16 August, 2007

Feed, August 16, 2007

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Waterton Tells Kikes to Go Fuck Themselves

All it takes is organization and a smidgen of balls. Jews know how to crawl. Make them. The Armenians show the way.

Occidental Dissent

Good blog with lots of high-level discussion. Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, I am really joking but that is honestly how the man is referred to in the media, gave the following speech below at the Moscow Conference a few weeks ago. Perhaps we should follow Linder’s example and preface every Jew we refer to with his ethnicity; use “Jew” as if it were a warning label from the Surgeon General, maybe with a Skull & Bones image to go along with it. Yes, you should. Why? Because attaching jew to jews makes the argument in the most succinct and effective way: It says that it is important to know that someone is a jew. It matters more than anything else about that person. You can explain for paragraphs why jews are bad or wrong or dangerous to have around, but attaching jew to their names — and how can they object? they’re a proud people, right? — accomplishes everything you seek in three easy letters. “Warning label” is exactly right – and after all, that’s exactly what they do to us. They call us racists, haters, extremists, nazis – we call them: jews. There is no viler epithet you can fling at a jew than to call him a jew. It reddens ’em every time. As Rockford said, “You know what you are? (angry) You do, don’t you? (grinning)” The gig is up, jew pigs. Here’s a good run down of the double standards at work when it comes to the media treatment of jews and gentiles.

Classic Jewing

Jew Fish explains why jews can have racially exclusive terroritory but not Whites, who must be content with their lot as cowed third-class citizens in the land ancestors built without any help from the niggers and jews who now lord it over them. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEWS.

Russia in the Mediterranean

Jews are worried? Good.

AmeriKwa, A Jewish Production

If it comes from AmeriKwa, it’s jewish, hence a lie. Thus something called “Radio Free” and “Liberty” can push for censorship in the wake of the execution video in Russia. Russia: Should Extremist Content On Internet Be Governed? Governed = censored. Who will be the censors? Jews. What will they censor? Anything that endangers the jewish oppression of global political control and goy slavery. Here on prison life and prisoner named Silverstein (born Conway). “I wouldn’t call ’em ‘mainstream’ any more cuz there isn’t anything mainstream about ’em. They’re just lackeys for the powers that be.” True.

Television: Simpsons

Another article, not bad, explaining the show’s meaning. There is certainly more penetrating criticism of government in this long-running cartoon than in the press. The average reporter is a government cultist.

Audio: Carol Swaim and White Nationalism

Some sort of discussion. I don’t want to listen to it; maybe you do. Here jews attack 92-year-old. Judge Wayne R. Iskra ordered that Vladas Zajanckauskas be removed to his native Lithuania because he was a member of a notorious Nazi unit that aided in the brutal killings in the ghetto in Poland… Translation: He was a solider. Jews don’t like him. They used their power to get him kicked out of the country. Preliminary conclusion: jews are vicious, vindictive and vengeful. Final conclusion: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

Selling Wars for Israel

To dumb and smart alike. Either we’ll be taken over by Muslims, and forced to wear veils, or we’ll be taken over by jews and forced to be whores. See, that’s why normal Whites don’t need or want jews or muslims around. Hey, jerks, take the Izzy ‘n’ Muzzy show back to Shitstainia.


Audio: Better Than Kwallege

The Brownson Group interviews E. Michael Jones, discussing Libido Dominandi, Sexual Liberation and Political Control. Have you got a little Captain in you? Walk it the plank! This is the kind of stuff that would be taught in a real college education, if such a thing were findable these late days. It isn’t. Jones’s thesis is that vice is a cruel master. The jews who manipulate public opinion know this. They control you and you like it. You forsake long-term goals for short-term pleasure, and in many cases destroy yourself before finding your way back out. What the jews did was confuse, way back, through court decision, pornography and free speech. The two were completely separate before that. But, as with Brown vs. Board, existing law did not serve jewish interest so their court did away with it. Jones mentions the jews in Ramallah running porn over the tv stations. Why? To demoralize and degrade the host population, in order to destroy it. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. That’s the only way that works. “Boogie Nights” and “The People vs. Larry Flynt.” On Hesburgh, the Catholic collaborator. 1934 Cardinal Dockerty organized boycott of Warner Bros. (jew) theaters, resulting in production code. More here, EMJ discussing Sam Francis and more.

Media Change

Jew record labels taking a big hit. On the Internet, individuals have achieved a freedom not seen for a long time in this country. The Internet is inherently proWhite, pro-freedom and anti-jew. The jew’s impulse, always, is to take control and censor. The meaning of the Internet is that for the first time since jews took over the mass media, Whites can identify each other. They can spread information, uncover jewish Big Lies, and attempt to laugh down the Monster Machine they can’t destroy – yet. At all costs the Interet must be kept open, even if that means Abe Foxman starring in a beheading video. It is that important. Freedom to a jew, as we hear from EMJ above, means the untrammelled right to turn your children into whores and homosexuals. Real freedom of speech is an Aryan concept meaning the right to discuss problems, especially those created by the government, without being thrown in jail. The jewish takeover of America was achieved largely through the courts, through judicial Diktats, which in turn were only possible because the jews had wormed their way through the law schools and bought up the mass media. The last ten years of freedom on the Internet have allowed literally millions of White people to understand for the first time the why and who of their nation’s destruction. Here, dig down a bit, for some interesting comments on jew media, race and the South. Here on the growth of the web, the last 15 years of tech evolution, and now Twitter and Pownce.

