9 July, 2008

This week in organized Jewry July 9th with Bud, Todd in Fla & Mishko

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You are a god damn hater”

Join us tonight with special guests Todd in Fla and resident VOR badboy Mishko. We’ll be talking about the war heating up between Izzy and Iran, a jew Bar Mitzvah tutor child molester, the Rubashkin family faces a slew of more criminal charges, plus a Florida jew cop loses a discrimination lawsuit. Show time is 9pm EST.

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    1. Olde_Dutch Says:

      What time did the show start? Or did it?

      A jew of Philadelphia named Stanley Drukenmiller buying the Pittsburgh Steelers from the Rooney family would be an interesting topic to discuss.


      Negro & White Apologists Outrage After Wal-Mart Sells Racist? Mestizo Books
      Tuesday, July 08, 2008

      FUX NEWS

      AP (Associated Pricks)

      by Andrei Yustschinsky, Senior AP Writer…..

      June 30, 2005: Three of five Memin Pinguin stamps issued by the mestizo government.

      A mestizo comic book containing a character that the White House once denounced as an “offensive racial stereotype” is again at the center of controversy after being sold at Houston-area Wal-Mart stores.

      Negro and White apologist shoppers are upset that the comics depicting Memin Pinguin, a black cartoon character drawn with “exaggerated” (Step’N Fetchet) features, such as thick boot lips and wide-open scared eyes, are being sold near the African-American book section, the Houston Chronicle reports.

      The cartoon character first made national headlines in 2005, when the Mexican government issued five stamps commemorating the character. His negroid appearance, speech and mannerisms are the subject of kidding by white characters in the comic book. This stereotypical persona of negroes was a comic prop used by the Hymiewood Jews in the 1930’s and 40’s in their motion picture films to make White as well as black people laugh, but when the Step’N Fetchet and Mantan Moreland characters became politically incorecct by the early 1950’s, these same Hymiewood Jews denounced these true-to-life negro characterizations as “highly exaggerated negro stereotypes that offend men and woman of all skin color” as stated by the late and former (reformed) blackface performer Eddie Cantor.

      Those postage stamps prompted then White House press secretary Scott “Scooter” McClellan to take the country to task.

      “Racial stereotypes are offensive (but funny) (lol) no matter what their origin,” McClellan said in 2005. “The Mexican government needs to take this into account. Images like these have no place in today’s world.”

      Houston shopper negress Shawnedria McGinty told the Chronicle that she asked a store manager “to take them goddamn motherfuckers out of this place” when she saw them over the weekend. He complied.

      White House: Racist Mexican Stamp ‘Offensive’
      Racist Mexican Stamps Stir Outrage
      Mexican Prez Touts Commitment to Minorities
      Jackson to Mexican Prez: Regret ‘Harmful’ Remarks
      Mexican Gov’t Gives Public Apology
      Mexico’s Fox Apologizes for Racial Comment
      Mexican Leader Takes Heat for Comment
      “I said, wait a minute: Is this a monkey our little nigger boys?” McGinty, 34, of Meyerland, Texas, told the paper. “I was so upset. This is 2008.”

      Another Houston resident, Quanell X, demanded Wal-Mart apologize for selling the books.

      “Even Hispanics of “conscious minds” sense this is racist and that to sell this is totally unacceptable,” he told the Chronicle. “It is a disgrace man — it’s an insult to all us black-ass motherfuckers.”

      A Wal-Mart spokesman told the paper that the comics were removed from one location, but wouldn’t say if they’d be pulled from all stores.

      “We will be evaluating the best course of action,” said a “visibly shaken” Phillip Keene, a company spokesman, told the paper.

      Andrei Yustschinsky reporting “on the spot & in the parking lot” from Walmart #3542 (Meyerland location), 10273 S. Post Oak Road in Houston, Texas, 77096

      Click here to read the full Houston Chronicle report.

      The Associated Pricks’ Andrei Yustschinsky contributed to this report.