14 February, 2008

Radio Istina, Today at 2:00 p.m. CST

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Topics include: fagging of California public schools, Australia’s apology to aborigines.UPDATE: problem fixed…here we GO!

http://www.vnnforum.com:7555/listen.pls to listen

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      Thursday, Feb 14, 2008
      Posted on Wed, Feb. 13, 2008

      Daddy gains custody of boy left at St. Louis-area mall
      Associated Pricks Writer

      A 3-year-old boy left alone at a St. Louis-area mall while on an outing with his mama will live with his daddy, who was granted temporary custody of the boy who’s name happens to be Sambo.

      The father’s lawyer, Christopher Braeske, did not release the man’s name at his client’s request, but described him as “stable and capable” of caring for the Sambo.

      The mother of Sambo Bass, Shameka Taylor, 28, told authorities the child was left at the mall due to a “misunderstanding.”

      He was at the mall with his mama and an aunty and seven other children attending a birthday party Saturday night. But it took authorities nearly a day to learn the Sambo’s complete identity. His mama called police Sunday night after his story circulated in the media, but asked on the phone if she would be arrested if she came forward. She didn’t show up until Tuesday to speak with them and when she did show up she was drunk and tweaking from rock.

      She was arrested, on outstanding warrants for stealing and a probation violation. Authorities also are investigating if she endangered the welfare of her kid.

      “I’se innocent, and I loves my chillens,” Taylor told KMOV-TV during a transfer to St. Louis County jail. “That’s all I have to say about that.”

      Authorities have said an aunt and the daddy contacted them Sunday, but the daddy not have custody of the little Sambo.

      Present at Wednesday’s closed hearing were Family Court Commissioner Kristine Kerr, a Children’s Division representative, a juvenile officer, an attorney with the juvenile officer and the daddy’s’ attorney, Braeske said.

      The daddy was “obviously very concerned and upset,” when he learned the boy had been left at the mall, but the child is doing fine. “My understanding is he’s a very bright young colored boy, and he’s doing well,” Braeske said. “Little Cortez was placed with his daddy, we expect he will stay there.”

      Another court hearing will be scheduled within the next 30 days, with one expected every 90 days thereafter during the first year, said Family Court Community Resources Manager Kim Moeckel. She said permanent custody can be determined at any point in the case.

      Little Sambo was expected to be turned over to his daddy on Wednesday.

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    2. Roxanne_Satinspar Says:

      ha, playing Prince.
      Do they know you can karaoke Prince too?

    3. Adrian Says:

      Great show! Interesting and informative. I hope there are more to come. I particularly enjoyed the discussion of the “rock flipping grub-eaters” in Australia, LOL!!

    4. saltriver Says:

      Alex, glad to see Radio Istina back. Very educational. I will put it on disk and try to give it to the people I know who don’t have their head up their ass. They are very few, but I will keep trying. Keep it coming.

    5. sedabsoda Says:

      Nice site ;)

    6. .308 Says:


    7. JoeG Says:

      Black Power! Black Power! America for the Kikes & Blacks!

      just joking……Awesome site and great shows!

    8. New America Says:

      A quick thought concerning Ron Paul:

      Paul is about the learn what all of us learned as we entered the Long, Dark Night of the Soul, from which we enter into the New Dawn of RACE- First, Foremost, Forever – as the primary organizing principle of a social order.

      Paul, unable to use his Presidential campaign’s funding for his local election, is asking for about half a million from his supporters for his local campaign, which is up against an extremely well funded opponent.

      His opponent is supported by – this is from his campaign’s website – “neoconservatives.”

      The irony is, the Republicans see an economic disaster of such magnitude before them, all of the “A” list Republicans refused to run for President, and all of the smart Democrats, as well.

      We allow the mud races to provide figurehead leaders in cities which have reached the point of no return; the cancer has set in, and metastasized. The only question is the rate of decline.

      I suspect Obama will be like the Reconstruction governors; appointed in the absence of a fair vote, they presided over the wholesale looting of their states, and made the RACE WAR against the White RACE formally declared, and with open season.

      Ironically, Paul would have posed his greatest threat by skipping the creative euphemisms – central bankers, etc. – and simply expanded his base to conservative values, and family values, rather than the intellectually stimulating, and politically uninspiring, topics of monetary policy, and libertarian foreign policy.

      Paul misses the obvious – “anti-Semite” is simply a term the Goddamn JEWS created to define their enemies, who – by Jewish definition – are anyone who is not Jewish, or even who is not sufficiently Jewish.

      He will be treated as Public Enemy Number One by the hook-nosed demons, and might as well get used to it.

      He COULD reach for the source of power – speaking in term of Family, and Freedom, he could then shift all discussion of RACE – including the Goddamn Jews, and the other Mud Races – into the Constitutional framework of our right to free association.

      He might as well go with the functional equivalent of a “White Is Right” platform; first, the White RACE is the only RACE that can make Civilization work, in any form whatsoever, and second, RACE flows inevitably, and organically, from Family – Family, as the microcosm of the RACE, the RACE, as the macrocosm of the Family, and RACE as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture.

      He will be treated as if this is his policy.

      He might as well get the benefit of it…

      While he can.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!