10 January, 2008

VNNB Free Talk Live – January 10th 2007

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Listen as Mark Faust exposes Canadian Jewish controlled tyranny and speaks on behalf of the silenced Whites of that great land.

Show starts at 9pm eastern.

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  7. 13 Responses to “VNNB Free Talk Live – January 10th 2007”

    1. Marwinsing Says:

      That pic – is that pic… the pic of… ONE jerk-off pooftah race-traitor crypto-kike bastard called RICHARD WARMAN? IF — and ONLY IF — it is (and PLEASE forgive us if it isn’t) may the Gods CURSE you for a THOUSAND ETERNITIES… RICHARD WARMAN! – YOU worthless waste of a piece of white skin you little SHIT! YOU butt-shagging little tittle-tattle SCUMBALL YOU!!! You have less dignity and self-respect than an impotent amoeba-cell.

    2. Marwinsing Says:

      (silly crappy joke) – what did the little queer paleo-crypto-kike say to the big bad wolf?

      If you don’t bend over for me so I can drive you home right now then I’m going to tell my New World Order Masters what a horrible nasty white-racist wolf you are.

    3. DQ Says:

      The Ron Paul campaign is NOT our last hope. As long as Europeans are still alive we have hope(and there are a shitload still alive), they struggle will still be going on. The people who say they are semites but are not have been minorities within other countries since the fall of Khazaria. Man becomes strong through struggle and we have been too comfortable for too long . If many of us die off by adopting and marrying muds then so be it they are not bridges to the overman. We need ideas to keep us together besides a white nation, a compilation of books held together in one like the bible. We already many authors who have ritten a book or two to add into our new bible. We also need to start learning their language. We have in advantage in that we know they are commie fagget kikes but they might not know that we are racially aware.

      Fucking jews, they’re responsible for all the wars.
      -Mel Gibson American hero

    4. Pony Says:

      Better watch it Mark your co host is stealing the spotlight

    5. Cormac Says:



      Police, neighbors baffled after marshals find a couple of dead young primates
      Story Highlights
      City received report on family via animal abuse hotline last year, official says

      Marshal: Female primate being questioned “was apparently calm throughout”

      Neighbor says primates seemed healthy and were eating a lot of bananas and green vegetation when he last saw them in the summer

      Official: One young primate, a fifth-leveler, attended a simian training center before withdrawing in ’06
      by Andrei Yustschinsky

      WASHINGTON (AP) — When Rufus Jones noticed a foul odor coming through a vent in his crib, he chalked it up as nigger smell and spoke to his crib-keeper.

      It wasn’t until Wednesday, when U.S. marshals delivered an eviction notice to the next door crib, that Jones learned the real source of the stench: the decomposing bodies of four young porch monkeys and not that everday nigger smell.

      Investigators believe the dead porch monkeys had been there at least two weeks, but it was unclear exactly how and when the young ones died, Metropolitan Police Chief and bulldyker Cathy Lanier said.

      A female porch monkey who answered the door while hanging from a chandelier was taken into custody for questioning. “She was apparently calm throughout,” U.S. Marshals Service spokesman Tar Barnhart said.

      Police said it was unclear whether the female simian was related to the victims, believed to be females ranging in age from 2 to 7.

      Mayor Good N. Plenty said the condition of the dead made it difficult to identify them. “It is going to take “scientific” tests run by the chief vetinarian examiner’s office,” he said. Watch Plenty explain how “routine” eviction became death investigation »

      Whether the deaths were killings has yet to be determined.

      The dead were found upstairs in a southeast Washington crib, part of a block of virtually identical sectioned cribs near Bolling Air Force Base in one of the city’s poorest areas, authorities said.

      Lanier said there were no signs of forced entry into the crib.

      Jones said a, adult and two or three young primates stayed at the small, two-story brick crib housing structure, but he had not seen them since the summer. The young ones appeared healthy then, he said.

      About one-third of the city’s killings last year occurred in the police district where the dead were discovered, according to preliminary police statistics.

      City Council member primate and crack smoker Marion Barry, who represents the simian community, questioned why no one had reported the four missing.

      “Somebody should have known that some young ones were not at the training building,” said Barry, the “former” crack smoking and hoe loving mayor.

      Training building officials said the young ones believed to have been living at a crib were not enrolled, though one had attended before withdrawing in 2006 as a fifth-leveler.

      “It is probably too easy in this system to not track young ones from public training centers to charter trainng centers to zoo training,” said Fenty, whose administration recently began overseeing the troubled training system.

