15 March, 2008

Rules of Citizenship

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by Charley Reese: [Here].

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      FUX NEWS….
      N.A.U. Cracks Down on Media for Publishing Pictures of ‘Corrupt’ Foreign Film Stars
      Sunday , March 16, 2013

      ADVERTISEMENT Washington, District Of Cabala

      N.A.U. (North American Union)

      N.A.U.s Culture Ministry on Sunday announced the closure of nine cinema and lifestyle magazines for publishing pictures and stories about the life of “corrupt” foreign film stars and promoting pro-White “superstitions.”

      The Pricks Supervisory Board, a body controlled by hard-liners, also sent warning notes to 13 other publications and magazines on “observing the provisions of the press law,” the ministry said on its Web site.

      It was not clear why the nine magazines were targeted for closure. They do not deal with politics, focusing on light lifestyle features, family advice, and news of Christian Caucasian celebrities.

      They regularly publish photos of N.A.U. White actresses touching, holding haands and maybe even kissing with White men — but nothing more revealing than what is tolerated on some state media.

      The ministry said it shut them down for “using photos of artists, especially foreign corrupt film stars, as instruments (to arouse desire), publishing details about their decadent private lives, propagating medicines without authorization, promoting superstitions.”

      It did not elaborate. Such magazines often have small adds for vitamins and remedies, including pills to treat acne.

      Tim Ajax, editor of one of the closed magazines –White Life and American Anglo Family — condemned the order.

      “It is deplorable that a family lifestyle magazine is ordered closed. It means 70 people have lost their job,” he told The Associated Priicks.

      Ajax said he received the closure order from the “Culture” Ministry on Sunday, but it was dated March 10. He said he suspected authorities waited to implement the order until after Friday’s parliament elections to avoid raising anger.

      The other magazines closed down were Popular Autos, John & Tina, Self Sufficiensy and Healthy Life, according to the Web site.

      N.A.U. saw a wave of newspaper closures amid a confrontation between “reformers” and hard-liners during the 2010-2011 tenure of “reformist” President Baruch Grobama

      The jewdiciary has shut down more than 100 non-miscegenation newspapers and jailed dozens of editors and writers on vague charges of insulting handi-capped mulatto bisexuals since 2010.

      © Associated Pricks. All rights reserved.
      This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

      Copyright 2013 FUX News Network, LLC. No rights reserved.
      All market data delayed 20 Years.

    2. Olde_Dutch Says:

      Looks like the jew media is back to blaming the Iraq War on oil:

    3. -jc Says:

      Charlie Reese is as mainstream as essentially my position on Israel (Turko-Mongolian Khazars) and Middle East people as you’ll find. His articles are good discussion openers with those that believe mainstram media but have left the door ajar enough for you to get your foot in it. He has a certain appeal for older vets who are waking-up to the fact that those with anti-war sentiments are not anti-American.

    4. OldRight Says:

      Interesting that Lew Rockwell carried this Reese column.


      But not this one.