpetuality of our
people. It would also solve most of the social,
political, and cultural problems that ail us. For
once free of the Jews who have pathologized white
existence and who have set the colored hordes on us,
we could begin dealing honestly and forthrightly with
the problems besetting our civilization. Indeed, once
free of the Jews and their multiracial legions, most
of these problems would simply vanish. The result
would almost certainly be a renaissance of European
life in North America. As one of Covington’s
characters observes: “When you have stability and
unity in a racially homogenous society . . . you’d be
amazed what a small country like ours can accomplish.”


This vision of a sovereign Aryan Republic is, of
course, merely a figment of Covington’s imagination,
but imagination, as Shakespeare reminds us, “bodies
forth the things unknown.”

  • 32 Responses to “The Defeat of the Jewnited States As Imagined by H. A. Covington”

    1. Celtic Warrior Says:

      As usual an excellent article. The key problem is identified; we as individuals lack courage. Our balls have been psychologically cut off, but courage is infectious too, a few brave men who refuse to bow down before zog will inspire hundreds more.

      The NW Republic is a good starting point but other centers of resistance will be needed in Canada and possibly New England. Think of medieval Spain, resistance to mud rule wasn’t isolated in one spot but distributed in 3 or 4 key areas.

      The NWR model may be achievable in America where there is space to manoeuvre, but what blue-print for success can we envisage in Europe? The individual countries are small and densely populated. Should WN leave for the country villages and let the cities implode under the weight of mudz?

      The internal contradictions of the system will inevitably force our hand, but any action we take must be at the time and place of our choosing. We must hold the initiative

    2. honkey tonk man Says:


      Fuck it!…..Lets take the whole fucking country back plus Canada and half of Mexico.
      We are not going to separate and let American muds have nucular weapons. Are we to give them most of the military while we get our little piece of North America surrounded by hostile muds with nukes?…No fucking way!!
      We fight and die for the whole fucking pie!! ….nothing less!
      ZOG is fucked the day we take up arms and conduct ruthless savage gureilla war against it.

      “KILL OR DIE”

    3. Blackshirt Says:

      Frankly I am unconcerned with what Covington has to say, now or ever. He is an agent provacateur and quite possibly in the employ of the government or worse. The idea of the “Northwest Imperative” is old and discredited. There is no place you can run in this cuntry to get away from the rot.

    4. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Theses novels sound very intriguing and interesting. I don’t know much about Harold Covington except that he was rumored to be of jewish extraction and a probable FBI informer. Whether that’s true or not is anyone’s guess. The so called movement has been beset by sniping, backbiting, gossip and accusations that the racially conscious layperson never knew who to trust or what to believe.

      I will say that William Pierce never publicly criticized any other pro-white personality. David Duke hasn’t either to the best of my knowledge. So what beef did Covington have with either of those guys other than to discredit and smear them for no rational reason?
      Maybe some of the “movement” insiders can enlighten me and those of us that have been sympathetic to, but otherwise inactive in any group professing white nationalism.

      From this post it seems that the theme of his books (which appear to be excellent) is that the system is hopelessly corrupt and must be destroyed so the white race can start anew. That isn’t much different than the message of Pierce and the old NA before his death.

      Still, though, I’m curious about Harold Covington. Is Mr. Covington a jew who is sympathetic to our cause and perhaps identifies more with us than with the sheenies? Perhaps a passage I recently found in his book “A Mighty Fortress” sheds some light on the matter:

      “Cody Brock is a tough Seattle street kid, a runaway who joined the Northwest Volunteer Army at sixteen. By day he attends Hillside High School, where he falls in love with the cheerleader, homecoming queen, and budding actress, Kelly Shipman. By night he rides with the most deadly of all the terrorist hit squads, the murderous crew of the gangster-like Robert “Bobby Bells” DiBella, along with his girl comrade Nightshade. The two of theem are selected to accompany the rebel delegation to Longview, where suddenly Cody is compelled to confront a ghost from his past”.

      His Jewish past…

    5. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      Covington is nuts. Who wants to be surrounded by muds with nuclear weapons? All Jews must be sent back to Israel and all Negroes must be sent back to Africa. This country is ours and we are going to fight for it.

    6. Tim Pennington Says:

      My personal opinion is that this is the best O’meara piece yet. The developments of french nationalism and identitarianism have been interesting to follow, but this one hits close to home. Thanks for writing it, Michael, I enjoyed reading it. I fill up with righteous fire when the prospect arises of white flight transforming into white FIGHT.

    7. greywolf Says:


    8. MNR Says:

      Most of the anti-Covington rhetoric seems to be coming from Tom “Boozehound” Metzger and his associates. Metzger is a rather odd fellow with a cult-like following.

      He routinely labels his critics as “rightwingers” (whatever that means) and refuses to discuss the apparent financial relationship he has with Morris Dees.

      I’ve seen his website before and it’s incredibly primitive. It looks like it was created by a first grader.

    9. Walter Mitty Says:

      Walter Mitty should be required reading for all wannabe White politicians & journalists.


      A must read!

    10. Mati The Estonian Says:

      Time is NOW – we must start working for the White Homeland …

    11. zoroastro Says:

      I concur, brilliant essay by O’Meara. The only thing is that the time is NOW not 2020’s (as projected in the novel)…I believe that thaer’s virtually nothing that the united White race (or at least the best among us) cannot achieve.
      We’ve done it all, from using the wheel to space travel, as if we strive to return to our true place of origin – THE STARS. But we must first gain our freedom from the deadly parasites in order to return HOME.

