12 September, 2007

Feed, September 12, 2007

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Hangdog Handmaiden

Britt Hume abandons all pretense of being a journalist and fellates Petraeus while armchair Pattons nationwide lean their recliners back a notch and Foxjob themselves to glory.

Boobola is Back

Tell a friend. The good news is that since the Belgians left several decades ago, the Congo, under black hoppature, has failed to maintain its infrastructure. The roads over which niggies might have shared their infectious gift with the world simply aren’t there. Which is good for all of us. More on Congo here.

Fly Tape

Few things in life are not overrated. Fly tape is one of them. Fly tape is cheap and effective, but more than that it’s fun. It’s a home entertainment center without all those nasty monthly bills. What’s invading your airspace? Fly tape will tell you. Few things in life are as satisfying as the feeble kicks of an expiring sixfoot.

Happy WTC Demolitions Day

Comments from a housing bubble blog underscore what we’ve said about the jews murdering America.

Thought Crime Round Up

First, a beautiful broadcaster is fired for remarking the Nazis were pro-family. Then there’s shirt crime in Sweden.
A school principal in southern Sweden has banned pupils from posing for class photos wearing national team shirts containing Swedish flags. The NWO hates nations. Here jews try to prevent your seeing videos that expose the truth about their peculiar people.

Nazis in Israel?

How do you tell?
Jew Dershowitz

How this shrimpy mountebank emerged from his limaceous peregrinations unsalted ‘twould take the parallel lucubrations of several rows of hardy profs t’xplain.


Is it worth it to introduce people to the facts about (race or) housing? Today’s society is all about immediate gratification, taking the easy road and above all else, buying crap whether needed or not. We are not a nation of truth seekers and to reveal the truth HP professes makes people think you are negitive, crazy, or just a kook.

Ron Paul

No one since Hitler has fought neocons as successfully as Ron Paul. Even Skunky McDoof has come around.

Hate-Filled Israelis Want Americans to Slaughter Innocent Iranians

The most ethical people on earth, they’re. They tell us. Like most of what they say, it’s a bald-faced lie. Lying: itz how kikes roll.

Can You Trust Fox News?


Radio: Duke Interviews Sunic

MP3 at title link.

Books: The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

More here.  Here Mark Farrell’s review of the new Sunic book, Homo Americanus.

Just as jews at the Fed inflate and deflate the currency to steal your earnings, they flux and flush muds through your neighborhood to create housing cycles. You lose, they win. That’s the common denominator of jew behavior.

Deep Thoughts

People say, and they say it a lot, how can jews control the government or the media when they’re only 2% of the population? Well, I don’t know. How do homosexuals, who are about the same percentage of the population, manage to get their peculiar political agenda into the textbooks used by the children of the 98%? A small group working together beats an unorganized large group every time.

Live Under Judea, Sharia or Neither?

Sharia = cut off clitorises.

Judea = slut by eight or it’s too late.

White = self-control.

Hey, izzy and muzzy: get the fuck out of Humanland.

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  7. 9 Responses to “Feed, September 12, 2007”

    1. jimbo Says:

      People say, and they say it a lot, how can jews control the government or the media when they’re only 2% of the population?

      …because: they’re more like 20% of the population?…..htf do we actually KNOW they’re only ‘2%’?…where do jew demographics originate?….jews…..?…..can such stats be trusted?….i think not!

      (*Alex*….many of the ‘lnx’ in that Sprinto don’t work……404s!)

    2. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      In reality, the jew population is definitely higher than 2 percent, although no where near 20 percent. Five percent is a good guess. You also have a lot of people pretending to be jewish in the entertainment field. It’s easier to get work!! There was a TV show on a few years ago called “Grosse Pointe” where an Italian pretended to be jewish in order to make himself more hireable in “the industry.” The jew director/writer said his script would be considered anti-semitic if a non-jew wrote it. Sometimes the truth slips out.

    3. R Olds Says:

      Brian, you certainly have no experience within the entertainment fields in particularly the TV & movie industries. There are only a handful of people working in the acting, directing, writing, and industry executive positions that aren’t jews. Technical fields are different because skill sets are required. You don’t have large amounts people pretending to be jews what you have are large numbers of with names that may evoke Ireland but they are from county Tel Aviv rather than county Cork. I can think of six specific instances where the jews in charge hired people who went on to have successful carriers because they thought the hirelings were jewish because of their names – they didn’t find out until later and were surprised! In some cases like Al Paccino his connection is a jew who gets him in but today this would be rare. Post WWII most of the faces on TV have been from the tribe. With movies the big change occurred about 1980 where the majority of actors were tribal members. With the dawn of cable, this was also the start of the seamless transition for actors back and forth between TV programs and movies which hadn’t existed in earlier years. The self-evident problem is in the area of writing. That’s why you see so many remakes today. Despite their self proclaimed creativity, jews are not very creative writers. I don’t work in the publishing field; however, the only reason you see so many jewish authors published is because they control the publishing houses. In “Hollyweird” it is almost totally jews being hired with Ivy league school backgrounds and generally a relative already working in the industry. If your white, you’ll need to do something “independent” to get noticed and don’t be surprised if it’s the Japanese or Brits calling you. They’re not too happy with the lack of creativity here now. Brian remeber that TV show is fiction.

      Also you say “ In reality, the jew population is definitely higher than 2 percent, although no where near 20 percent. Five percent is a good guess.” What the hell population are you talking about?
      It’s not total population. Even though jews don’t consider themselves “White” they would lumped into White classification. That would be your starting point and then you are looking at about 15% of that population. I am not playing the secular vs. observant game. You have to look at it as a “tribe” or “club”. In fact, club is more likely with the gold card to easy opportunity in what remains in the US.

    4. nobody Says:

      R Olds,

      What are the “six specific instances?” (I believe you, I’m just curious. Are you connected to Hymiewood? If so, tell us more!)

    5. nobody Says:

      7-8 percent Jewish population in the U.S. I figure. I don’t know….

    6. nobody Says:

      … by which I mean 1/4 or more, maybe even 1/8-1/16 or more.

    7. sgruber Says:

      A good rule of thumb in USA is 1 or 2 out of 5, if you’re in or near any population center of 100,000 or more. (Much higher in certain places like NYC.)

      Nobody, it’s astounding to me how many “half-jews” there are. My guess includes your “1/4 or more, maybe even 1/8-1/16 or more.”

      K. MacDonald discusses the evolutionary strategy of certain careful types of outbreeding on the part of jews. Their cultural assumptions provide in some historical situations encouragement for these types. Cf. “A People that Shall Dwell Alone.” That colonizes the White race with jewish genes, weakening it.

      On a personal level, the number of White men with jew bitch wives still shocks. And their kids are all obnoxious brats. Every time.

      America today (2007, not 1987 or 67 or 57 or 97) is incredibly jewy by blood, esp. the under-30 set. It’s a different generation.

      This ain’t your father’s USA.

      That’s why it’s so important to destroy kike centers of power, beginning with propaganda centers (aka “media”). Targeted you-know-what ought to begin NOW, as well. Plug the plug on this welling-up of jews. With genetic testing, it would be easier than during the Inquisition, or even during AH’s era.

      [PS: I miss the math problems!]

    8. jigabooze j. jigaboos Says:

      “[PS: I miss the math problems!]”

      What is the square root of minus six million?

    9. sgruber Says:

      “What is the square root of minus six million?”


      Or, 14