19 December, 2008

Re: Another War Fought for God’s Pets

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Seen: Really unpleasant photos of a White man who lost his leg in combat in the Iraq War. Too bad he doesn’t know the truth: A Jewish Whim Took His Limb. How many good, White men will be maimed for Big Jew?

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  7. 10 Responses to “Re: Another War Fought for God’s Pets”

    1. Arch Stanton Says:

      Of late I have been examining the Negro. Considering we now have a Negro president I thought I might reconsider my previous thoughts on the matter. As we “progressed” in this society I look at what the white man has accomplished versus the Negro. The white man he get up every day and go to work. Da white man gets up and marches off to die fightin’ da jew’s enemy. He works and dies for da jew promise, “fight for me and I will give you a pot medal, work for me for twenty years and you will get a gold plated watch and enough to live on at just above the poverty level.” So da white man he give up his prime and goes of to fight and work, squandering his youth for a promise. Now de Negro he say, “Bullshit! I ain’t fightin’ for no pot medal, an I aint’s workin’ for no promise; in fack I ain’t working period. I’m goin’ to drink de wine and chase dat white pussy. I’m going to drink de whine and fuck dat white pussy.” And so the white man goes to fight, die and work while the Negro drinks the white man’s wine and fucks his white woman’s pussy. Now who be da foo? Da dead white man who worked and fought his life away and ain’ts gots no retirement or de Negro dats gots all dem fond memories of dat sweet, sweet, wine and dat sweet, sweet, white pussy – who be da foo now? Am I missing sumpin’ here?

    2. Doug Says:

      I get the same feeling when I see the local news station showing “service men” in fucking Korea or some other country thousands of miles away. While he is over there “maintaining order”, niggers are breaking it down. Such fucking idiots. They may be good folks to have next door, but god damn are they dumb to not see the big picture that the highest priority is DOMESTIC order, not foreign order. Who gives a fuck if Korea’s order is maintained, if Heidi Klum is fucking and producing kids with Seal?

    3. Blightblingdouche Says:

      “…who be da foo now? Am I missing sumpin’ here?”

      Lmao. Better still, who would go to bat for fools like that?

      Or for fools like this:

      The Obama Victory Plate


    4. Howdy Doody Says:

      The quality of the officer corp is it as good as in past decades ?

      Could it be the bottom of the barrel is being used now ?

      Wonder what they regime does to keep pilots in till their prime is over at what age 32 ?

      Are the best still going as in the 1940’s through the 1970’s?

    5. CW-2 Says:

      Yes, White people have many fine qualities but gullibility isn’t one of them.

      Our blood and brains have for decades been sustaining the jew system. It’s about time we opt out of the system and abandon all political, cultural, religious, social and economic structures that are a barrier to White survival.

    6. Blightblingdouche Says:

      “It’s about time we opt out of the system and abandon all political, cultural, religious, social and economic structures that are a barrier to White survival.”

      Here, here!

      Let’s start with the Internet. Given our fringe “TOS” status and ultimate banishment from the Internet the only worthwhile Netivism for us at this point is to advocate racial communitarianism, populism, and provide how-to information. That in itself would eliminate 90% of the cowards and dysfunctional deadweight from our online presence. The subsequent reduction in cyber-noise would allow us to spread our message to potentially productive people in the real world with greater effectiveness. Of course, this flies directly in the face of online wannabe tinpot “leaders” who depend on contributions from pensioned geezers and rely upon the presence of the tattoo-crowd to provide them with a faux form of street credibility on the Internet.

    7. Zarathustra Says:

      It’s truly discouraging that most Americans don’t know or even care that US troops are in the Near East getting killed or maimed for life for Israel’s sake. This country has become too stupid and apathetic to exist any longer. If there’s ever a pro-White revolution, the new Government will have to treat the White masses in a ruthless, totalitarian manner to make sure the Jew never sneaks back into power.

    8. Howdy Doody Says:

      There is a slight rumbling from those who are close to retirement from say Electrical Workers Union and similar type of workers.

      The Wall street gangsters have robbed US completely.

      It is no wonder they set up Homolandinsecurity.

      The left is now more arrogant disciples of N.P.R./PBS than ever before and these Brain washed leftist area more than thrilled about the change coming. LOL.

      Look at any date site for women in the 40-60 age group, the ones not not tattooed and there are alot of them are school teachers and government employee’s.

      Their bio’s rant on with anti White tripe.

    9. Zarathustra Says:

      NPR/PBS are very liberal, but not in the populist/anti-establishment way that The Nation, Jim Hightower or Mother Jones are. They’re liberal in an arrogant, elitist, establishment sort of way, like Time, Jewsweek and the Jew York Times.

      You’re right, HD, the establishment Jew Left is thrilled about America becoming a Turd-World, non-White majority Soviet Socialist Republic in the near future.

    10. Cpt. Candor Says:

      I remember taking a tour of West Point a couple years ago, the bus going through the complex just as classes were changing. With the exception of a mulatto or two, all I saw among the cadets was a sea of beautiful White faces. To my mild amusement, the only other people on the tour were a few geriatric honks, a pair of obese Black women and a family of Chinese.

      That aside, the “people” who demanded the complete genetic annihilation of Southern Whites during the Civil War and its aftermath must be positively giddy at the prospect of how much destruction the War On Turds is causing (and has yet to cause!) to AmeriKwa’s White Remnant. Contrary to back-alley Liberal catcalls, Bush should be remembered as one of our most Anti-White presidents for this reason alone.

      Speaking of Time and Jewsweek, I can no longer tell which one is supposed to be a bad parody of the other. It’s at the point where the cover on each new issue tries to outdo that of its opponent in the “pompous irrelevancy” category, though I had to laugh when one of them superimposed The Incredible O’s head over FDR’s.