8 April, 2008

Aryan Liberation Front Hits Takimag; Little Greek Site Howls, Recoils

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[Join the ALF! Hit Takimag when the writers are sleeping it off with their boyfriends. How angry they will be when they wake at dawn to find their site full of…factual, substantial race-truthful postings. How yippily will the beasties befleeten themselves to depress their deletes!]

Ah, tweaking the faileoconservatives. It’s as fun as eating potato chips, but not nearly as fattening.

[For fullest enjoyment of last night’s raids, be it known to you and all that Justin “Dennis” homo-queer-invert-penning-as-sodomite Raimundo has a little Japanese houseboyfriend named Yoshi.


Yoshee likee Takeemag. It like opening in gentleman pants. Pinstripes. White shirt. Meat in middle. Ooo, yum yum. What time Dennis home? You let him off early!

Posted by Yoshi Indenisi on Apr 08, 2008.



As the writers on this site manfully struggle to imagine a future for genuine conservatism in the wake of the intellectual decay that has crippled the movement

…in the wake of its takeover by jews and their greasy, disingenuous shills who pretend that it has nothing whatsoever to do with race, even though all the

evidence and wisdom of our forefathers says otherwise.

The only one of you struggling manfully is Justin Raimondo. And that’s just– I don’t really want to go to that shopping mall.

Aracial conservatism = liberalism = communism = judaism.


Posted by Jim Pelagrino on Apr 08, 2008.

Ropke doesn’t address a single thing relevant to the modern condition:

– people living in states controlled by hostile race
– aliens controlling media, using them to inclucate racial hatred, including White self-hatred
– aliens using media to encourage White girls and boys in the way of destruction, whether through homosex, abortion or miscegenation

The Nazis didn’t just sit around masturbating and writing cookbooks like you and your hero, Greasy John, they did battle with the kikes destroying their culture.

Posted by Yoshi Tamponuri on Apr 08, 2008.

Who here has a problem discussing race?

The readers?


The editors.

What does that tell us?

It tells us that the editors are happy with, and find their professional interests coincident with, ensuring that Takimag remains ‘just another liberal rag.’

If race didn’t matter, discussing it wouldn’t result in banishment from the ranks of the respectable.

The ‘respectable,’ for those of you hard of hearing, is defined by one’s willingness to toe ZOG’s line when it comes to race: pretending that it is cool and good for jews to run a nationalist system in their land, but evil for Whites to protect themselves similarly, to look out for White interests first and last, in their own.

A genocidal double standard, itz.

As long as Takimag prospers judeo-communism by hewing to the judeo-communist party line on race, the Aryan Liberation Front will continue to make its scorn known on these very pages!

Posted by Aryan Liberation Front on Apr 08, 2008.


Silly kike tries to talk his way around the salient fact:

Either you conserve the race that gave birth to the culture, or it’s a game.

Gottfried’s real name is Saul, and he’s a jew.

He’s here not to lead you, but to handle you.



Posted by Jim Tomkins on Apr 08, 2008.

The Con­stitution didn’t create the men; men created the Constitution. Without such men in leadership, without the presence of a homogeneous society of above average intelligence, a truly conservative form of govern­ment is unachievable and inconceivable.


You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, nor can you make a first-world nation out of third-world scum.

Who are we?

Conservatives have no answer to that question. They’ve been jewed.

The answer is that we are White men.

Family is the little platoon; race is the big platoon.

Political separation from non-whites and the jews who loosed them on our communities with malice aforethought is order #1. Without this separation, we face genocide, quite literally.

Gottfried is a jew, hence his interests lie with the ruling regime. Why Taki allows this jew to pollute his site is beyond me.


Posted by Mike Johnson on Apr 08, 2008.

Yes, indeed, as the poster above puts it:

Conservatism has been jewed.

That, and nothing else, is what’s wrong with it.

Once you accede to the jewish Big Lie that race has nothing to do with conservatism, or politics, or culture, or anything else – you’ve prepared the bed for your own dispossession.

That jew Gottfried and the goyish shills who write for this site hide these truths from you doesn’t change the facts.



These two maxims are signposts to the way back.

Posted by Mark S. on Apr 08, 2008.


Conservatism has been jewed. That’s what is wrong with it.

And in becoming jewed – made into liberalism + 20 years for gutless bourgeois – it has become not merely counterproductive but boring. The conservatives produce nothing interesting today because they are not allowed to discuss the deepest matters. They have passed under the jewish yoke, these oxen, and that is why the delete every posts that hints at the truth.