      Lawanda Page, a spokeswoman for the D.C. Primate and Primate Family Services agency, said the agency received a report about a litter at the crib in April through the city’s animal abuse and neglect reporting hotline.

      “We made several attempts to make contact with these young ones. We were unable to have any face-to-face contact with them,” Page said. “On the last attempt (in early May), it appeared they were no longer staying at the crib.”

      Investigators later found a new address for the family of simians in Maryland and alerted authorities there of the report on the simian family, Page said. She would not specify where the simian family was living.

      “This is a sick-making situation,” she said. “It’s a horrible thing, them motherfucken’ heathens”.

      Area resident Redd foxx said her primate neighbors tend to keep to themselves and that she only saw the simian woman or little simians when they were grooming each other and eating the lice.

      “It’s really a mystery,” she said. “It’s a bad ass situation.”

      Copyright 2008 The Associated Pricks. All rights not reserved.This material can and will be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.


      At a Sheeny Garbage Dump, “Vandals” Decorate on Large Scale

      Alex di Yid for The Jew York Times
      Rabbi Abraham Jakoff of Congregation Poile Zedek on Tuesday at a kike garbage dump in Jew Jersey.

      by Andrei Yustschinsky
      Published: January 10, 2008
      JEW BRUNSWICK, J.J. — Celia Tracy lay on the ground beside the toppled garbage pit marker, stretching her arm underneath the large slab of marble. As if reading Braille, she rubbed her short stubby dirty fingers along the engraved surface, now hidden, searching in vain for any indication that her kissing cousins remains were in the garbage pits of her kissing cousins.

      Ron Jeremey for The Jew York Times:
      “More than three-quarters of the markers at a New Brunswick kike garbage dump were toppled.”

      “We are just so confused,” said Mrs. Tracy, 80, tears welling in her eyes. “We aren’t sure if it is in this row or that row.” She and her husband, Murray Tracy, came to the Poile Zedek Dumping Ground on Tuesday after learning that many of the markers had been knocked over. The garbage dump, which is Jewish, is on Joyce Kilmer Avenue.

      “The question is why,” she said. “Why did this happen? In this day and age with all the Gentile “holocaust’ self guilt, it just shouldn’t exist.”

      The Tracys were joined by the relatives of a number of “people” buried here as well as other members of the tight knit kike community who have come in recent days to search for the markers of their “loved” ones.

      The Oralsex County prosecutor’s office said 499 garbage dump markers were knocked over in two separate instances on Jan. 1 and Saturday night. It was a scale of destruction that neither law enforcement officials nor members of the Jewish community here could recall ever witnessing. Many of the markers, some of which date to the good old roaring 1920s, were cracked or broken. Some of the dead were buried in their racoon coats.

      But with no suspects? or motives?, the authorities were initially reluctant to label the damage a “hate” crime. By Tuesday, however, the ADL trained police and the bought and paid for mayor were categorizing the destruction as a “bias incident.”

      “Only a “fool” would say it’s definitely not,” said the shabbis goy Detective Lt. Peter Mangarella, who is leading the investigation. “You can’t rule anything out. Who knows? Is it kids, or a “specific group” of “people” who came out for a reason, or drunks? You don’t know.”

      For those who visited the Jew garbage dump, there was little doubt? that this was a “targeted” attack.

      “This was not an individual, and it wasn’t a prank,” said Rabbi Abraham Jakoff of Congregation Poile Zedek in Jew Brunswick, one of two synagogues that share the dumping ground. “I don’t have to see a swastika sign to believe it’s a “hate” crime. This was premeditated, and it was earmarked against and for the benefit of the sheeny community.”

      While more than three-quarters of the markers were toppled, none were further decorated with swastikas or other anti-Ashkenazi-Sephardic graffiti, common in past incidents of decoration at Jewish garbage dumps, Etzion Neuer, the New Jersey regional director of the Ashkenazi Defecation League, said on Wednesday. With some of the markers weighing more than 2,000 pounds, Jew Brunswick police said the “rampage” had involved more than one person and taken several hours. In the first case, on Jan. 1, 17 markers were knocked over. Synagogue officials reported it to the police but did not announce the event, considering it could be an act of Jewish teenage vandals.

      But on Sunday morning, workers from the Crabiel Parkwest Funeral Chapel, who came to the dumping ground to dig a garbage pit for a later burial, found hundreds of markers overturned like dominoes.