    12. New America Says:

      Thanks to O’Meara for a substantial analysis of a substantial body of ideas, and his kind words.

      A quick comment, concerning the comments so far.

      The good comments deal with the substance of what Covington, and O’Meara, had to say.

      I’ll have more to say about that directly.

      In the meanwhile, note the many gratuitous, ad hominem attacks on Covington personally.

      There’s a reason for this, and it is not flattering.

      It’s that nice little built-in excuse these commentators hace for
      NOT taking action when confronted with the slow violence of the collapse of America, and the de facto American government policy of the genocide of the White RACE.

      “What’s YOUR solution?”

      “I don’t like Harold Covington! I think he’s a Jew! I heard he’s an informer with the FBI!”

      To such commenters, I leave you alone in your cribs with your bottles, and your rattles, and have two words to say:

      “Fuck you.”

      You have ACCOMPLISHED exactly NOTHING, to date.

      The issue of Covington’s genetic heritage is irrelevant at best, and immaterial, at worst.

      For that matter, remember that Milch – a Jew – turned Lufthansa around during the Great Depression, AND did an excellent job with the Luftwaffe. As well, any number of Jews served the Third Reich in high capacities in the Wehrmacht, as well.

      Indeed, for those who attack Covington on the basis that he is “an FBI informant,” I simply say that hewould be the worst paid informant in FBI history, and, once again, the very worst you can say about Covington is irrelevant, and immaterial.

      Hell, I ASSUME that every word I speak on RACIAL issues is being overheard by the FBI, and their informants.

      What the Hell? We might find a few Converts in their ranks, one day.

      It is this Childish jealousy that undermines so many attempts at WN Organization; everyone wants to be Jesus, and no one wants to go on the Cross.

      They want power without responsibility, failing to recognize that their failure to take responsibility for their own lives makes them poor candidates, indeed, for taking responsibility for the political lives, of an organization.

      They work it backwards, seeing it, as Children do, as a matter of Form, almost exclusively to the exclusion of the matter of Substance.

      Linder said it best: “Excellence is the best Rebellion.”

      If Covington’s detractors can find one substantial flaw in his Analysis, particularly COMPARED TO THE STATUS QUO, I’ll prove them wrong in this thread.

      None of his detractors Ideas, or analytical models, are a tenth as good, are a hundredth as substantial, as the Northwest Trilogy, and they know it.

      So, instead of lowering their voices, and strengthening their arguments, as Adults would do, they cry out, like Children in the crib, “Harold’s a BAD Man!”

      Or, to praise it in their terms, which are less than rational, and more of a rationalization, “He’s an FBI informer! He’s a JEW!!”

      If they aren’t prepared to discuss the issues of a Northwest Republic substantially, and they aren’t, let them live in their pathetic fantasy worlds.

      The rest of us must about the business of building Western Civilization.

      Incidentally, speaking of works rather than words, how much do you think they sent to Linder this month?

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    13. Stan Says:

      No. It is a bad idea to gather in one place. That’s akin to herding onto reservations like the woo-woo Indians. Then yes, the muds and jews can pick us off at will with nukes or whatever.

      The fight has to be taken to our enemies, all across the land, in the dead of night. Jews and appeasers waking up dead the next morning all across the Kwa will definitely speak louder and set more of a tone than ‘migrating’ to an eventual Waco.

      Cells that take the fight to the enemy with little or know warning has been proven by the muslim fighters. They communicate on and off the wire. They pop in one place and take out the enemy, then disappear to reappear somewhere else. With dedication, training and some preplanning, Whites could turn this country on it’s ear in one night. ZOG will be looking for ‘islamofascists’ the next day… and walking right into IEDs and sniper scopes for Phase II.

    14. New America Says:

      in reply to Stan:
      Your post raises an interesting point, which should be addressed in context.

      you wrote:

      No. It is a bad idea to gather in one place. That’s akin to herding onto reservations like the woo-woo Indians. Then yes, the muds and jews can pick us off at will with nukes or whatever.

      in reply:
      This is the classic argument Duke articulated against the Northwest Homeland, and it misses the larger issue, just as D. Duke did.

      We “gather in one place,” daily, and it’s called Home.

      If enough of us gather in one place, it’s called a Town, and then a City.

      It’s so, because we choose to make it so.

      Yet, the Northwest Republic Ideal is not limited to the Northwest Republic, at all, as IT STARTS WHERE YOU ARE, with the Idea that Whites SHOULD have the right to form their own communities.

      The Northwest Republic is the logical extension of this thinking; just as the idea of forming their own country, where the members of their own RACE could live, did wonders for uniting and sustaining the demonic Jews, so, too, could the Ideal of our own COUNTRY, as a place of safety and power for our NATION, work wonders for us in terms of forming the nucleus of our New Nation, starting where we are.

      you wrote:
      The fight has to be taken to our enemies, all across the land, in the dead of night. Jews and appeasers waking up dead the next morning all across the Kwa will definitely speak louder and set more of a tone than ‘migrating’ to an eventual Waco.

      in reply:
      I could not agree more.

      Yet, as Peter Shank so astutely noted, after we are well rid of them, THEN WHAT?

      Alex is right; “The mud races are the symptoms, and JEWS are the disease.”

