2 December, 2008

Radio Istina: Tuesday December 2, 2008

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We will conclude our discussion of the rise of mass testing and the dumbing down of public education in the 20th century.

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    6. 5 Responses to “Radio Istina: Tuesday December 2, 2008”

      1. Martin Says:

        Alex – you may need to check the mp3 of this episode – I just downloaded it but it’s impossible to play, something seems to have gone wrong with the recording. Anyway here’s hoping it can be fixed…

      2. Stuyvesant Says:

        Same here. MP3 file seems to be corrupt. I can play it, the Guns and Roses song is OK but the rest is garbage.

      3. Archives Says:

        If you had a problem with the mp3, please try it again now. Let us know if there’s still a problem. Thanks.

      4. Stuyvesant Says:

        Filesize reduced from 19.1 to 17.8 MB
        Everything OK now.

      5. walter hingerty Says:

        Hey Fellows
        I can always download yer mp3s but I have noticed lately that some of my podcasts,(VNN and VOR) wont automatically update in itunes. Didja know about this. ALso are you aware of a Jew software called megaphone?
        Its diabolical

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