8 December, 2007

“Jon Entine’s Screed”

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald: [Here].

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  7. 12 Responses to ““Jon Entine’s Screed””

    1. zoomcopter Says:

      Dr Kevin MacDonald is surprised when a jewish author misquotes him? One would think that a man of his intellect would understand that it would be a given in dealing with the jew. Dr Willian Pierce was widely misquoted by the jews and he knew why. That is simply the price of doing business with them. I think Dr MacDonald was being very naive, or maybe hoping that a friendly, fellow researcher would allow the truth to be told without spinning it beforehand. Dr MacDonald should know, by now, that everything a jew writes, says, or does, must pass the test of “Is it Good for The Jews?” To allow a jew to interview him and not expect his own words to be twisted into an unfavorable meaning is simply wishful thinking. MacDonald fears the R word, as well he should. The word has brought down Senators and world famous scientists with equal speed. Trent Lott and James Watson to name only two. It is always a very predictable tactic of the jew to attack someone personally if they cannot find fault with their work. They like to distract their opponents. MacDonald should feel great satisfaction in the fact that Jon Entine attacks his character instead of his scholarly writing. It is much easier for Entine to sling mud than to find fault in well-reasoned research. MacDonald should stay out of the mud and continue his scholarly work on the Evolutionary psychology of jews. The ADL would like nothing more, than to see the name-calling begin. Then, they’ll have the goods on him. Right now, Dr MacDonald is on the cutting edge of his chosen speciality, understanding jewish evolutionary survival tactics. He is publishing books which explain and accurately predict what is going on in the world today. We cannot begin to solve the problems we have without first knowing the cause. MacDonald’s observations are accurate and becoming mainstream ideas in explaining everything from immigration to the fiasco in Iraq. It is worth noting that Jon Entine compares MacDonalds work to the infamous Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Both bodies of work uncover the hidden agendas of the jews. The jews have managed to place a cloud of uncertainty over the authenticity of the Protocols, but they cannot do the same with MacDonalds books, as they are well-documented. MacDonald is protected, as a university professor, because he has done nothing but reveal the truth. In Canada, that would not save him, as the truth is no longer a defence there. Jews have silenced their critics there. In Canada, as in many European countries, telling the truth can put you in prison. We need MacDonald as an intellectual, not as a foot soldier, in the mud. Our movement has enough drunks, felons, and child molesters as it is. We need respectable people in the mainstream, understanding, and connecting the dots, leading the way for others to follow in their footsteps.

    2. ein Says:

      Excellent, sane, balanced comments, Zoom. My compliments to you!You’ve said it all so well, there’s hardly anything I can think to add.

      Let me mention this, though: I recall Jefferson’s wise policy when he was accused by his opponents of consorting with his slaves: “Do not engage!” He refused to answer them or deal with them. It’s a prudent policy as well for Dr. MacDonald. Once you engage them, you’ve started the process of name-calling, bickering, and accusations — just what they want, exactly as you’ve said above. And next thing you know, they’ve got you down in the mud before you even knew it. It’s the price, as you put it, of dealing with the jew. Do not engage!

    3. Bill Daniels Says:

      It’s hard to imagine what MacDonald thought a Jew would do with his comments. Of course, they would be twisted.

      The astonishing thing was that MacDonald seems to think that it was unfair for his complimentary remarks about Jews to also be twisted. Don’t forget that the Unified Field of Jewish Hatred dictates that Jews hate “anti-Semites” and “philo-Semites” equally, and philo-Semitic remarks are taken as offensive per se.

      I wish MacDonald would take the idea of tikkun olam (an ancient Jewish idea) and use it as his model for uncovering and organizing evidence that “healing the world” is to make all the changes that make the world comfortable for Jews and uncomfortable for Europeans and all others.

      The model that MacDonald uses is fraught with difficulty especially when he has at hand a satisfactory intellectual doctrine (tikkun olam) that provides a frame for discussing every Jewish innovation as a religious obligation.

    4. Fr. John Says:

      You also have to realize that you CANNOT fight a religous creed by sheer scientism alone. (Even if it the racial superiority of: ‘your clan over all others’ is somehow ‘sanctioned’ by God- and that ‘chosen people status’ continues, in the same breath that it denies (or ignores, via the Kol Nidrei!) the concomitant ‘obedience’ clauses of moral conduct, that are the ONLY guarantor of that “Chosen Status” by the Divinity, in the first place! (see. Deut. 28-30)

      Jews have a ‘theology’ of ‘racial supremacism’ that Christianity clearly denied for over 1800 years. NOT be denying the religious truth of it, but by showing that they had WILFULLY exchanged their ‘chosen people status’ by Crucifying the own Deity! (The Crucifixion of Christ) And that Christendom (EUROPE) WAS the NEW “CHOSEN PEOPLE” instead. [Gal. 6:16]

      NO OTHER THEOLOGICAL/IDEOLOGICAL idea in the last 2000 years have kept the jews ‘in their place’ and NO OTHER IDEOLOGICAL/THEOLOGICAL construct will succeed, until (and Unless!) we AGAIN restore a viable, non-judaized form of Christianity once more- whether it is the race-villifying nature of Luther’s Evangelical protesantism of “The jews and their lies”, or the Pre-Vatican II ‘accursed jews’ Good Friday Latin Mass theology, or the still-viable, but barely hanging on ‘Deicide supercessionism’ narodnost of the Orthodox, who have the greatest weapon of all time available, and have yet to use it- though Putin’s recent comments clearly show he KNOWS how to use it… (and for which the Jews are ACTIVELY stifling it’s clearest utterance -via the UNAVAILABILITY in ENGLISH, of Solzhenitsyn’s newest book, “Two Hundred Years together”). THAT TOOL OF THROWING OFF JEWISH POWER AND INFLUENCE IS THIS:

      THAT THE ENTIRE SOVIET EDIFICE; the lies, the butchery, the 100+ million dead, the complete negation of God and culture, and all the EVILS of that ‘EVIL EMPIRE’ lay solely, totaly, unequvocally at the FEET OF THE JEWS.