      Metzger is profoundly correct, in his inspirational Soliloquy of 2 april 07 (available for download at resist.com), where he noted that the deeper cause of what was wrong was US; if we had been doing our job, from Day One, none of this would have happened.

      To Metzger, the illegals, and the demonic Jews, are PARASITES, and are simply the indicia of decay. They are just doing their job, rather like maggots which were placed in a necrotic wound, and wrapped in there. They only survive on necrotic tissue; when they are done, they are dead, as the remaining live tissue can not be used by them for survival. THE SYSTEM IS DEAD, IT JUST DOESN’T REALIZE IT, YET. (THAT quote was from Agent Smith at the beginning of “The Matrix.”)

      Reread that last paragraph, and then consider how far Metzger has come in his thinking to come to that point.

      Look at the horrific deficits, the horrific trade deficits, the collapsing public fool/indoctrination system, all costing more, and all delivering less.


      For more than a century, we have adopted the Enemy’s WORDS, the Enemy’s Terms and Definitions, and we have been going slowly insane by trying to be rational with the irrational.

      The key to power is to seek responsibility balanced with wisdom, and start where you are. Don’t wait for the Mystic “Organization” to come down from Sky God and make it all right; be the nucleus OF that Organization, locally, and then organize, intelligently.

      BE what you want the world to BECOME, because, otherwise, the world will BE what someone ELSE wants it to become; in the case of the demonic Jews, that is a cold, soulless, mechanistic Hell ruled by those who are of their father, the Devil.

      you wrote:
      Cells that take the fight to the enemy with little or know warning has been proven by the muslim fighters. They communicate on and off the wire. They pop in one place and take out the enemy, then disappear to reappear somewhere else. With dedication, training and some preplanning, Whites could turn this country on it’s ear in one night. ZOG will be looking for ‘islamofascists’ the next day… and walking right into IEDs and sniper scopes for Phase II.

      in reply:
      Ah, I see you have been reading from Brother Covington, and his “Northwest Trilogy.”


      Remember, we LET this happen to US, and we will have to consciously and intelligently remake the world in OUR image, by remaking OURSELVES.

      Finally, note that most of the detractors have never sent so much as a “thank you” card to Alex Linder, much less put some folding money in that card.

      Don’t worry about them, either.

      They will NEVER contribute to Linder, or what he is trying to do, but GOD, they will call one and all everything but what they are.

      They do not contribute one iota of Light to the Cause, and they never will.

      Don’t be like them.

      Be BETTER, for your Family, and your RACE.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    15. RF22 Says:

      Any future white homeland will need its own nuclear arsenal to avoid becoming the victim of nuclear blackmail. Since none of the separatist plans I’ve seen take this fact into account, I don’t think any of them have a chance of succeeding.

    16. New America Says:

      A quick observation concerning the comments so far:

      You can easily break the comments into two groups; one seeks to find any excuse, no matter how flimsy, no matter how trivial, no matter how irrelevant, to do nothing at all of substance for their family, and their RACE.

      Let’s see this in context.

      Family is the microcosm of RACE; RACE is the macrocosm of Family,

      They aren’t doing much for either, much less both.

      In the larger scheme of things, they do not matter; they are, effectively, the culls of the evolutionary process, and that is fine.

      That’s all they are capable of, at this time, and that’s that.

      The second group of comments reflect the views of people who are exactly right. They see the great changes they want to see in the world MUST begin with them; no matter how small, no matter how tenuous, one step in the Right Direction is infinitely superior to passivity, and its twin, passive aggression.

      They have done exactly NOTHING for us at a RACIAL level, never have, and never will, not even something so safe and anonymous as sending some money to Alex Linder, or ANYONE who is doing something concrete and substantial for our RACE.

      I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts the people who recognize that any solution to the RACE issues begins with them, are the same people who put some money in an envelope, and sent it to support what Alex Linder has done on our behalf.

      The Northwest Republic Model begins with the most stable of foundations, people who are willing to do what needs to be done, personally, TODAY, rather than wait for Magic Sky God to create some magic Organization where they can abrogate all personal responsibility.

      I have news for them.

      Sky God isn’t going to do your duty for you; Rockwell and Pierce aren’t coming back,and it is up to YOU to take responsibility to BE what you want the world to BECOME, and start as soon as possible.

      Today would be fine.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    17. Sky God Says:

      This “New America” Fella is right. I’m not going to do shit for you white guys. I gave you a brain, a body, and a pair of balls. It’s up to you to use ’em.

      But I’ll be sitting up here watching the show, eating popcorn and a having a brew. Try to make it a good show, alright? Maybe if you do 99% of the work, and are 99% of the way there, I’ll shoot some good luck your way – maybe. We’ll see.

      Best of Luck.

    18. Occidental Dissent » A Northwest Republic? Says:

      […] VNN, Alex Linder has posted a long review of Harold Covington’s work by Michael O’Meara. As many of you are aware, Covington […]

    19. New America Says:

      in reply to Occidental Dissent:

      you wrote:
      A Northwest Republic?

