14 August, 2008

Poland: Anti-Russia Missile Deal Reached

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An important part of the neoconservative plan for a New World Order, this American missile system has angered Russia, especially since Russia isn’t a NATO member while Poland and the U.S. are. Neoconservatism = Trotskyism with a suit and briefcase: same Jewish aggression, same global aims, but updated out of necessity. The fact that some neocons aren’t Jews doesn’t change the Jewish nature of the neocon movement. Will that movement lead to World War III (also known as World War IV or V)?


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    1. New America Says:

      I suspect there is less to this than meets the Untrained Eye.

      The Poles know that they are Ground Zero for the Russian response which, like Medvedev and Putin, is smart – really smart.

      They are a LONG way from building these facilities, and a LOT can – and will happen, between now and then.

      This was “announced” a few months back, and the length of time between the announcement, and the loading of the silos, keeps moving back.

      The Russian counter- cheap, smart and incredibly fair and effective – is to place cruise missiles in Kaliningrad with a status of “launch on warning.” The American missiles can NOT be allowed to hit boost phase.

      Out of respect for their European brethren, Putin has announced that the cruise missiles will be loaded with conventional warheads, so, in a necessary act of self-defense, the hazards to the Polish people will be minimized, as far as Russia can safely do so.

      The European Community appreciates this, and they will remember.

      So will Russia.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    2. Heinrich Himmler Jr. Says:

      Poland and just about all of the other former Soviet satellite states are very poor. They foolishly believe that by allowing ZOG missiles, ZOG troops and ZOG spies to run around with impunity in their countries, that they will not be poor anymore, that ZOG, NATO and the EU will bring prosperity and security. They will be tragically mistaken.

      The USA wants to rule the world, and so they exploit the poverty and desparation of countries like Poland and Pakistan to expand their power. Russia is standing up to ZOG and the EU, so they are automatically the “bad guys”. I hope the good people of Poland don’t allow themselves to fall under the rulership of another hostile empire, i.e., ZOG.