Spelling is Knowledge

Correct spelling matters. Inability or refusal to pay attention to detail separates, not seperates, winners from losers.
Reading has been taught for hundreds of years; there is nothing particularly difficult about it. To complicate the process, progressives introduced bogus techniques wrapped in the lie that spelling doesn’t matter, or that it will come later, after that wunnerful wunnerful expression is achieved. Well, nursing mothers express milk; everyone else expresses shit. No one cares what’s inside you, common stuff. Ability to spell? Unusual these days. Learn. Women are mediocre. They put great stock in authority, and authority takes a thousand forms. Women believe that words like funny, creative, expressive – mean something. They don’t. In this world you go for what’s real. Knowing how to spell ‘definitely’ and ‘separate’ – that’s real. That’s valuable. Expressing yourself? Do that on the toilet. Read around on this chick Iserbyt’s site. She makes the round of the fundie radio stations, nevertheless she’s sensible. Yes, the government does want dumbed down students. If you think otherwise, you’re an idiot. If a man builds a gumball machine and it produces gumballs, he’s achieved his purpose. Public schools are not succeeding, you are failing to understand the purpose of their designers. Becoming an adult means not taking things at face value. That is the start of sophisticated. Only jeboowitizim think stupidity and gullibility and naivete are positive goods. Well, they’re not, and they’re killing us. Doubt the jew, doubt the jew’s terms, doubt the jew’s arguments, doubt the jew’s institutions, doubt the jew’s practices. In how many shuls do you suppose they teach “invented spelling”? My guess is NONE. I have mentioned many times that one of the great glories of higher civilization is that disagreement can be much sharper than in a multicultural morass, where scuffed shoes lead to grunts lead to gunfire. The government is taking our little kids and making them stupid and self-important. It feels good but the joke is on them when they leave, after 16 to 25 years of prison, and are useless to any capable enterprise because 1) they have no skills; 2) they think they do; 3) they think their opinion is importance. As a general rule, anything that humbles a man helps him. Whether hard-core religious morality or losing money gambling on stocks. These teach the real value of man, his behavior and opinions. They cast him in proper light and perspective. Nothing worth eating is served in public schoools, just carbohydrates for the mind. Bad as physical obesity is, mental obesity is worse and commoner. If you want to get up to speed on the real story behind public education, so called, the authors to read are John Taylor Gatto and a Christian named Blumenfeld (possibly a jew convert, but good on homeschooling and history of public schooling).

White Technology: Changing Car Insurance

Quite interesting. GEICO’s good if you need a company. It’s part of Berkshire Hathaway, Buffet’s holding company. Buffet is a dumbass who’s putting his money behind Grobama. He’s bullish on the future of the Kwa. Anyone with a billion dollars who would live in Omaha, Nebrasksa, has shit for brains, no matter how much money he’s made.

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  7. 11 Responses to “Feed, August 16, 2007”

    1. abe foxman Says:

      I enjoy The Simpsons. Not because it’s occasionally funny but because it so clearly demonstrates the Jew’s smugness in believing they can shove it up the Gentile at will while oblivious to the fact that they are being increasingly accounted for.
      The article points to many truisms but it fails to address the central cause of Gentile suffering that any thinking person has since grasped . Organized Jewry!
      Even the writer acknowledges this yet he can’t take that small but significant step in naming it.
      Anyone with an ounce of sense has certainly by now realized that Government is controlled by big business (Jewish bankers aided by Goy slaves) and their propaganda machine the media.
      Yet The Simpsons is written and produced by Jews. It has no sacred cows, right?? Wrong!
      You’ll never ever see Jews being played in their own right. I don’t think we’ll ever see an episode covering 9/11 and the Jewish Neocon involvement or the Holocaust racket even though hoax has been accepted by numerous Jews.
      It would make a great movie and there’d be more than enough material to make a sequel or two. Why, we could even have that lying bastard Speilbergwitzman make a guest appearance as Shylock
      The conundrum becomes easy to understand once one realizes Jews wallow in their delight believing they somehow are doing this without any meaningful awareness by their victims. They pay lip service to truth but work tirelessly to suppress it….to maintain the illusion. What they do at their peril is feeding it to awoken Gentiles for then it becomes a vehicle for retribution….and that is not far off.
      So well done VNN for posting this article. It shows that you too have identified the value in those lessons the Simpsons has to offer.