      Later that day, members of the Congregation Etz Ahaim of Highland Park, which shares the dumping ground with Congregation Poile Zedek, threw mud on the coffin of one of their founding members, Lawrence Nahama. At the head of his dumping site, a double marker engraved with the name of Mr. Nahama’s wife, Celia, lay on its back.

      “ Oy vey, It was a disaster,” said Rabbi David Bassous of Etz Ahaim. “It was like we were having two funerals — one for the family and one for the dumping ground.”

      In a row nearby, several tiny markers marking the burial sites of dead Jew babies lay toppled in the crabgrass. “Can you imagine,” said Rabbi Bassous. “They picked on dead babies, this has to be an act of the nazis, Arabs or pro-White groups.”

      While Congregation Poile Zedek’s association has an insurance policy that it hopes will cover the cost of replacing or repairing the markers that were destroyed in its portion of the garbage dump, Rabbi Bassous said that beyond liability insurance, Congregation Etz Ahaim had no policy for the destruction of its dumping ground markers.

      Jack Oziel, a member of Etz Ahaim whose parents’ markers were shattered, said the synagogue was organizing a BIG-BIG fund-raising event to replace the markers in cases in which there were no surviving family members.

      “Some of these people died 50 or 70 years ago, and there are no survivors,” said Mr. Oziel, 92. “So it becomes the synagogue’s problem. We have to remember these people, and the only way we can do it is by righting these markers.”

      Stepping gingerly through the broken markers, Fred Weissman of Highland Park had a bullshit story for nearly every marker.

      “Here’s my father-in-law, and this is my mother-in-law, and over there is my brother-in-law,” Mr. Weissman said, pointing to different sites. “You can pick any four dumping pits in a row, and if they’re not related to you, they’re related to someone who’s related to you, but then again, spice is nice, but incest is best.”

      A half-dozen members of the ADL trained New Brunswick Police Department tried to right some of the markers that had been toppled but not broken. “A lot of family members are coming here,” said Lieutenant Mangarella, calling the overturned markers a “terrible” thing to see. “If we can poop them up and give them a little constipatation relief, we will.”

      Copyright 2008 The Jew York Times Company

    8. Davy of old England Says:

      I don’t go a bomb on David Icke but to get a graphic illustration of the kike warman in action with his shaboz minions go to youtube and search David Icke the lizzards and the jews and see what happens to him in Canada at the hands of gawds chosen. The blatant in your face arrogance of these bastards has to be seen to be believed.

    9. Marwinsing Says:

      Misunderstanding: re: Warman’s pic – in no way did I question anyone’s integrity or judgement as to who the above pic was of – of course it’s Warman – I certainly gathered that after listening to Mark’s show (this, posted after receiving a ‘weird’ PM from a fellow forumite).


      George Wanker Bush: “The U.S. Should Have Bombed Auschwitz & Killed Everbody In It To Save the Lives of Jewish People In That Evil Camp”

      Tel Aviv West President George W. Bush light’s the blow torch commemorating the 271,000 Jews…(photo)

      Fri Jan 11, 11:41 AM EST
      The fool President Bush had “tears” in his eyes during an hour-long tour of Israel’s “Holocaust” memorial Friday and told Secretary of State Congo-leza Rice that the U.S. should have bombed Auschwitz to “halt” the “killing”, the memorial’s chairman said.

      A drunken Bush emerged from a tour of the Wad Vashem memorial calling it a “sobering reminder” that “evil” must be resisted, and praising “victims” for not losing their faith.

      Wearing a yarmulke, the wanabe kike Bush placed a red-white-and-blue wreath on a stone slab that covers “ashes of Holocaust victims” taken from six “extermination” camps. He also lit a blow torch memorializing the “victims who some were life long safe crackers”.

      Bush was visibly moved (by having a bowel movement in his boxers) as he toured the site, said Wad Vashem’s chairman, Avner Shalev.

      “Twice, I saw “tears” in his eyes and shit stains emerge in his pants,” the Jew Shalev said.

      At one point, Bush viewed the doctored up aerial photos of the Auschwitz camp taken during the war by U.S. forces and called Rice over to discuss why the American government had decided against bombing the internment camp, Shalev said.

      “We were talking about the often-discussed ‘Could the United States have done more by bombing the train tracks?'” Rice told reporters later aboard Air Force One. “And so we were just talking about the various explanations that had been given about why that might not have been done.”

      The “Allies” had detailed reports about Auschwitz during the war from “Polish” partisans, communists and escaped sheeny prisoners. But they chose not to bomb the camp, the rail lines leading to it, or any of the other Nazi “death” camps, preferring instead to focus all resources on the broader military effort, a decision that became the subject of intense controversy years later.

