14 March, 2008

FORREST: In the Lyons Den

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Another semi-annual prodding of the Lyons.


Hidey-ho, muh brutha! It’s your ol’ pal, the Racist Anti-Semitic Nut from the Old Dominion! We didn’t exchange Christmas cards this year, so I thought I’d drop you a line.

In last week’s column, you bemoaned the ‘unfair’ treatment that that sexy babe Hillary is getting versus the oooing and cooing over Obama. Now, boy, don’t get yourself all lathered up over this political burlesque show! After all, what non-retard really gives two shits who wins this sham? Hey, I mean, which candidate will put an immediate stop to Curious George’s jews/oil goat-hump, and guarantee that the $12 bil-a-month extravaganza won’t move to Iran? Which will stop the hemorrhaging of working-class whites’ good-paying manufacturing jobs to the Middle Kingdom? Which will close the floodgates to this unceasing tide of Mexcrement rising to our noses? Certainly not Obama, that repulsive runt McCain – or She of the Umbrella Stand Ankles.

And besides: It’s so rich ‘n’ nougaty to see the Clinton’s beloved burrheads kick ’em to da curb after they spent their entire
political lives massaging those dusky buttocks with their tonsils…… ;o)

Keep Hope Alive!

N.B. Forrest

And here’s an ’06 column of his referencing one of my earlier jabs:


  • 4 Responses to “FORREST: In the Lyons Den”

    1. Bumblefish Says:

      LOL! N.B. Forrest needs his own VNN radio show.

    2. alex Says:

      We’re here if he’s interested.

    3. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Ha-ha-ha!!!THAT was funny!!! I love a racist with a sense of humour. Then again we ALWAYS do have that!!!Well said!!!

    4. White patriot Says:

      An N.B. Forrest comic strip on VNN would be great, too!