      At VNN, Alex Linder has posted a long review of Harold Covington’s work by Michael O’Meara. As many of you are aware, Covington advocates a Great Trek to the Northwest, secession from the United States, and the establishment of an independent homeland for whites in the region.

      in reply:
      Actually, if you have read most of the writings of Covington, (1) he is describing something that is not unlike what Brigham Young did with the LDS Church, and has the same model, in microcosm, that Ayn Rand had for her New Atlantis in “Atlas Shrugged,” (2) it is not so much “secession,” as per se, as the recognition of the “United States” as having become, de facto, the Disunited States, which has official (and vigorously enforced) governmental policies that disfavor White people in general, and White men in particular, and (3) “the establishment of an independent homeland for whites in the region” acknowledges that Whites actually have the right to their own Homeland, which America was, when America was great.

      you wrote:
      In pursuit of this objective, Covington advocates an IRA-style terrorist campaign by white nationalists to overthrow the authority of the federal government in the whitest region of the United States. This is flatly illegal under the Smith Act. Frankly, I am surprised Covington hasn’t been arrested and thrown in prison, but I suppose the government has good reasons for its reticence.

      in reply:
      Actually, in his works of fiction, Covington is DESCRIBING techniques that work, in the manner of the remarkably cost-effective war being waged against us in Iraq, today. He is not advocating the armed overthrow of the Federal government; from my reading, he is documenting how the power vacuum created by an imploding empire can be replaced by a stable, organic government based on the organic foundation of the nation, which in microcosm is the family, and in macrocosm is the RACE.

      Proposition nations are inherently unstable; indeed, the proposition as the foundation of Citizenship is seen, not in the organically developed nation-state, but in the inherently inorganic, tremendously unstable, Empire. Think of the British Empire’s Rhodesia, and how easily it was converted into the multi-cult approved Zimbabwe; what, and, in particular, how.

      I see Covington’s Model as more like the transformation of the Soviet Union (a Jewish Empire), into the Russian Federation, and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Just as it was not economically (or militarily) feasible for Russia to control all of the USSR, so too, we could argue, a point could be reached where it is simply not feasible for the Central Government to support the far borders of the nation that America seems to be becoming, in the not-too-distant future.

      The use of force is actually a small part of the Northwest Trilogy, and the Creation of the Northwest Republic, just as it was in the formation of the Russian Federation…

      For that matter, look at all too many of the centers of our larger cities, after sundown. Look at Los Angeles, current Northern capital of Mexico, and future capital of the “Republic of the North.” Are there ALREADY “No-Go” Zones for the elected government’s law enforcement arm, the LAPD? Whoever controls those areas never publicly advocated the overthrow of the federal government.

      They didn’t have to.

      you wrote:
      A Northwest migration is unworkable for several reasons:

      1.) White racial consciousness is inversely correlated with racial homogeneity. The most racially conscious whites are the ones who live in the most diverse areas — states like South Carolina and Mississippi, not Washington and Oregon — along with those in Northern metropolitan areas which have been inundated with immigrants. As whites relocate to the Pacific and Mountain West from California, they tend to settle down and lose their concerns about race replacement. Even if by some miracle Covington were to establish his “Great White Ark” on the “Mud Sea” of North America, whites in a racially homogeneous Northwest Republic would lose their racial consciousness over time, in much the same way that their ancestors did after the Indian Wars.

      in reply:
      Historically, your statement concerning the inverse correlation between White racial consciousness and racial homogeneity, is true, up to a point.

      In the age of the Internet, which offers immediacy, and disintermediation of information gatekeepers, people see, all too clearly, the implications of the forced mixture of races, and the cultures they form. As well, the official government policy of mandated “equality” of outcomes based on race has forced White people who would just as soon look the other way, to have their face rubbed in their de facto status over there, as well.

      Alex Linder gave us the best statement: “If you could take the most godforsaken state in the union, regardless of its weather, or whatever – take North Dakota – and make it ‘WHITES ONLY,’ you would see the greatest land rush in American history.”

      Who do you think are renting all of those U-HAULS in Southern California, and why is the direction of travel summed up in one phrase: “ESCAPE to the Whitest possible communities”?

      Historically, they have seen, all too clearly, and can see, all too clearly, in real-time, the implications of what happens when the White RACE abandons a place. I suspect that, in the absence of Section 8 Housing, and Affirmative Action programs, they will seek their own RACIAL level, in a place where none may make afraid.

      If anyone begins to weaken in their newfound resolve, just show them the nightly realities, on the ground, in, say, Detroit.

      Hell, first, they’ll call Bill White and sign up.

      Then, they’ll become Odinists!

      you wrote:
      2.) This is clearly true of the white population of the Northwest. The vast majority of them live comfortable lives in racially homogeneous communities. Why would they support a guerrilla war against the federal government?

      in reply:
      They wouldn’t support a guerrilla war against the federal government.

      They would support the formation of a lawfully constituted, organic government, founded implicitly on RACE, as the alternative to a federal government that is too busy, elsewhere, to fulfill the basic POSITIVE functions of a federal government.

      I didn’t notice a guerilla war fought against the USSR by the Russian Federation.

      I did see a remarkably peaceful transition from the Jewish USSR, to the Russian federation/CIS Model.

      On the other hand, just as Great Britain was busy with Other Things when the (British!) colonists declared Independence…

      Remember, the foundation of the social contract between the governed, and the governors, is the sacrifice of certain freedoms, for certain securities. The collapse of that contract – the abrogation of their duties – creates a power vacuum that will be filled by SOMETHING.

      Why not White People, in an organic society they intentionally organized along RACIAL lines, just like the people of Aztlan, or, come to think of it, Israel?

