4 July, 2007

Treat your glorious ear to GoyFire #52, part one

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GoyFire #52, part one is out.

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    1. Wagner Says:

      Awesome, thanks guys!

    2. Nick Says:

      Thank You!!!

    3. New America Says:

      Great so far; details to follow.

      Should be posted at 24k, and not 56, for ease of download.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    4. -JC Says:

      Good for Putin: He has always demonstrated character, in my opinion. I would like to have been a fly on the wall at his meeting with the Bush family in Maine, recently.

      Judoka do not give-away belts, like some so called martial arts taught in strip malls and targeting the children of soccer moms. Study of judo or aikido in Japan, frequently in un-heated dojos, is a long row to hoe, due to prejudice against Americans as less committed and not as tough as Japanese, which frequently must be overcome by putting up with rough treatment. No doubt racial and national pride are sometimes factors: Consider how you would feel given U.S. treatment of the Japanese both in America and Japan, during and after WWII. But for the most part, serious martial artists have enough self esteem to be magnanimous. But, I guarantee you, the Kodokan is as serious as it gets and Putin was not only invited but awarded the sixth-degree black belt after a demonstration for Dr. Kano’s son.

      “Though he is not the first world leader to practice judo, Putin is the first leader to move forward in the advanced levels. Currently, Putin is a black belt (6th dan) and is best known for his Harai Goshi, a sweeping hip throw. Vladimir Putin is Master of Sports (Soviet and Russian sport title) in Judo and Sambo. After a state visit to Japan, Putin was invited to the Kodokan Institute and showed the students and Japanese officials different judo techniques.”



    5. saltriver Says:

      Great job. In plain old words, you’re telling it like it really is in the white world. Looking forward to the next segment.

    6. ron wms Says:

      i can never get thru or hear anything for months now

    7. New America Says:

      Mr. Linder:
      As I have been locked out from replying on the blog – the anti-spam math questions keeps coming up “wrong” for me, (and it has been more than a month since I have told one and all how to solve these problems, AND all replies are moderated, anyway), I have decided to not play Charlie Brown to the Lucy holding the football of VNN’s blog/”Main Page.”

      I’ve “solved” that problem; if you won’t let the blog place a tracking cookie on your computer, you will ALWAYS “fail” the anti-spam math challenge. Why have tracking cookies there, of all places? There is no need for IP tracking on THAT page in any way, shape or form.

      That will lead to Elisha Strom, at the end of this letter.

      Two comments, one concerning the Forum, and one conerning Elisha Strom:

      One, the VNN Forum needs to be redone. Now that you have the help to do it, it should be easy.

      My suggestions are as follows:

      Forum consolidation should reflect the following changes:

      Vanguard News Network Forum

      Executive Summary
      Sub-Forum: Our Cause
      Should include the Ygdrasil Summary, http://the-turning.blogspot.com/
      Should include the baseline Ygg archive http://home.ddc.net/ygg/

      News Forum

      This Just In
      Sub-Forums: Violent Black on White Crime Archive
      THIS Sub-Forum might go well under our What We Believe FAQ.

      General Discussion Sub-Forums: Civil Forum
      THIS should include the Europe subforums

      Opposing Views and Nutzpah Lounge
      THESE should be merged into ONE Sub-Forum, called “Opposition and Criticism”
      Activism FORUM is renamed Vanguard Broadcasting and Communications: White Media for a White Nation

      REMOVE the “Raising Children” Sub-Forum, and move it to the Heritage Forum

      REMOVE the “Aryan Community” sub-Forum, and move it to the Heritage Forum

      REMOVE the “Tech Solutions” Sub-Forum and place it under the new Vanguard Broadcasting and Communications Sub-Forum.

      Remove the “WN Site List” and place it under the Heritage Forum.

      Remove the “Flyers & Graphics” sub-forum and place it under the “Print” sub-forum.

      Sub-Forums: Technical and Electronic, Print

      Under the Technical and Electronic Sub-Forum place the current Heritage/Science & Technology\Linux BSD Unix subforum.