Posted by Camelnosed Mularkey on Apr 08, 2008.

Spencer, what’s wrong with your argument is that the real virtues America used to exhibit were accidents of history more than positive goods. In the absence of instantaneous communications and cross-continental travel, government wasn’t able to track humans like livestock. The good that was in America was due to the race that founded it. Goes that race, goes all the good stuff.

That is why jew handlers like Saul Gottfried seek to distract attention onto Protestants, technology and management – and off their fellow jews, who took over this country at some point in the 20th century, and today run it as a dictatorship.

The only message that will appeal to White youth is revolutionary: you have the chance to be the greatest men in history by engaging and succeeding in a quest to displace the jews now murdering the Whites’ West.

Posted by William Arbuckle on Apr 08, 2008.


Paleoconservatism is faleoconservatism. It is pale with fear. Paleoconservatism is the definition of rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

Here you’ve got a nation invaded by tens of millions of shitskins, a nation in which 40,000 White women are raped each year by niggers, and a nation presided over by dual-citizens criminal jews…and you at Taki have nothing to say about any of this.

You’d rather hunker and dicker. That’s all you ever do. Splitting hairs over some debate that was moldy before the Middle Ages.

Posted by Jesus Stewart on Apr 08, 2008.

Paleoconservatives are unworthy of the mantle of Burke. He was willing to name and criticize jewish criminals at work in France. Let alone criticizing the jews currently running the U.S., you guys won’t even allow Burke’s 200-year-old criticisms to stand. You delete Burke’s words as soon as you see them.

What can we, your readers, conclude, other than that you are cowards?

Posted by David Thomas on Apr 08, 2008.

I was raised on National Review and have followed the paleocon movement since the early 1990s. For about ten years, I have noticed that the so-called “Middle American Revolution” was breaking down.

“Paging stupid, party of fat.” Oh, he’s dead?

Well then give his place to someone who isn’t afraid to point out the obvious: there is no basis for any revolt against the System save it has a White racial basis.

Whites don’t need blacks or mexicans at all. For anything. No more than they need lying jews like Saul-Paul Gottfried who claim they do.

Conservatism without race?

When all history, example, science and reason show that races are incompatible?

What is this but bilge from the jew-suborned?

Posted by Harley Zamboni on Apr 08, 2008.

Want to resuscitate conservatism? Then reverse the false path Buckley sent it down. Reinstate the racists and anti-semites and kick out the jews. That way alone lies politics that can work.

You won’t do that because you are career girls. All of you. You pretend to an intellectualism you don’t actually believe in when it threatens your livelihood.

“What did you do during the jew-instigated race wars, daddy?”

“I wrote for Takimag, home of the coward.”

Posted by Benjamin Cutler on Apr 08, 2008.

ALF was here!

Color yourself…ENwhiteENED!

Posted by Aryan Liberation Front on Apr 08, 2008.


Well, if he’s a queer, at least he’s a WHITE queer, right?

Shouldn’t you kids be in bed?

Posted by Jim Newland on Apr 08, 2008.

Shouldn’t you kids be in bed?
Posted by Jim Newland


Good to see you, ol’ boy. How’s your wife and my kids?

Posted by Peter Tucker on Apr 08, 2008.

Yet another ridiculous pseudo-analysis, which is jew Gottfried’s stock in trade.

The neocons have more resources? No shit, sherlock. The neocons = liberal = commie = jews.

You have to get the framing right to get anywhere. The terms of battle, the true battle, not the sham on tv or here at Takimag, are jew vs White.

Name the jew, fight the jew. Crusade in the name of the White race. Race is the base from which a successful campaign against jews can be waged. Otherwise, prepare to lose, lose, lose and lose some more.

A conesrvatism that fights—a conservatism faithful to Edmund Burke—rejects all jews. Jews concern themselves solely with what is good for jews. Conservatism means worrying about what is good for Whites.

Imagine a White nation: no niggers to pay tribute to. No hospitals full of bedbug-ridden turds from Veracruz. No trillions of dollars shipped to the lousy, lying kikes of Israel.

What a beautiful picture.

Posted by Karl Raimond on Apr 08, 2008.

Suffering from insomnia this evening, so I log onto Taki’s Mag – which I’m really beginning to enjoy… and find myself wading through a steaming pile of anti-semitic bigotry.

Its the middle of the bleedin’ night! Shouldn’t you all be out defacing synogogues or knocking over gravestones, or something?

Posted by Erich on Apr 08, 2008.

Most of that junk done by jews themselves so they can get the ‘anti-semitic incidents’ to proper levels in their bimonthly reports. But keep on swallowing the bullshit from the world’s biggest liars.