      Why does everyone have the RIGHT to seek to organize a country along explicitly RACIAL lines, except White people?


      Only the White people can actually succeed on their own; succeed, and be the Light unto the World.

      you wrote:
      3.) Covington argues that attempts by whites to build their own media are doomed to fail. How then does Covington expect to spread his message of Northwest secession and raise a Northwest Volunteer Army to support his cause?

      in reply:
      A two part question deserves a two part answer.

      One, I misses the part where he said they are “doomed to fail.”

      I did read the part where something called “Hate Speech Crimes” pretty much criminalized unsanctioned words, and ideas.

      Now, if you consider the classical media models of broadcasting – purchasing our own radio networks and television stations, well, we would be as doomed as the business models of those communications systems are.

      Fortunately, we have a series of protocols called the Internet, which are very widely distributed over all manner of media, including loosely coupled mesh networks.

      Somehow, though, our RACIAL Enemies continue to attack our First Amendment rights, in the name of fighting “Hate,” a term they can not precisely define…

      The message of the Northwest Secession is OUT THERE, and won’t be memory-holed; the strongest argument for it is seen nightly, on the LameStream Networks.

      Two, “Armies” begin as the foremost extension of the idea of a community’s inherent right of self-defense.

      What you are referring to as an “Army” would pretty much organically take the appropriate form, under the appropriate circumstances.

      It’s important to note, by the way, that such an organization would be filling in for the largely absent Federal Army, and the largely absent Federal National Guard.

      Think “New Orleans,” and “Hurricane Katrina,” where gangs ruled the streets when the police were paralyzed by the collapse of the Civic Order.

      What would you have done, and what might it have led to?

      you wrote:
      4.) The U.S. military would crush any such rebellion easily.

      in reply:
      Again, what is described is the replacement of a failed state with a new nation.

      It’s not about “rebellion,” as it is about what America might become deciding that the cost of Empire, even internally, is too high.

      Think of the USSR, and then, think of the remarkably peaceful transformation of the economically collapsed USSR’s transformation into the Russian Federation, and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

      While there were a few moments involving the threat or use of military force, they were remarkably few, remarkably effective, and favored those who sought to form a new nation out of the ruins of the old Empire.

      See Vladimir Putin’s approval ratings lately?

      you wrote:
      The racially heterogeneous states that Covington would have us abandon — Texas, California, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, etc. — are in fact prime targets for racial polarization.

      in reply:
      Once the Elite legalize THIRTY MILLION ILLEGALS, in the first round, and then, their families in Mexico, in the second round, the balance of power will become this: the Elite will have appointed a new electorate, as they merge Mexico with America.

      The “racial polarization” is THERE, and the political System in place has placed their bets on Spanglish as the new functional language for this area.

      Seen the street signs in Miami that are written in Spanish, and Spanish ONLY?

      you wrote:
      These are the battleground states — the potential “white states” of the future.

      in reply:
      The demographic destiny is pretty much set in place; Senator Reid has stated that the defeated amnesty bill will – I repeat, WILL – be implemented in bits and pieces, incorporated into other legislation.

      Remember, there are places in Los Angeles that are already “NO GO” Zones for the LAPD; those, today, and more, tomorrow.

      Seen ANY political leader address the issue in explicitly RACIAL terms for us?


      Seen ANY political leader address the issue in explicitly RACIAL terms for them?


      you wrote:
      The alternative to a Northwest migration is a return to Jim Crow: using racial polarization brought on by immigration to destroy conservatism and reinflame white racial consciousness in the Southwest and Southeast, and using white racial consciousness in these regions to end third world immigration and disenfranchise nonwhite minorities.

      in reply:
      One, “Jim Crow” could only work in a political system that was White, and had no doubt of their righteousness, and their right to rule.

      This isn’t 1876, and I don’t see anything resembling the CSA’s Officer Corps – a meritocratic Aristocratic Elite – to form the sort of organizations that did what needed to be done, in a manner not unlike Covington’s Northwest Volunteers.

      Two, the idea of “using racial polarization brought on by immigration to destroy conservatism and reinflame white racial consciousness in the Southwest and Southeast,” implies that we have anything other than a One Party System; note that “conservatism,” writ small, is (1) a political false flag used to bluff the fools, and (2) totally supportive of Open Borders. “Conservatism,” writ large, is limited to Buchanan, and a small handful of people of like mind. Note also that, following the Perot Affair, all of the election laws were rewritten to make any chance of an effective Third Party in America a nullity. Note, incidentally, that something called “Unity ’08” is already under way to make sure that any attempts at forming a Third Party are siphoned off into an impotent false flag, “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

      Three, the idea of “and using white racial consciousness in these regions to end third world immigration and disenfranchise nonwhite minorities” faces two obstacles; (1) it is all but illegal to for White People to adopt an openly RACIAL political platform in America, and (2) even now, the White majority has no coherent RACE-based theme to organize around. They are reduced to the functional equivalent of oppositional defiance.

      The only good thing to be said for such a political organization is this: it would make an EXCELLENT foundation for presenting the Northwest Republic as the Effective Alternative, in a time of defeat, as a place to triumph, RACIALLY.

      you wrote:
      Eventually, over an extended period of time, these states can be whitened and undesirable populations pushed out. Mississippi and South Carolina were over 50% black at one point in American history. Idaho was over 33% Asian. California once had similar demographics. We have been through much worse in the past.

      in reply:
      We also had RACIAL unity in the past, and that crystallizes many issues into a handful of issues that are easily defined in terms that are politically grasped, as they are, well, black or white, in their clarity.

