15 April, 2008

April 15th: Jackie Robinson Day

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Baseball has turned Jackie Robinson into its own MLK. Huge celebration last year, complete with fawning over his ‘lovely’ left-behinds. MLB productions puts out hagiographic clips and long-faced intros every spring. The St. Louis Cardinals all wear circle 42s on their jersey, and they are a team with no connection to the player. Likewise, the New York Mets are apparently hosting some sort of 61st anniversary celebration at their stadium. It’s not just tax day anymore.

White announcers glub glub over the fact that blacks in the Major Leagues have dropped as a percentage of players from about 29% to 9% or thereabouts. It’s always a cause for concern when black numbers aren’t rising of course. MLB is pumping millions into inner-city baseball leagues to tap dat black talent going to waste.


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  7. 4 Responses to “April 15th: Jackie Robinson Day”

    1. Whitepride Says:

      Niggers suck at baseball too. Alex Linder played baseball he should know. Jews suck even worse.

    2. Ed in CT Says:

      If I had known April 15th was Jackie Robinson day, I would have bought a nice waddymelon and ate it while drinking some orange soda.

    3. M. Kraus Says:

      What a laughable bunch of crap. Empty gestures, designed to win approval from a species which is incapable of civilized living.

      Whites are marshmallows, and niggers will eat them.

    4. New America Says:

      I think everyone misses the Jackie Robinson Day issue, as seen from the perspective of the hook-nosed demons known as Jews.

      It was simply a business transaction – nothing more, nothing less.

      Post WWII economic prosperity made the baseball players feel pretty confident they would get substantial raises.

      Simultaneously, the Negro Baseball League was doing well; segregation forced the best of the black athletes to remain in the Negro League, where they worked to the betterment of the Negro small businessmen – “They were OURS!,” as the saying goes.

      Integration, and suddenly, the White baseball players were forced to compete in a labor market with low-wage, high performance players.

      So, wage costs were controlled for the Major League Baseball owners, AND a potential competitor, Negro League Baseball, was obliterated overnight.

      It’s ALL about money, and money as a tool of power.

      Simple as that.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!