Posted by Dat Phung on Apr 08, 2008.

  • 11 Responses to “Aryan Liberation Front Hits Takimag; Little Greek Site Howls, Recoils”

    1. jim donaldson Says:

      Thanks for the new slogan: “Race Is The Base.”

    2. shabbos s. shabazz Says:



    3. Whitepride Says:

      I know jew gottfried is full of shit. Listen to one of his interviews on that Political Cesspool show and he all but comes out and admits the neocons have it in for us.

      “They dislike Germans and Southerners,” I believe is what he said.

      No shit you filthy kike.

    4. Mark Says:

      True conservatism includes conserving race, it’s fundamental. Conservatives that promote miscegenation and multi-racialism are hypocrites. Sean Hannity is a prime example.

    5. Antonio Fini Says:


      Let’s blitz them using different screen names and emails. The article frankly admits Peo-Cons are at death’s door anyway. I say euthanize the beast the same way young elephants mob a tired old bull and gore him to death on the savannah. Ok-I don’t know if they really do that, but it’s a cool image.

      Let the power vacuum be filled.

    6. Alex Linder Says:

      Use this link if they ban your IP – dozens of proxies through link.


    7. New America Says:

      There is a quiet irony in their citation of Ropke as a possible Guide to a better economic future.

      Our commentator above noted:

      Ropke doesn’t address a single thing relevant to the modern condition:

      – people living in states controlled by hostile race
      – aliens controlling media, using them to inclucate racial hatred, including White self-hatred
      – aliens using media to encourage White girls and boys in the way of destruction, whether through homosex, abortion or miscegenation

      in reply:
      The irony is that Ropke’s model state – economically speaking – can be found in…


      The RACE issue never mattered to them, as they were addressing social issues in the framework of Roman Catholicism as the spiritual center of a social order that deals with economic issues in a more “humane” manner.

      That having been said, Ropke’s supporters seem to represent an attempt to develop a Roman Catholic counterpoint to the pure capitalism models – Communism, as State Capitalism, and Financial Capitalism, as the current phase of Western Capitalism certainly has become.

      All seem to fall on the eternal questions of “Who Rules, and Why?”

      All of the verbiage simply creates smoke to hite the Light of one point, and that is the definition of Capitalism.

      To make life easier for our CONservative friends – intellectual dishonest and morally disingenuous to a fault, one and all – let’s define the terms:

      Capital is PROPERTY.

      Capitalism is the process of using property.

      Simple as that.

      Communism – STATE Capitalism – is simply State ownership of ALL property, including the humans living therein.

      In short, it is the Ideal Jewish Social Order.

      The Question is how to develop a system of property rights that are consistent with human nature.

      The foremost expression of such a system, it seems to me, is, either in Switzerland, on one level, or, in a more technocratically structured society, the National Socialist economies of Scandinavia.

      Does anyone else notice that only the White RACE makes these societies function at all, much less to the remarkable extent that they do?

      To the extent that the CONservatives avoid addressing a Positive Theory of RACE in the ordering of their societies, their analyses resemble their meetings – the intellectual equivalent of mutual masturbation, with a whole lot of activity, and no productivity.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

      The Nazis didn’t just sit around masturbating and writing cookbooks like you and your hero, Greasy John, they did battle with the kikes destroying their culture.

    8. blightblingdoucheinrancho Says:

      “Color yourself…ENwhiteENED!”

      LMAO! Good one. Love the wordsmything. Now get rid of White, B., and all other faux “leaders.”

    9. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Yesterday- Age of Enlightenment
      To-day- Age of Enwhitenment

    10. New America Says:

      They are now going to Roepke hard.


      These nice Catholic boys will use Ropke because (1) he worked on the idea of “A Humane Society,” which is one of the tenets of contemporary Roman Catholic social thought, and (2) he criticized the NSDAP policies.

      Incidentally – and this wins First Prize from the nationalist perspective – Ropke favored interest rates – quite a bit,

      So, once again, Judaism’s policies and practices hide behind Roman Catholic social-economic theory. like the puppetmaster behind the puppet.

      We might presume that, hardcore paleocon economic theory will be repudiated as quickly as paleocon foreign policy has been repudiated, and we might further speculate that Ropke is part of the intellectual, Roman Catholic approved firewall against people considering an NS economic policy.

      In short, they might be bringing out Ropke – “A Humane Economy,” with interest (usury), as a replacement for Friedman’s Failures.

      Nice try.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    11. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Execrable claptrap.