      However, our dramatically low birth rates, and our policies of dysgenics – “We can breed them faster than you can, and we can import more – a lot more – faster than you can make your own.”

      The fact remains, only one RACE identifies issues of Life in terms of the Quality of Life; small, successful families, which improve the lands they inhabit, versus larger, unsuccessful families, which destroy the lands they inhabit.

      Gresham’s Law applies to people and populations, as well as economics.

      Look at Inner City Detroit, or South Central Los Angeles.

      you wrote:
      Pace Covington, it is not time raise the white flag and head for the hills. The high percentage of nonwhites in states like California, New York, and Illinois masks the fact that the countryside of these states is still overwhelmingly under white control. Why should whites abandon New York because of New York City, Illinois because of Chicago, California because of Los Angeles, Florida because of Miami? Instead, we should inflame racial tensions between urban nonwhites and rural/suburban whites to the point where the latter balk at being economically fleeced by the sheer numbers of the former. The Second Reconstruction will be ended in exactly the same manner as the first (although this time on a national scale). In my view, Covington gives too much credence to numbers.

      in reply:
      Covington is not calling for either “rais(ing) the white flag,” or “head(ing) for the hills,” save as the last choice in an America that has, de facto, declared the functional equivalent of war on the White RACE.

      I would well imagine that racial tensions are already “inflamed,” but to what end?

      Why should we stand our ground, when the ground has economic sinkholes, and cultural quicksand?

      Why not put perform our activities in areas that offer them outlets for productivity?

      Why not offer them the potential for what their ancestors bequeathed to THEIR posterity, a WHITE Homeland?

      Remember Linder’s Observation concerning the implications of taking ANY state of the Union, no matter how inhabitable it may seem, and allowing White people their Constitutional right of free association.

      Then, remember which way all of the fully loaded U-HAULS leaving Los Angeles are headed.

      No matter what geographic direction they are headed in, their cultural compass is pointing in one direction: WHITE.

      you wrote:
      Like O’Meara, Harold Covington is too influenced by the Third Reich, as are most American white nationalists these days. A racially pure ethnostate for whites would be wonderful, but it would also be notoriously unstable. White racial consciousness flourishes best in multiracial states like the Jim Crow South or Apartheid South Africa where a colored menace must be kept perpetually at bay. The European colonies in the West Indies like Barbados, Jamaica, and Martinique are further instructive examples of this. Hitler himself knew this. It was one of the major reasons he was so eager to establish a Germanic racial dominion over the Slavs in Eastern Europe.

      in reply:
      They will have had all of the instruction on the issue of RACE they need; if they need any more, they will just go to the Internet, and say, “Look! See what happens when the Coloreds run the show! See the bright city lights, of a city on fire?”

      you wrote:
      After a brief interlude of about a century, the racial struggle for North America has resumed. Frederick Jackson Turner famously argued that the character of the American nation was forged by the frontier. The American frontier was “the meeting point between savagery and civilization” where each generation found itself confronted by primitive conditions. The frontier produced “that coarseness and strength combined with acuteness and acquisitiveness; that practical inventive turn of mind, quick to find expedients; that masterful grasp of material things… that restless, nervous energy; that dominant individualism” of the Americans. As Theodore Roosevelt pointed out, it was on the frontier in the backwoods of Kentucky and Tennessee that the Dutch, English, Scots, Irish, Germans, and Huguenots — formerly separate peoples — were forged into “whites” in conflict with the Indians, and truly became Americans.

      in reply:
      Yet, the issue of RACE has been parsed into the issue of Ethnicity, and the demonic pattern and practice of “Divide and Conquer” has been used against the White RACE with such spectacular results that all too many of us are committing the functional equivalent of suicide on a slow scale.

      We moved from Expansion Without, to Expansion Within; from Man on the Moon, to a Culture of Death, with degeneracy glorified as the New Normal, and supported by a democratic majority, and the willful indifference of the absolute majority. And, as for that “…restless, nervous energy,” well, we have prescription tranquilizers for that.

      The Republican Party has its strongest national political successes when it unites on the issue of RACE.

      What outcome would you expect for ’08, when the Republicans are fighting to support the same policies as Hillary Clinton?

      you wrote:
      Mostly due to the flaws of our own civilization, above all else, the naive ideology of the American Revolution, the American frontier has returned under fresh colors as our “broken borders.” The nation that the backwoodsmen made is being lost by their effete urbane descendants. In order to reclaim our birthright, we will have to rediscover who we really are, and how North America was won in the first place — not through resolutions concerned with grand liberal abstractions like “liberty” and “equality” — but through the vigilance and sheer will to power of the lonely white settler who faced down the race enemy in the wilderness. It was the frontier that made us the people we used to be. I think it will do so again.

      in reply:
      At the end of the day, the Lilliputians pinned down Gulliver, and, at the end of the day, thirty years from now, either your grandchildren will be raised in a White Community, a microcosm of the Northwest Republic, or they will curse you in Spanglish, the slave language of the America that is unfolding before our eyes.

      In summation, I note that the idea of a Homeland for RACIALLY conscious White people, offers all manner of opportunities for all of them to begin to frame ALL social issues in the light of the primal issue of RACE, First, Foremost, Forever.