      Once that is grasped, then the ‘Hollow Cause Indoctrination Centers’ (oops, museums) will be levelled; as sure as Columbus’ discovery showed the world was round. And ‘oh, what a day of glory and rejoicing that will be.’

      Amen. Come Lord Jesus, and restore Christendom once more.
      It’s about damn time! (LOL)

    5. sgruber Says:

      I hope Dr. MacDonald isn’t cracking. That stuff about “maybe it’s not genetic” has me worried. Why entertain such a hypothetical in a polemical piece fighting your enemy?

      No, Dr. MacDonald is not good or effective fighting in the mud with every jew journalist. In a sense, he has already done the essential scholarly work. I suppose he wants to take more direct action, jump into “the fray.” He should understand, however, that his scholarly work is like nuclear bombs, while his “jumping into the fray” is only like spitballs. General Patton never spent much time on the front line, picking enemy infantry off one by one; he was vastly more effective elsewhere. General MacDonald, with all due respect, sir, go back to your tent!

    6. Mark Says:

      He’s not cracking, he’s in pursuit of the truth. If the truth is different from his theory then he has no choice but to adhere to it. He still honors his heritage and country. I’m glad to see such a brilliant mind with a sense of culture and race. We need a lot more like him.

    7. sgruber Says:

      Mark, you’re right that he should pursue the truth no matter where it leads. That’s his research side. I’m only criticizing his rhetorical skills. In the context of being attacked by a dishonest journalist, one does not bring up and entertain hypotheticals against oneself or one’s position. In private, one should question one’s behavior or thinking and correct it where justified. But in a public argument, you don’t make such a statement as “Maybe I’m wrong” or “Maybe I’m an idiot.” That’s a concession – and concessions are deadly. Again, I’m distinguishing THINKING (which requires saint-like honesty and objectivity) from POLEMICAL ARGUING (mud-wrestling with a lying asshole).

      Here’s two “mud-wrestling” strategies by our man (call him A):

      Strategy #1:

      NIGGER: You be a White honkey cracker! Sheet! Dey’s some niggers WAY smarter than you all!
      A: I don’t have the data, but perhaps you are right that some African-Americans than I am. I haven’t thought about it.
      NIGGER: See? You don’t know SHEET!

      Strategy #2:

      NIGGER: You be a White honkey cracker! Dey’s some niggers WAY smarter than you all!
      A: Most niggers are stupidier. Here’s the stats. But you probably can’t understand them. So for proof of nigger stupidity, look in the mirror.

      Strategy #2 is the correct strategy in argument. The attitude of A in Strategy #1 is the attitude he should have in the lab.

    8. sgruber Says:

      correction: “I don’t have all the data, but perhaps you are right that some African-Americans are more intelligent than I am.” Add in the italicized words.

    9. Stronza Says:

      Father John – I recall reading that Thomas Allen is translating the book 200 Years Together. Of course, finding someone to publish and distribute it here is another kettle of fish altogether.

    10. Jon Entine Says:

      One problem with Kevin’s comments: every quote came from a recorded interview with him and is accurate to the word.

      Jon Entine

    11. Gerard Montblanc Says:

      Kevin MacDonald is a brilliant man who has shown great courage–this cannot be contested.

      Perhaps MacDonald is better out of the “fray” but the “fray” is upon us.

      MacDonald’s words are highly intellectual and out of reach for all who are not firmly ensconced far into the right half of the Bell Curve.

      Simplification and distillation of his message for consumption by average White men is required.

      We can’t limit ourselves to academic “parlor discussions” which bow to White Western notions of “fair” play if we expect to win.

      Winning and survival will necessarily involve a much less oblique discussion of race and a far more plebeian overall presentation.

      Pragmatic “them” and “us” propaganda which uses generalizations that MacDonald would shy away from will be required.

      MacDonald says Jews never admit fault and are unlikely to apologize for even the most egregious hypocrisy if it is not in their racial interests.

      Rather than endlessly discuss this and other characteristics that benefit Jews, we ourselves need to develop the capacity to be just as tenaciously ethnocentric, just as unapologetic, just as vicious and just as ruthless in pursuing our own racial interests.

      Ron Paul’s success shows that White people are sick of the status quo and sense that the government does not represent them.

      Now is the time to wake them with warts and all racialist truth via all available avenues of delivery.

    12. Osama bin Laden Says:

      Apologies for the late reply, however, I noticed that Jon Entine (or someone claiming to be him) has replied on this thread back in Dec. 2007. This needs to be answered.

      Entine claims to have taped his interview with MacDonald. However, Entine has refused to release the recording!

      MacDonald updated his blog in March 2008 with the following:
      [Addendum, March 27, 2008: On a private email discussion list Entine has acknowledged that my comment, whatever the exact wording, was preceded by a “convoluted” statement, presumably along the lines suggested above. He has resisted releasing the recording.]


      Jon Entine: Release the recording or shut up. You are a dishonest white-hating bigot who, by your own actions, has proved MacDonald to be 100% correct on his theories of Jewish-Gentile relations.