      The Simpson’s message for those who haven’t got it is ‘What Jews think of Gentiles’, How Gentiles are brainwashed by the morals of a religion that pervertedly considers the children of God’s supposedly antagonist his chosen ones’ and ‘How easy it is for Jews to shapeshift between good and evil in the gentile world.
      Yes it is more satirical than meets the eye.

    2. nobody Says:

      That Stanley Fish article! I breathed a minor sigh of relief when I saw that it was from 1993. The same thing virtually 15 years later, all those further black-on-white murders, and even further jewish depradations of white culture taken into accout – now that would be chutzpah! And a Jew favorably quoting a Republican; can you say NEO-CON?!?!

    3. Cormac Says:

      Folks have a listen to the REAL MASS MURDERING GENOCIDAL MANIACS that instigated and lead the mass killings of Christian Armenians.

      >>> http://www.jewishracism.com/interviews.htm

    4. Re: Occidental Dissent Says:

      This blog is maintained by the Phora’s founder (who does not post there as of late). Sharp guy.

    5. Righter Says:

      F*** Progressive Insurance. For all kinds of reasons.

      And isn’t “progressive” just a code word for contemporary marxism, anyway?

    6. Occidental Dissent » On Terminology, Naming the Jew Says:

      […] Linder has been following some of the recent threads here and has the following to say about my comment on the David Duke article: Good blog with lots of high-level discussion. Former Ku […]

    7. Fr John Says:

      The ‘Talmudozionist race hater’ (and then you fill in the blanks with the Jew’s name) would fit the bill, as outlined above.

      It is short, has a punch, is factual, and clearly delineates only those who are of the [sic] ‘master race.’ IT avoids the term ‘jew’ which has false connotations with CHristians, and has been effectively utilized by the ‘Talmudozionist race haters’
      to their advantage. Yet this term leaves the Biblical term, ‘judean’ (which is what the NT means, when others say ‘jews’) alone.

    8. Mark Says:

      Carol Swain is a Judeo-educated Congoidess, who despite holding a doctorate still can’t properly pronounce “strength”. She shares that basic inability with many of her ilk, including former presidental candidate (laugh) Al Sharpton.

      Her main subject is that men like Jared Taylor are the real threat, who is not so easily stereotyped or dismissed as an ignorant hater or redneck. A more sophisticated and genteel racist who can bridge the gap between the radical right and mainstream conservative whites.

      Of course there’s nothing new about white nationalism, as if white nationalism or white/European group interests never existed prior to the 1960s. When in fact the real revolution, the “new” belief system is multicultural insanity. These so-called white racists and white nationalists have more in common with the founding forefathers and traditional America than these so-called modern Americans.

      The audio is worth listening to at least for the callers. One caller is the typical gullible, cowardly conservative, one is a true white nationalist American, another is a homosexual who’s upset his sister is dating a white nationalist. In the inverted world, homosexuals, blacks, and cowardly white conservatives are the norm, and the masculine, rational, white male who still has some of his survival instinct is mentally ill.

      What’s funny is that Carol Swain herself is “racist” against new immigrants, and sides with white nationalists on many of the immigration and racial preference issues.

    9. Scipio Americanus Says:

      Alex, thanks for dropping by Occidental Dissent. Your comments are always welcome. Of course, when a good dose of hard-hitting “No Jews. Just Right” straight talk is in order, I always come here to VNN.

      “The gig is up, jew pigs.” (- Alex Linder) Yep, that one sure did put a smile on my face. Thanks! LOL!

    10. R. Olds Says:

      The Record Industry’s Decline:

      This large Jewish industry is dying from TJB as expressed by all Jews interviewed in the article. In general, they have an innate ability to not understand the ramifications of technology and work to slow down any development in any area. Specifically here they state that their failure was due to “protecting other people’s interests” rather than their own greed which is the hallmark of that specific industry.

      “How is it that the people that make the product of music are going bankrupt, while the use of the product is skyrocketing?” – Kwatinetz

      The problem is that is not understood here is that they don’t “make” the product of music. They are middle men who package someone else’s product for distribution whose monopoly has been removed. The article deftly avoids mentioning how acts now independently distribute their own product cutting out the middle men increasing their profit on their product. This is what will make a “great American business sector” which it wasn’t when under kosher authority. The writers also don’t bother to mention what segments were floundering the most. I guess they did not want to offend Lyor Cohen as Yahweh of knuckle dragging silverback brigade. Well, at least these failures can go back and seamlessly secure employment in that other large Jewish industry the “United States Court System.”

    11. Movieola Says:

      You’re right about Jews and technology, R. Olds. Look at the movie industry. The technical innovators are all insurgent gentiles like John Lassiter of Pixar, George Lucas who built his own privately held companies to escape Jewish influence (though he’d never put it that way), and Peter Jackson who was rewarded for his contributions to Jew Line Cinema’s profits by being cheated out of his cut!