      The dynamic between RACE as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture, and the Family as the microcosm of RACE, as well as RACE as the macrocosm of Family, offer wide range of policy choices for the White RACE, the Creative RACE, to start where they are, and to be what they want the world to become.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    20. Harold Covington Says:

      First, a question. Is there any point in my contributing at all here? Will I be allowed to speak at all? Or will my post be “creatively edited”? Or removed if someone doesn’t like what I have to say? If that’s the case then I won’t waste everyone’s time.

    21. New America Says:

      in reply to Mr. Covington:

      Linder is unique in recognizing the importance of intellectual honesty as the moral foundation of VNN.

      I have criticized him (or rather, some of his decisions), and he has printed the entire criticism, without changing one jot or tittle.

      Now, some people on the VNN Forum might be reaching for their tranquilizers when your name is mentioned, but that’s the sign that you are making a difference.

      I’ve been very critical, and every word has been published.

      This blog fulfills the promise.

      Post away!

      And, if the blog management can keep this critically important thread near the top for a while, so much the better.

      I have defended your analysis because, uniquely, it places all of the WN activities, no matter how great or small, in an analytical context where everything just damn FITS, and fits perfectly.

      No fear here!

      Incidentally, as O’Meara noted, your Northwest Trilogy has been discussed on numerous occasions on this blog.

      Not a word of those discussions has been deleted.

      Fire away!

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    22. Scimitar Says:

      My post has been posted here.


    23. Scimitar Says:


      ^^ Could someone please edit my comment above?

    24. Harold Covington Says:

      Okay, my experience is that it’s probably a mistake to introduce facts into forums like these, but what the hell? I’ll give it a shot. be interesting to see what actually appears and how long it stays up.

      I am not going to discuss or defend my Northwest Trilogy or the fourth Northwest independence novel, The Brigade. These works speak for themselves. Read them, and then decide.

      I would, however, like to state something, for the record, ONCE. I do this every five or six years, just for the record. It is always ignored, of course, but I figure I’m about due.

      I am not Jewish.

      I have no Jewish ancestry of any kind, at least not as far back as 1727, which is as far as my great uncle Worth traced our family history tree on my father’s side, and as far back as about 1820 or so on my mother’s side.

      There is no evidence of any kind that I am Jewish or have any kind of Jewish ancestry. None. Nada. Zip. Fuck all. Sweet Fanny Adams. Furthermore, the people who are posting this horse shit on the internet are quite well aware of the fact that this accusation is false in its entirety.

      Remember “back in the day” when I was getting my fifteen minutes due to Greensboro and the 1980 election? Does anyone seriously believe that if there had been any evidence at all, of any kind, that I was Jewish, that the media would not have found it and bellowed it from the rooftops? I happen to know that they looked, frantic to find something they could use against me, and they found nothing. In fact it was due to some material a reporter gave me that I was later able to find the house where my father was born, in Charleston.

      It is true that my mother’s maiden name was Glass. This is not always a Jewish name, a fact that many of these morons slandering on the internet would be aware of, if they knew a fraction as much about Jews as they think they do. Or if their agendas were legitimate.

      The word glas means WATER in Gaelic–for example, the famous Scottish name Douglas comes from DUBH GLAS, “black water.” There is a StrathGLASS in Scotland. There is a suburb of Dublin called FinGLAS. Need I go on?

      My mother’s people were Scotch-Irish mountain folk from around Lynchburg, Virginia, as dour as the Scotch-Irish ever got. They were also hardshell shoutin’ Baptists until my grandfather joined the Lutheran church on his marriage to my grandmother, the daughter of a German immigrant, the only veterinarian in Reidsville, North Carolina.

      It is true that I am descended from my great-great-great grandfather Captain Hugh Glass, Confederate States Army, a slave-owner, and some kind of fairly high functionary in the local Ku Klux Klan after the war, during the Reconstruction.

      There is no “Hugo Glass.” There never was a “Hugo Glass.” The rubbish about my being of Jewish descent is completely made up, and the people who post it are perfectly well aware of the fact that it is false. I have discussed Captain Glass, who actually was a rather interesting character, in my essay THE SOUTH SHALL RISE AGAIN. I have never made any secret of my family or my racial descent to anyone who has any legitimate reason to know.

      Interestingly, it was my grandfather, the late A. B. Glass, who first taught me as a child the facts of race, the truth about the war for Southern Independence, and the truth about the Jews.

      All this other horse shit about me was made up, mostly likely by Tom Metzger originally, and then posted and re-posted by people acting on an agenda which ought to be obvious to any of us who have two brain cells to rub together.

      The reason for this is that I criticized and condemned, and still condemn, the obscene “arrangement” which Metzger made with Morris Dees to allow the mail sent to P. O. Box 65 in Fallbrook to be handed over to an official receiver, opened, the contents copied, and money removed to be given to an Ethiopian nigger. I still condemn and denounce this arrangement, especially since it was done without the knowledge of Metzger’s supporters. Metzger allowed Morris Dees to steal White Nationalist money and give it to a nigger, which is absolutely unconscionable.

      I also get a bad rap from David Duke’s cult votaries, because I do not believe that a man who pleaded guilty to embezzling $235,000 of White Nationalist donation money and gambling that money away in riverboat casinos and on gambling junkets to the black-ruled Bahamas has any place among us, in a leadership capacity or in any other. This is a viewpoint which I still maintain and on which I decline to be silent, hence at least some of the subsequent sliming of me on the internet.

