18 November, 2007

VNN Free Talk Live Sunday 11/18/2007 “Holocaust or Hollow Hoax?”

Posted by VNNB in 'anti-Semitism', 'hate', 'hate' hoaxes, ADL, Alex Linder, Announce, audio, Germany, Holocaust, holocaust racket, VNNB, VNNB-Sunday at 8:00 pm | Permanent Link


Join me as I review the mountains of evidence that will show you without a shadow of a doubt that the supposed Jewish “Holocaust” is nothing more than a lie used to keep Jews rich and your rights away!

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  7. 21 Responses to “VNN Free Talk Live Sunday 11/18/2007 “Holocaust or Hollow Hoax?””

    1. michael Says:

      Vnn Radio,
      Do you people ever listen to what you broadcast . I swear you are the most disorganized , pathetic broadcasters i have ever heard . Go do a long jump off a short pier , relieve the white nationalist movement of this dead weight .

    2. Revilo Says:

      The quality is uneven. Alex’s solo broadcasts are great. Bud White and Yankee Jim are good. Mischco or Rabbi Tapirman and the other guy are awful.

    3. jackumup Says:

      michael Says:

      17 November, 2007 at 11:33 pm

      Vnn Radio,
      Do you people ever listen to what you broadcast . I swear you are the most disorganized , pathetic broadcasters i have ever heard . Go do a long jump off a short pier , relieve the white nationalist movement of this dead weight .


    4. Alexei Says:

      Better that someone get the word out in any way they can than to be silent. Mike, put your tongue in its place: against a red-hot iron.

    5. Ernest Says:

      It’s easy to pick out the Fed co-intelpro agent, they write and or speak like Michael. They insult, ridicule, divide, and lower morale of the group they seek to destroy. All patriots should be on alert for this type of activity. At this time we are not in a position to hang traitors, but we can publicly point them out when it’s this obvious.

    6. sgruber Says:

      World War II did not begin in 1938. The official beginning of the war was September 1939. So the difference between jew population in 1938 vs. that in 1947 captures the populations in the year before the war officially began and that in two years after the last inmate of the “death camps” stumbled out. Typical that the eternally lying jew claims 6 million were killed: they are not missing!

    7. Vaultner Says:

      I like Mark Fausts broadcasts.
      Michael go to hell.

    8. spikeman Says:

      It’s sad that we all must deal with people like Mike. All you readers might be a little more sympathetic to Mike if you were to consider his repressed anger toward his obviously Jewish bloodlines combined with his anal-retentive closet homosexuality… just kidding… FUCK MIKE! When Mikey feels he can do it better invite him on the show. Make the mealy-mouthed MF put his money where his mouth is.

    9. Marwinsing Says:

      Michael go fuck yourself.

    10. Pony Says:

      Hey Michael VNN puts out the call for others to broadcast…if you can do better than do it. Nobody’s stopping you from showing em’ how it’s done.

    11. Heather Blue Says:

      Great show, Mark. But the gentleman in South Africa said things about daily life there that were so disturbing I had trouble sleeping. That is exactly what the Jews intend for all the Western nations.

      As Mark in Calif said “Jews are the spawn of Satan.” They truly are!

    12. Marwinsing Says:

      @ Heather Blue: I am that gentleman and I thank YOU for that compliment for we white men ARE gentlemen… BUT let them PUSH us…

    13. VNNB Says:

      Michael is right to a certain degree, I am no professional broadcaster, I did not go to Jewish broadcasting school to learn how to whoa an audience with toilet humor and mindless banter. I am although working on my organization of the shows…..Anyone who listened to my previous shows on Tuesdays earlier this year knows that I have come a long way, BUT…..It is true that I still have a long way to go. I just speak from my mind (not my heart, there are no brains in your heart) and use my white man speech to connect with the others who may be able to understand and relate. Please Michael and I mean it honestly, if you are a very well spoken and organized WN……Show us what you can do.

    14. Heather Blue Says:

      No, Michael is not right. Your shows are unique, informative and honest. Nothing on the Jew tube comes anywhere close to you wonderful guys. I don’t want you to be any way other than the way you are. VNN radio is like breathing fresh air.

      Keep on keeping on.

    15. sgruber Says:

      Mark’s is a particularly good show. He’s articulate. The “White Education 101” editions were some of his best. (He is on the ball with amusing bumpers and other sound clips, too.)

      I’d suggest improving his mike or the way he is amplified. He ought to sound as good as Yankee Jim and Stan do, but he has that scratchy “shortwave radio” sound. (The bumpers etc. sound fine.)

      Probably Mike’s biggest recent achievement was putting up with cygnet! Egods, what an a**hole that guy is, but Mike calmly and patiently humored and tolerated him for what felt like hours.

      The interviews (with Marwinsing etc.) are pretty well conducted and that part of the show is good too.

