21 July, 2007


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Ron Paul

Raimondo speech. Shitskinvasion killing the wage rate.   Here on AIPAC dominating Congress. Here Buchanan on plotting for war against innocent Iran. One in four Kikistanis dodged the last draft! Pretty much everybody agrees that a new WTC demolition is in the cards. Most seem to think an attack will be staged on one of our ships off Iran. Very long article supposed to appear in July 22 NYT. Good one by Bob Wallace on Li’l Shap.

No Marts for Monkeys

There are no supermarkets in Detroit because niggers steal. We must fight White supermarky. Otherwise nigs will be forced to patronize haughty Chaldeans for their ethusiastically priced Kools, pig’s feet ‘n’ tail-care products.

Tin-Foil Katz

Dirty muzzies plotting behind every date palm. Egad – Muzzy might do what Izzy done done. More here. Your teen should die to protect pig-faced greasy-bellied Christian-hating NYC kikes (think Podhoretzim). “There will be civil war in Europe,” he says. “The European citizenry, for the most part, are not ready to accept Islamic law and there will be armed conflicts. Across Europe there seems to be one opinion among the elite and one among the people; the mainstream political parties are going to have to start representing this, otherwise they’re going to be shunted aside by the neo-fascists.” The people don’t want Chabbadaria here in America either. View kike Horowitz’ pic of Jimmy Carter. That’s how the jews are. You serve them faithfully for eight decades. You make a single criticism of them in your eighty-first year – you’re now at war with the jews, and every foul means will be used to destroy you. That’s how jews operate. They are liars and murderers and always have been. You’re a christian? You love jews? Did you know jesus was…murdered by jews? That’s the way to respond to the increasingly common Holly-meme, “Did you know Jesus was a jew?”

VIDEO: Plum-suited Nigra Be Getting Its WHOOP! On

“Because I got powah…I can say…fornication…get out mah way!” (Courtesy one our favorite sites, spiritwaterblood.com) Did you know that mexishits and nigs are more religious than whites? Once you spread jeboo-butter o’er ’em, these negros are only 50 or 200 times more violent than Whites. Here be DeDo, or Whoop II.

Hatey and San Doh-mandingo

Jigs took control; Whites soon found themselves broached on spits, shivs and spears, or sucking down lungfuls of seawater.

What You Know That Just Ain’t So

Woods resuscitates Mencken’s bathtub hoax by way of introduction to his latest book. Are Americans fathomlessly gullible? The evidence says yes.

Lincoln Flogs

DiLorenzo takes pride in proving Lincoln a racist. He proves that the liars’ idol has feet of clay. What DiLorenzo fears to do is explain why Lincoln the nationalist-racist who wanted to protect White men and send niggers back to Africa was wrong. DiLorenzo and his libertarian ilk fling spitballs and celebrate their glorious splats. What they don’t do is frighten the powers that be or change anything. The jews who pretend Lincoln hated slavery and loved niggers are firmly in control, as ever. Only Whites who share Lincoln’s true views can defeat them. Philadelphia has a nigger problem. Guns are using niggers to murder people at an alarming rate while the dopey head nigger in charge be waiting in line to get his iYak on. 

The Corruption of the Elite

The media and the government are one – see Ladybird Johnson, who got a radio station thanks to hubby Shitheel. Here PCR on Orwellian media.

Kick Out the Niggers!

Switzerland has the right idea, and a beautiful poster to express it.

Jewish White Nationalism = Brownies Made of Dogshit

If it’s a jew, it ain’t White. End of sentence.


…according to Eric Rudolph. Carrying on the proud Unabomber tradition of trading woodsy goodness for the life of a celly litterateur. Here on Helvetica.

Making Shit Up As They Go Along

The jewish way, itz. Called democracy but, as with everything jews say, closer to the opposite. The people want the safety of segregation; the jews want the rapine and dunciation of integration. Guess which desire prevails? Why do we allow the jews to abort our babies’ bodies and our children’s minds? Who died and made the kikes King? But if the Court is not going to interpret the Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause according to the intentions of the people who added it to the Constitution, how is it going to interpret it? Simple. They just ask the ADL whatz “good for jews.” That’s all that matters. What’s good for Whites? What the jews call “hate.” Here on envy at the heart of government-mediated theft.

White Archaeology: Thracian

While the jews were shlepping dunes and chasing sand fleas about their scrotums, Whites were turning gold into useful and beautiful objects. Who ever heard of a beautiful thing created by a jew? Honestly…sit back on the veranda, shlook your short island lemonade and ponder ‘pon’t.  Filing obnoxious lawsuits? Check. Lightening the widows ‘n’ orphans tin? Check. Creating beautiful objects? Eh, not so much.

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    1. alex Says:

      More on Detroit


    2. Steve Says:

      Good stuff, I like the look.

    3. ambigious Says:

      Well this Spintro brings dormant happy memories to the surface again. I believe there are a group of people who used to log in to VNN every day just for the spintros.

      I dont know if you can tell from the traffic if there are more people now, than before when there were a couple of daily spintros. I will be really surprised if you have more now, than before even after counting the forum numbers.

      At one point this used to be the wittiest page on the net period. You didnt even have close rivals.

      I understand as you get older, its virtually impossible to keep the same level of output as before, especially as you recieved no pecuniary rewards whatsoever.

      One can never make predictions, but one could say that had you chosen a more mainstream “career” in writing, you could have made quite a name for yourself. I admit it would have been a compromise on your beliefs, but you know everyone makes compromises in their lives. Its the way the world was made.

      Anywayz back to the topic, hope to see more of these spintros, and thank you.

    4. Jude Says:

      I have always been interested in ancient Thrace – I believe that is where red hair originated (the term ‘Red Thracian’ referred to hair colour), but why this happened I cannot discover. Red haired people also have one less layer of epidermis. Not all Thracians were assimilated by the Slavs – many trekked into Greece then joined great population movements heading north into Viking country.

    5. Bill Says:

      “Muzzy might do what Izzy done done.”

      This is so true that it needs to be repeated 24 times a day. It is dark humor indeed to read the Mark Steyns and Lawrence Austers criticize Muslims for seeking to do to us today exactly what the Jews did to our culture, folkways, and mores for the past 50 years.

      Perhaps the only more darkling sentiment is when Steyn and Auster set themselves to defend “our” culture when their kin destroyed our true culture 50 years ago.

      We don’t lilve in our true culture any more because Jews have smothered it in its sleep, in the dark, and behind closed doors. A culture based on glossy magazines & biased newspapers from Manhatten, and on TV videos & hate whitey films from Hollywood for the last 50 years is not of, for, or by us.

      Yes, indeed, Muzzy might do what Izzy done done.

    6. the cool jew Says:

      you are nothing but a bunch of white losers and trash