      Under the Print Sub-Forum:
      Flyers and Posters (a new Sub-Forum)

      “The Aryan Alternative”
      Sub-Forums: TAA Distribution

      The White Freedom Party is MOVED to the newly renamed Heritage Forum, and is renamed “A White Political Party”


      The Heritage FORUM is renamed Heritage: Towards a White National HOMELAND

      Politics & Philosophy is RENAMED to Politics, Philosophy, History & Religion, and includes the History & Religion Sub-Forums
      Sub-Forums: History & Religion Sub-Forums, Ron Paul, A White Political Party, Conservatism,Positive Christianity, Classical Art & Architecture

      The “Forming A White Party” thread is abolished; old posts merge under “The White Freedom Party” subforum.

      Archaeology & Anthropology (2 Viewing)
      Bones & logic beats Boasian lies.

      Science & Technology

      The “Science and Technology” Sub-Forums: Linux BSD Unix are MOVED to Vanguard Broadcasting

      History & Religion

      Media BECOMES Media: Criticism and Corporations

      Four Sub-Forums: Electronic, Sports, Books and Music, Criticism and Corporations
      Electronic merges Television, and Movies

      Books and Movies Sub-Forum merges the Books and Movies subforums

      Sports remains a Sub-Forum.

      Media Criticism becomes the Criticism and Corporations subforum


      NEW FORUM: Family, Race, Nation
      Life is renanmed YOU

      Learning is renamed to EDUCATION: For Life, With A Purpose

      Working is renamed to WORKING: With a Purpose, and focuses on working with a goal to working in a White Homeland, at a job you enjoy and find fulfilling.

      Eating is renamed GARDENING: On A Very Small Scale, and is a subforum under FOOD, FITNESS and SELF-DEFENSE.

      Fighting is renamed FOOD, FITNESS and SELF-DEFENSE:

      New subforum COMMUNITY
      Mating is renamed FAMILY: The Institution We ALL Belong To!

      New subforum
      subforums: White Nation-States, Northwest Republic



      The Sub-Forums: Suggestions should go to the bottom of each FORUM, under the, and the Forum Leader should be identified (contact info) under thse Suggestions section.

      Two, both the VNN blog/”Main Page” use cookies – there is no reason for this on the Blog/”Main Page,” as everything is moderated.

      I must take issue with your comments re security; the fact is, VNN should do server log wipes nightly, and many of us are in a situation where disclosure of our identity will result in loss of employment – something we can not afford. Just ask “Geoff Beck.” The “pre-revolutionary situation” you described

      This takes us to Elisha Strom.

      No greater mistake could have been made than to allow her Adminstrator status.

      Regardless of what you may believe about her personally, letting her near IP addresses is the height of folly. Indeed, not ONE example can be found of her being a positive force in any organization, and that includes associating with Pierce. Remember, you didn’t need to join the NA to work with Pierce, for the RACE.

      She has many ways to “contribute,” if you feel she must be allowed to contribute. However, at LEAST wait until after the trial record in Kevin’s trial is available to gain a more complete, and accurate, picture, than we have now.

      Along these lines, there is no need for VNN to drop cookies on the Blog/”Main Page”; the moderation element alone takes care of any possible need for tracking cookies.


      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    8. Bob in DC Says:

      Thank you for your efforts, listening again now!

    9. Dietrich Says:


      Elisha has no more access to the main page than any other visitor. I just checked, and the accounts for this ‘blog are: Admin (Alex), Socrates, Stan, the two guys who post broadcast archives, and myself.

      IIRC, the cookie is associated with the base install of WordPress with Akismet anti-spam activated. http://akismet.com I should screen-shot some of the spam in the moderation queue while akismet is deactivated. I’ve never seen so much spam in my life.

      As with any “signals system,” you’re going to get signal confused with noise, and legitimate comments wind up in the spam bin. I do go through that as well, but less often since more than 95% of what’s in there is spam. I think you may be getting caught up in one of the spam rules that marks as spam any comment with more than two URLs.

      The call is Alex’s, but the moderation queue has gone from what I would guess to be a 60% spam to less than 5%. When moderating comments now, we look for spam where before we were trying to hunt the legitimate comments.

      I’ll check around to see if there’s a better method for doing this. While I did upgrade the ‘blog software, I’ve kept most everything else in place, so that math thing was grandfathered.

