31 July, 2007

VNNB Free Talk Live – July 30th 2007

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Join Stan Sikorski and Yankee Jim as they host another edition of VNNB’s Free Talk Live: Monday.

They will be celebrating the birthday of one of the greatest White men in American history.

Henry Ford received the Grand Cross of the German Eagle from Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich, presented by Karl Kapp, German consul-general of Cleveland, and Fritz Hailer, German consul of Detroit.
Two of the first recipients of the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, right after Hitler created it, were the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, and his son-in-law Count Ciano.

They will also be discussing the upcoming “RALLY AGAINST BLACK GANG TERRORISM” IN KALAMAZOO, MI

And of course, there’ll be the usual TNB, TJB, TSB, TQB, OGB, etc.

What’s that you say…you don’t know what TNB, TJB, TSB, TQB, and OGB is? You will just have to tune in to learn!

Also…if there is time in the third hour of the show, they may talk about the Kevin Strom case.

A special thanks goes to Hal Turner over at Turner Radio Network who will be simulcasting the show in cooperation with Vanguard News Network!

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  7. 2 Responses to “VNNB Free Talk Live – July 30th 2007”

    1. jimbo Says:

      sorry if youse were expecting me to be ‘on-air’ there, Stan…i was ‘crook’ as a DOG!


    2. New America Says:

      I guess Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom could not find the time to come on and discuss her future, in general, the current litigation involving her husband, in particular, or even her vision for White Nationalism.

      I am no fan of Kevin Alfred Strom, but that is because, in my mind, there are really two Kevin Alfred Stroms; the first, someone who does good analysis and advocacy of social issues in the context of White Nationalism, for our RACE, and, essentially, needed proper guidance to help him fulfill his unique role in our RACIAL destiny, and the second, possibly, a mere digital simulacra.

      I have believed – and still believe – that Kevin Alfred Strom should never have married; there are those for whom the institution of marriage is simply a poor fit, and many of his problems seem to derive from allying himself with people whose personal lives were not particularly congruent with his unique Destiny.

      In an alternative biography of Kevin Alfred Strom, following the untimely passing of Dr. Pierce, Kevin, having never married, went to learn more about the Hidden History with Eustace Mullins, while mastering his trade as a teacher, harnessing the power of computing technology, and the Internet.

      The second Kevin Alfred Strom is a digital Kevin Alfred Strom, and perhaps this is a digital simulacra; all we have are, really, digital bits and snippets on VNN Forum, posted by…Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom. If we consider what we have been told about Kevin Alfred Strom to date on VNN Forum, damn if we should not be extremely distrustful in a room where our words, and deeds, can be recorded by those who might find themselves in opposition to us at any point in the future, for any reason whatsoever. Remember, digital technology allows for the extensive modification of anything that can be recorded digitally, particularly voice, but, as we all know, video, as well.

      It is disconcerting that Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom, now a full-fledged Administrator on VNN Forum – an Institution whose best days might well be behind it – can not come on VNN FTL and discuss her Vision for the Future of White Nationalism, when she has had so many opportunities, in so many forums, radio shows, and websites, to do so.

      On the other hand, it seems that, on VNN FORUM, we have bits and pieces from a failed marriage being brought forward, in one context, but not a particularly full, fair and balanced context.

      My larger point is this: one side of the story, no matter how vile and loathsome, is only one side of the story. The other side of the story might well be no less enlightening in its own right.

      This does not speak well for VNN FORUM, and there is a larger point that I would like to address, that is of particular importance to ALL White Nationalists speaking within range of a recording device.

      Just as Metzger has made the Five Words famous, these Five Words should be complemented with Four Words to be borne in mind whenever you speak where recording devices might be present – and they might be present almost anywhere, even making video recordings of you on your computer, or even in your bathroom.

      The Four Words Are:


      Matt Hale is never leaving Federal prison.

      Matt Hale is never leaving Federal prison because he trusted people whose purposes were incongruous with his.

      Last year, if memory serves, Alex Linder described the people in the White Nationalist “Movement” in a telling phrase, which I lightly paraphrase:

      “It’s the damndest thing I have ever seen. We have the best Ideas, the best Ideals, and the damndest bunch of people you can imagine out there representing us.”

      Linder also said:

      “Absolutely NO ONE in White Nationalism is to be trusted absolutely.”

      In reply, I could not agree more.

      Go to Edgar J. Steele’s website and download his mp3 entitled “Let’s Get Small.”

      Commit it to memory.

      Now, get an mp3 of Steele’s where he discusses how little it took to send Matt Hale to prison FOREVER.

      Step back and consider the panoply of recording devices that were brought to bear on Kevin Alfred Strom, and the power of digital technology to merge snippets of voice and video into something different altogether from the truth, a digital technology that might be brought to bear on any of us, or all of us…

      I suspect this, to a substantial degree, is why VNN Forum is dying a slow death; I am not so sure this is particularly bad, given advances in blog technology in terms of power, ease of use and ease of administration.

      The Distributed Intelligence is moving forward, seeking more appropriate Forms to fulfill the purpose of its purposeful members…

      Things are beginning to develop on this new, stable foundation; Linder is back to doing his masterful spintros, and is so prolific that there is not enough room to comment on all of the issues.

      This is pretty much how it should be; Linder, as an editor, analyst, commentator and public speaker, has no shortage of masterful ideas, masterfully articulated.

      If he can just keep Mrs. Kevin Alfred Strom from an Administrative position on the “Main Page”/blog, a new way forward might well be before us.

      Note that I am not making any apology whatsoever for the actions for which Kevin Alfred Strom has been charged; I am saying that, from all accounts, we have heard only one side of the story, and, from what I can tell, a side that, to a remarkable degree, can be fabricated with digital technology.

      I also think that VNN Forum is hardly the most appropriate forum for such one-sided sides of the story.

      As for the power of one side of the story, selectively told, and taken out of context…

      Ask Matt Hale.

      And, “Let’s Get Small.”

      While we can…

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!