12 August, 2008


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Today’s women are usually short men who wear tampons. But some women are rejecting Judeo-modernism in favor of traditional female roles:


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  7. 6 Responses to “Time-Traveling”

    1. Arch Stanton Says:

      Shades of Brazil! The movie was uncannily prescient in its view of the future we presently suffer. Did Gilliam dream it up or did he have a time machine? The theme of the movie revolves around shadowy terrorist that are always present, but never caught. It is hinted in the movie that the acts of terrorism are in fact a manipulative ploy by the government to allow it cart blanch power over the dystopian society of Sam Lowery. The total surveillance state of the movie is now a fact. In Britain cameras are everywhere, on almost every overpass on the motorways. For me one of the most unnerving things is how nothing in the movie works. Gilliam hit the nail on the head with his portrayal of dysfunctional technology. Look around and take note just how many things around you do not function as planned or break within a short period. Another uncanny prediction of the movie was paying for your own incarceration. This has come to pass and today the legal system is rapidly closing on a mutated form of debtors prison where the cost of dealing within the system will enslave you to it. Look at how may fathers are in prison because they cannot afford the court mandated child support fees. When you are arrested they charge you for the processing fees and you have to pay for probation and surveillance costs as well. You pay an outrageous fee for those nifty ankle bracelet tracking devices as well as the phone connection required to transmit the signal. As the guard in the movie said ‘Confess boy, before they ruin your credit rating.’ And what about the torture used to extract confessions from those like Buttle (or is it Tuttle) who are sucked into the system? Now we find the retro wives. The shoe hat Katheryn Hellman wears in the movies was actually a 1930s fashion. Not surprisingly the retro wive fad is taking place in the same country the movie portrays. If there is one movie I never wanted to live it is Brazil. Apparently Mr. Kurtzman, that’s what’s playing tonight.

    2. sandor Says:

      In the end, they don’t have children, but not for the apparent reason. A common coping mechanism for dealing with things that cause anxiety that are beyond your control is to exert absolute control over something you can control – like how you ‘act’, dress, decorate. It is a form of obsessive-compulsive behavior. Children would add too much chaos, and what the children would be subjected to would largely be beyond the comfort level of these people. Result: these people are biological dead ends.
      Have courage – have children—-maybe they’ll be braver than we are.

    3. Mike Quigley Says:

      Those days are long gone. Now our women want careers of their own,and become lesbians if they choose. If they do choose to be a housewife, it’ll be for the rebelious,sexy,badboy,best thing since sliced bread black man who wont be there for them anyway.In the end they’ll be alone,working at 7-11 while her parents take care of her muddy,bastard obama-nations.

    4. Paul Says:

      With their love for and obsession with WWII,I thought everybody in England lived in the 1940’s.

    5. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      The first woman, Joanne Massey, is a lovely, Donna Reed look-a-like, but it’s selfish and very shortsighted that she and her husband choose to not have children.

      If we all chose this path, the beautiful, White race would be gone in one generation, and who will they have in their lives as they age? No children=no grandchildren. Not very smart.

    6. Heinrich Himmler Jr. Says:

      While reading the article, I looked over to the right side of the page and noticed a photo of that old c*nt Madonna with her douchebag husband and their new pet monkey from Africa. Ugggghhhh! Everything that’s wrong with the world today can be summed up in that photo.

      The time-warp women profiled in the article are displaying disturbing signs of anti-social behavior. It’s too bad they are spending all their money on living a self-centered fantasy life, money that could have been used to bring some desparately-needed White children into England. Those Twits are even more eccentric than I gave them credit for.