14 February, 2008

Goyfire #54 Now Available

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With Agis, Chain and Alex.


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Goyfire 54

Topics covered in Goyfire #54…

U.S. Presidental Election 2008
Ron Paul

Economy: Retailers Report Worst January in Nearly 40 Years
$152 billion boost OK’d for economy

Kenya/Chad TNB

TNB Mass Shootings

Chris Newsom, Channon Christian Update: ‘Pretending the web doesn’t exist will not serve justice’

Silvia Stolz Sent to Prison

Rio Cadaver Float Barred

EU “Con-stitution” Rammed Through Sarko France

Baby Boom in Russia

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  7. 5 Responses to “Goyfire #54 Now Available”

    1. New America Says:

      Just got it emailed over to me – it is at 128, and should be at 24, instead.

      Haven’t listened to it yet, but thank God it’s here!

      New America

      An Idea Whose Tims Is HERE!

    2. tennyson Says:

      A while (3 or 4 weeks) back you had an song on some podblanc clip that was a hard rock track with the singer saying Nigger in a very distinct way. Can you tell me the name of that group and song. He emphasized nigger in the song. Loved it.
      nice goyfire men.
      wish i was in estonia, instead i am knee deep in niggers in Cleveland.
      I traveled to Narvik Norway in 88′. I almost went AWOL. Something woke up in my soul there. All white and decent and orderly. They swept the sidewalk in the morning. The freshest, best tasting food ive ever eaten…reindeer steaks on the menu! Angelic women.
      Some Mexican sailor broke a plate-glass window in a resident’s home, I was ashamed to be called American at that point.

    3. Jackumup Says:

      Alwx, Agis, Craig. Thank you. Geoff We do miss you.

    4. sgruber Says:

      Major and great show, but holy Jewsus is America fucked. Depressing…but also heartening that smart White men are telling it like it is and discussing the problem openly, no punches pulled.

    5. Agis Says:

      Not sure of the track you mean Tennyson. Be a little more specific will ya? The music on GF54 is by “Vaginal Jesus” (joogle it).