7 July, 2007

Goyfire #52 posted

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This is a long one, includes discussion of Knoxville trip #2 (arraignment + visits to graves, etc) and a good number of other stories. In all, about four hours:

  • TNB: ” Dead On The Kwa Highway: Camel Jockey Jockey Meets Vivacious Pre-Owned Mammy”
  • Arrested in Knoxville
  • Pitts Sez “Cry Me A River”
  • earl ofari hutchinson on Knoxville
  • obama threatens black riots
  • VA Beach Nig Kidnapping rape and murder of 27 year old nurse mom of 5 year old:
  • David Lane Dies in Captivity:
  • Derschowitz on Iz Boycotters:
  • Is Barak a ‘Magic Nigger-o’?
  • Did City Hall Fund a Gun-Runner?
  • South African industrialist fights for presidency of World Jewish Congress
  • Thomasz Winnick’s interrogaters go out in Glock murder suicide.!

  • 2 Responses to “Goyfire #52 posted”

    1. New America Says:

      AT LAST!

      At damn LAST, SOMEONE on our side just plain GETS IT!

      Download the first half, and skip ahead to 96 minutes.

      This is what everyone else missed; Pierce came close to it, but THIS is the issue that needs to be addressed with all other issues, to frame the analytical context for all other problems.

      In short, ALL problems are to be framed in the light of this issue, and, ideally, all solutions framed in the context of a RACIAL Homeland, an Idea which Harold Covington’s masterful “Northwest Trilogy” clarifies magnificently.

      Linder just nail it, and here it is:

      The System is doing EXACTLY what is was set up to do, and it is doing it perfectly, without remorse, without favor, and without fear of repirsal.

      Let’s repeat that, in slow motion, for those who complain helplessly about how the greatest RACE in the history of the world is helpless in the face of what the demonic goddamn JEWS have done to us, on the way to trying to wipe us out.


      Channon and Chris get slaughtered by the goddamn jungle savages the System sent after us, and subsidize in their attacks on us?

      That’s EXACTLY the way it is supposed to be.

      OJ Simpson gets a free pass from the black jury, and niggers across the depth and breadth of America CHEER the verdict?

      That’s EXACTLY the way it is supposed to be.

      White men are made to think they are incompetent fools, and are effectively neutralized through the public fool indoctrination system?

      That’s EXACTLY the way it is supposed to be.

      Do you see a Pattern?

      The demonic parasites known as JEWS are acting as parasites controlling the host, to the point that the predators are encouraged to slaughter a lot of the host organism.

      Rationally, this makes no sense whatsoever.

      There’s nothing rational about it; it’s not rational, it’s ruthless.

      If the White Man is destroyed in America – if the White women are reduced to seeking the illusory superiority of the niggers – so far as the demonic JEWS are concerned, so much the better.

      This didn’t make any sense until you realize something:

      The demonic JEWS don’t see themselves as Americans, except for the purpose of momentary advantage.

      Wiping out Western Civilization, and the White RACE, is just goddamn fine with them; Hell, it’s part of the Plan.

      As long as some Jews control the Barren Wasteland from another nation they control – say, for example, Canada – what do they care about America, save as it is fodder for their economic and political plans?

      Not one iota…

      “Is it good for JEWS?”

      The only commandment is a RACIAL Commandment.

      If the White RACE is removed, by any means necessary – intermarriage is just fine – then, it is not only GOOD for Jews, but the only RACE that has defeated the hook-nosed Satanists, and thus poses a real threat to the goddamn JEWS, is gone.

      The demons will rule over a cold, dead, lifeless Planet.

      And the System will have performed EXACTLY the way it is supposed to.


      Because we chose to change the channel, and hope whatever is right outside our front door, goes away…

      Want to make a difference, while you can?

      Send some money – at least a hundred dollars – to Alex Linder at the address on the top and bottom of your screen.

      THAT is a start.

      Then, learn to frame ALL issues in terms of a theory of Positive RACISM, and remember this:

      The System is doing EXACTLY what it is supposed to do.

      And, only YOU can do something about that, by yourself, today, with your Family, tomorrow, and with your RACIAL Brethren, in time.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    2. Smith Says:

      The one thing that Alex said that was of utmost importance is that “white” nationalists need to put aside their “differences” and come together. That is our biggest obstacle. Goyfire 52 was great……

      If you act white, sound white, look white and want a better white world, I’ll support you and call you friend.

      Support something white today….. Donation, join, make fliers, just do something.

      If we don’t do it now, then we will be knee deep in mud and trouble later.