    16. Ernest Says:

      I just received a notice in my email today that Revilo has posted, can someone explain how his post would show up as two days ago on this list? Once again a Co-intel agent has posted on here (Revilo), and is trying to play divide and conquer by attacking Mark from Cali. Let me say this, and I hope all the broadcasters on VNN take it to heart. Your broadcasting talent is not determined by postings, it is determined by live listeners and downloads. If you say things that people want or like to hear your ratings will go up, if not they won’t. You are the leaders, and the opinions that should matter most to you are those from other white racial leaders, and secondly from listeners whom you know personally. This may sound “elitist”, but it’s really not. If a brain surgeon is trying to improve his talent in brain surgery should he value of opinions of other brain surgeons to be equal to that of proctologists? Of course not, the same is true here. Do what you think is best, if it works then keep doing it, if not stop and talk about it with others in your field.
      Also, unless more White nationalists study the enemies tactic of inserting people in to meetings, chat rooms, message boards, etc, for the purpose of sowing dissent, and destroying a movement from within we will not advance. The use of Co-Intel is more wide spread than most patriots think.
      Lastly, I’m glad Mark from Cali is on VNN. He’s dedicated, funny as hell, and he makes things happen.

    17. Revilo Says:

      “Once again a Co-intel agent has posted on here (Revilo), and is trying to play divide and conquer by attacking Mark from Cali.”

      If you do a show some of the reviews will be bad. What do you want, a hippie commune where everyone gets a gold star for showing up? Mark needs to exercise some self control and not blurt out everything that pops into his head.

    18. nigga hata Says:

      I think you all mostly suck. Retreading the same boring bullshit, stupid prankish humor, very little class or direction; the mainpage itself is in the same vein. Goyfire was the only good thing to come out of VNN/Linder’s flirtation with net radio, and that is dead. You fucked yourself there. Basically, VNN at present completely sucks, and if anyone still pays attention, it’s more out of habit or desperation than anything else. Yea, like, we KNOW about this & that landmark courtcase, the gulags, white rule in south Africa, Jewish terrorism in Israel and all the rest of it. Past done gone, boys. Facts are known. Stop the retread, bring back the fucking substance.

    19. Ernest Says:

      “If you do a show some of the reviews will be bad. What do you want, a hippie commune where everyone gets a gold star for showing up? Mark needs to exercise some self control and not blurt out everything that pops into his head.”

      No I don’t want a hippie commune, but who the hell are you? Can you do any better? If so do it. I don’t mind constructive criticism, but what you do goes beyond that, and it’s a deliberate effort by you, and some others to sow dissention in our ranks. If you think a VNN broadcaster is “awful” as you wrote, don’t listen to that broadcaster. I don’t listen to all the broadcasters because I already understand the nature of the parasitic Jew, and I don’t need a refresher course. But, there are racially aware White people waking up all the time, and they need shows like that to understand the details. I want more variety on VNN, so I appeal to anyone who has a gift to speak to step forward and be counted. To all the others who only want to demoralize the patriotic White community with constant criticism I say you’re either a co-intel agent or you are unknowingly doing the work of a co-intel agent.

    20. Pony Says:

      I don’t come here for entertainment, these aren’t shows or programs to me. These are information packets, information I’m not getting from the jew run media. This is the town square, the meeting place to toss around ideas, plan with other whites who love our race or just listen to something good. At VNN broadcasting the jews have been cut out of the mix. The VNN guys don’t have to worry about ratings or what special interest groups think. HERE I get REAL information untouched by the corporate assholes. I’ve stopped watching television or listening to lemming radio, everytime I do see or hear it I wanna barf. This is like sitting in on a dinner table conversation with like minded white men. I’ve learned more listening to VNN broadcasting than 30+ years of lemming media. YOU GUYS DO A GREAT JOB. Fuck the feds who are here to stir shit. You fuckin’ feds have to be asking yourselves “why am I screwing with good people who only want to live well in the kind of country our founding fathers wanted for us?” I guess it’s easier than facing a real threat like a bank robbing nigger or a wetback felon with nothing to lose. If you fucken’ feds are so good than why is our country in such bad shape? You sit there fucking with us while the country goes to shit? Someday you’ll be replaced with real men who really want to do their jobs…..Just like National Socialist Germany did.

    21. sgruber Says:

      I strongly like the so-called “retreading” on the main page and in some of the radio shows.

      Remember, tons of new people stop by here every year. They need basic educating just like you and I needed it once upon a time. And sometimes even I learn some new stuff from the main page.

      For deeper knowledge, just go deeper into the site or the archives. For fresh insights, well, go anywhere on the site; people add stuff or link to stuff all the time. If you’ve already read everything (literally everything, EVERY book out there) and you’re bored, start a show of your own, engage in activism, do something with all that superior knowledge you say you have.