    10. Dietrich Says:


      On the subject of IPs: Your IP isn’t incredibly useful way to “out” someone with any reliability. At best, you can trace someone down to within a few blocks of your residence, and that’s mostly for metro areas which also have a high population density. For rural areas, an IP trace might land you in the right part of the county.

      For an IP to be useful, someone would have to get customer information from your ISP. That means law-enforcement and court-orders are already involved. It also means that by this point, they don’t need anyone on the “inside” at VNN, as they would also have access to the server-logs at VNN’s ISP whether or not VNN Forum logged the IP.

    11. New America Says:

      Thanks for clarifying the issues.

      In response, I may not have made myself as clear as I might have; the “incorrect answer anti-spam math” response is used instead of the clearly written, “We must put cookies on your machine.”

      The shorter, clearer statement is kinder, and gentler, as well as being intellectually honest – intellectual honesty being the hallmark of VNN.

      As to server logs, I know ISP’s who do server log wipes daily; certainly, the idea of this should be attractive to an ISP with the name VNN’s currently has. As well, WordPress can now be hosted on your local server – no need to keep it on WP’s servers. Indeed, multiuser WP does the same, I believe, and this might represent an opportunity for the local NEWS blogs Alex favors.

      I fully share your concern about spam attacks.

      Bill White seems to be close to having his own ISP; we might want to consider him as our hot back-up. I mentioned this earlier, and am glad to see good tech heads are moving forward on the issues.

      I meant for the original post to go to Alex, as I did not wish for other controversial issues within VNN to be addressed on this page; I should have made that clearer.

      And, if ever we had the technical staff to clean up the VNN Forum, now seems to be the time!

      My security concerns remain; like “Geoff Beck,” among many other people, discretion is of great importance to many of us.

      It’s Alex’s show, and the record will show that I have tried, in my rather clumsy manner, to see the good in what others might have difficulties with. Thus, when Alex was decried for “Porngate,” my response was that this crystallized the true nature of the Market for us, and print media was now a distant second in importance, regardless of how well that media has been thought out, for a mass audience.

      I do appreciate your taking the time to move things into the Twenty-First Century, and helping VNN realize the benefits of Distributed Intelligence, today, and Intelligently Distributed Activity, tomorrow.

      And, if you run into Alex, tell him the idea of simulcasting Bill White on Monday nights has a lot going for it; White, say what you will, is well-read, and willing to lead from the front, both intellectually, and personally. If the opening and closing music is a bit – uh – “forward,” shall we say – for Alex’s taste, that can be edit out fairly quickly. They could even run an edited version from the previous week, if necessary.

      My opinion regarding Mrs. Strom is unchanged; however, it is Alex’s call.

      To clarify another issue, if memory serves, Alex noted that we are in a “pre-revolutionary situation,” and this, apparently, is behind his call for openness.

      My concern – and my support for Harold Covington’s “Northwest Republic” model shows my support for INTELLIGENT activity – is that I saw how the “Revolution” of the Sixties was, to a remarkable degree, a Directed Rebellion, with all manner of clever traps set, so the Counterrevolution could take place on the “Establishment’s” terms.

      But, that’s for another time.

      Thanks again for all you have done!

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    12. jackumup Says:


    13. New America Says:

      in reply to Dietrich, again:


      This, used in conjunction with Akismet, has done miracles for Bob Whitaker’s blog.

      Just an idea!

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    14. Been through it Says:

      “For an IP to be useful, someone would have to get customer information from your ISP. That means law-enforcement and court-orders are already involved.”

      Dietrich, that’s very, very easy for someone to do. All they have to do is say they are being harassed or ‘slandered’. It’s that easy. I know because I went through it already, with someone firing off a lawsuit over satire. “They” just aren’t that interested in collecting IP’s yet. BTW – the suit was dropped simply because of its silliness, but its real purpose was to out the people firing off remarks about their dissatisfaction with “the boss” and our place of employment. Believe me, the remarks were nothing but enough bitching enabled the collection of IP’s from an internet group and the identities of people posting. Hey fuck ’em, we counter sued and they backed off us. But it’s something to consider.