1 October, 2007

VNNB Free Talk Live – September 30th 2007

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Free Talk Live, hosted by Mark Faust

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  7. 2 Responses to “VNNB Free Talk Live – September 30th 2007”

    1. New America Says:

      One of the best shows kicks into high gear at about the two hour mark, where Jamie Kelso comes on.

      I have argued Linder just nailed the nature of the real organizational issue for us, with the way he has structured VNN, as the information switch of the hard-core White Nationalists.

      Just as, to quote Linder, “There is no intelligent opposition to White Nationalism,” so, too, has there not been one effective Voice for defining White Nationalism in practice. Don’t forget, I have long argued Harold Covington’s Northwest Republic is the ideal Analytical Framework for any Ideals we may support, or any ideas we may develop.

      That having been said, one of the limits of the historical, hierarchical model, as it has been practiced, was overcome, when Kelso came on, demonstrated, when Kelso admitted, in so many words, that Black would not allow a de facto union of Stormfront Radio and VNN Broadcasting (neither would I, but for the entirely different reason that we have not overcome the technical hurdle that so often blocks us), and, implicitly, all but supported his working with us personally.

      In other words, Dietrich just might have found someone to help him work through how to do VNN Broadcasting with better technical performance, and Linder might have someone who can help him set up the proper PA system. Incidentally, think Kelso might help with the torrent files?

      This reflects the Internet Era, where the Intelligent Revolution is the Intelligently Distributed Activism, on all levels, and on all fronts.

      Let the Stormfronters hold onto their “precious,” and let’s not worry about them.

      And, Mark Faust is correct to seek all alliances we can, in our common purpose. I mention, yet again, simulcasting Bill White’s Monday night show.

      Perhaps VNN can reach out to Chain, and bring the autodidactic working man’s voice to complement Linder’s.

      If not, getting more Chain, more often, would make VNN Broadcasting, as the jungle savages of our urban jungles would say, “Mo’ better.”

      The more links, the better.

      The deeper the links, so much the better.

      Secondly. Peter Shank has long argued the 911 “Truth” Movement is essentially a Jew-controlled false flag, designed to tell everything about a murder but who the murderer was, and is.

      THAT is what we can bring to the 911 “Truth” Movement.

      They can blame whoever they want, all they want, as long as it is in accordance with the ONE COMMANDMENT of the demonic, hook-nosed Satanists:

      “Is it good for JEWS?”

      The 911 “Truth” Movement certainly is, because it always avoids the most remote discussion of the common bond of the perpetrators, and who benefited from it.

      VNN, of course, must not get involved with the 911 “Truth” Movement, save as a vehicle for OUR Truth:


      And, who knows, Mark in Cali, I might not make it to run into you in Montana, but my nephews just might be there to greet you!

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    2. Mark Faust Says:

      Good insight, I hold firm to the principle of “Naming The Jew” that is where the revolution is going to truly start.