      The Glenn Miller situation is res ipsa loquitur, but I won’t go on.

      Having said what I wish to say, I will bow out and let you folks get on with your discussion. I will not respond to any replies here, and most likely I won’t even look at this site again, lest I be tempted. I have learned from long and hard experience never to get drawn into internet pissing contests; it’s a mistake I have made in the past and it’s taken me a while to realize that it’s pointless and counter-productive.

      For those who genuinely wish to know more about me, about the Northwest Migration, or about my work, you may e-mail me at [email protected] or at [email protected]. I will also attach a list of Northwest Independence internet resources at the end of this; let’s see if that list makes it through.

      Harold A. Covington
















      [email protected] (Tricolor flags)

    25. Harold Covington Says:

      Well, it’s now been 24 hours, and my post has not appeared.

      Guess that tells me what I want to know.

    26. Socrates Says:

      Harold Covington Says: “Well, it’s now been 24 hours, and my post has not appeared.”

      Which post?

    27. New America Says:

      in reply to Harold Covington:
      If you answered the math question correctly – even then – teh math question will send the “You have failed to answer the anti-spam math question correctly.”

      So, repost your reply.

      Of course, your browser MUST accept cookies; this is a hold-over from the old system, where they used the math question anti-spam tool for WordPress.

      As well, there is a MUCH better system out called Simple Trackback Validation, which, when used with Akismet, takes so much of the spam load off the moderatiors.

      But, Dietrich – or whoever – hasn’t got around to replacing the :math answer” plug-in (which is occasionally wrong, by the way) with the Simple Trackback Validation plug-in, which does not require you to accept cookies.

      As well, don’t post on the VNNForum; they collect IP addresses over there, and Elisha Strom is an Administrator. I’ve criticized the ass off of Linder for this decision of his, and he let my post go up, without any difficulty whatsoever.

      This blog is not part of the Forum; two different program altogether, one being WordPress (this blog, also referred to as the Main Page of VNN), and the VNN Forum, which runs of vBulletin, and DOES collect the IP addresses of the posters.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

      Post without fear; the moderators are waiting!

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    28. Harold Covington Says:

      Scotty just beamed it right up to the Enterprise, eh?

      Okay, I’ll give it one more shot. Let’s simplify things here. Let’s help Movement people do what they should have been doing for the past fifteen years–come DIRECTLY TO ME.

















      [email protected] (Tricolor flags)


      [email protected]

      [email protected]

    29. New America Says:

      in reply to Harold Covington:

      One, you are two for three on your postings, so the problem is the software issue I discussed.

      Two, there is a time and place for false modesty, and this does not seem to be it.

      Three, I have argued long and hard on this blog that the logical answer to what we are FOR is our own Nation.

      The conserviots and patriotards have wasted fifty years, and millions of dollars, and millions of man-hours, fighting the smoke and mirrors set up for them by the goddamn JEWS, as well as their attack animals, the crackhead niggers.

      I admire the Northwest Republic alternative because, above all, it allows US to define the Agenda, and all terms around it, in terms of what is best for our RACE.

      The people who criticize what you have to say are, by and large, (1) just looking for an excuse – ANY excuse – not to do ANYTHING for their Family, or their RACE, and (2) are jealous, because you have successfully defined the Issues in terms of a workable Agenda, that provides the Analytical Framework we need to place a theory of Positive RACISM, in a POSITIVE context.

      Post away!

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    30. Harold Covington Says:

      I don’t know if anyone is watching this thread any more, but I would like to ask “Michael O’Meara” to contact me at [email protected] or else at [email protected] THE BRIGADE is now completed, and I would like to send him a copy for review if he hasn’t already downloaded it.

    31. John H Says:

      After reading The Brigade, I must say I am impressed. While the Northwest Series has imperfections, it is certainly the most comprehensive of all works dealing with the subject matter which I have encountered. Others have pointed out that the Northwest Series fails to address the likelihood that the kikes would stop at nothing, including use of nuclear weapons, to accomplish the destruction of any exclusively White racial homeland, while Dr. Pierce did address the nuclear issue in The Turner Diaries.

      The kikes were clearly pissed off that Germany surrendered before the development of the nuke was completed and that ZOG had to settle for using white phosphorus on Dresden and putting two radioactive craters in Japan instead.

      Perhaps, though, the sale of arms to the NVA by the Russians mentioned in The Brigade meant that ZOG knew the Volunteers had powerful friends in Russia and ZOG didn’t dare nuke the Northwest Homeland for fear of provoking a Russian response against the Beast itself. I would be interested in the author’s response to that theory.

      Incidentally, I fell off my chair laughing at the fate of helicopter co-pilot Willians as a result of Cat-Eyes marksmanship.

      The circumstances of the death of that foul-mouthed jewess “comedian” were more pure poetic justice.

      Kicky Mc Gee reminded me of a recent ex-girlfriend. I was disappointed by the fate of her character, but consoled by the circumstances. Couldn’t have happened to two more deserving pigs.

    32. Jim Says:

      ZOG will never allow a White Republic anywhere in North America. The only hope we have is for a revolution in Russia. Russia is a huge country and can easily become a future white homeland. Also it is the only country that has enough nuclear weapons to stand up to ZOG.