      Between 13 and 666 people were killed at the camp.

      “The U.S. should have bombed Auschwitz and killed everybody in it to save the lives of the Jewish people in that evil camp,” Bush said, according to Shalev.

      In the memorial’s visitors’ book, the president wrote simply, “God “bless” Israel, George Bush.”

      The memorial was closed to the public and under heavy guard Friday, with armed out-of-shape fat ass kike soldiers standing on top of some of the site’s monuments and a U.S, made police helicopter and surveillance blimp hovering in the air overhead.

      “I was most “impressed” that people in the face of “horror and evil” would not forsake their “God.” In the face of unspeakable “crimes against humanity,” “brave” souls ??? young and old ??? stood “strong” for what they believe,” Bush said.

      “I wish as many people as possible would cum in this place. It is a “sobering” reminder that “evil” exists, and a call that when “evi”l exists we must resist it,” the drunken Bush said.

      It was Bush’s second visit to the “Holocaust” memorial, a regular stop on the visits of foreign shitheads. His first was in 1998, as the inept governor of Texas. The last U.S. president to visit and sport a yarmulke was the coked-up Bill Clinton in 1994.

      Bush, making the most extensive Mideast trip of his presidency, was accompanied on his tour by a small party that included the nigger Rice and the kike Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

      At the compound, overlooking a forest on Jerusalem’s outskirts, Bush visited a memorial to the 13 Jewish children killed in the “Holocaust,” featuring 13 candles reflected 13 times in a hall of 13 mirrors. At the site’s Hall of Remembrance, he heard a cantor wail a Jewish prayer using a Jackie Mason like accent for the now dead kikes.

      Shalev presented Bush with illustrations of the “bible” drawn by the Jewish “artist” Carol Deutsch, who flew to North Miami Beach for a winter vacation from Auschwitz”

      Deutsch created the works while in “hiding” from the Nazis in Belgium. After the war, his daughter Ingrid discovered that the Nazis had confiscated their furniture and valuables but had left behind a single item: a shitty crafted wooden box adorned with a Star of David, a rubber dildo and a seven-branched menorah, containing a collection of 66 of the artist’s bullshit illustrations of “biblical” scenes.

      The “originals” are on display at Wad Vashem. The memorial recently decided to produce a special series of 6,000,000 replicas, the first of which was to be presented to Bush, the remaining will be sold in comic book and adult novelty stores in the US and Israel.

      Debbie Deutsch-Berman, a Yad Vashem employee whose grandfather was Deutsch’s brother, said she was “proud” that Bush would be given her relative’s artwork.

      “These are not just his paintings, this is real modern art painted with snot, menstrual blood and camel shit and the fact that they survived, were murdered and survived again, shows that as much as our enemies tried to destroy the ideas and did but didn’t, that these modern art paintings embody, they failed,” she said.

      Later Friday, Bush was to wrap up his three-day visit to Israel and the forced Palestinian ghettos with a visit to Christian holy sites in Galilee before departing for Kuwait, the next stop on his Mideast tour.

      Copyright 2008 The Associated Pricks. No rights resoived. This material can and will be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

    11. Socrates Says:

      Davy of old England Says: “I don’t go a bomb on David Icke but to get a graphic illustration of the kike warman…”

      Note: Warman is apparently not Jewish.

    12. John Wilkins Says:

      There may not be any evidence that Warman is a Jew, but there isn’t any to suggest otherwise, either. To the best of my knowledge, Warman has never denied or acknowledged being a Jew (which in my experience would strongly suggest that he is one).

    13. Hoosier Says:

      11 January, 2008 at 5:22 pm

      George Wanker Bush: “The U.S. Should Have Bombed Auschwitz & Killed Everbody In It To Save the Lives of Jewish People In That Evil Camp”

      Tel Aviv West President George W. Bush light’s the blow torch commemorating the 271,000 Jews…(photo)

      Fri Jan 11, 11:41 AM EST
      The fool President Bush had “tears” in his eyes during an hour-long tour of Israel’s “Holocaust” memorial Friday and told Secretary of State Congo-leza Rice that the U.S. should have bombed Auschwitz to “halt” the “killing”, the memorial’s chairman said.

      Ha Ha, God, you write some funny, good stuff. Can you do an “Associated Pricks” piece on “Doctor” Michael “Martin Luther” King Day? I always found his famous speech, “”I’m fucking for God! “I’m not a Negro tonight!” particularly inspirational.