24 March, 2009

VNN Free Talk Live 03-24-09 With Mark Faust

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Grab a 40oz, cheese doodles, fried chicken and some watermelon.
Das Right!
It’s a special TNB broadcast brought to you by yours truly.
The demonic tribe known as the Jews have loosed the simians upon us and those apes have been busy. We will be covering all the recent TNB that has been at a fever pitch these days.

We will be covering the kikenvermin as well. It just wouldn’t be a VNN broadcast otherwise. The kikes have also been busy lining their pockets and screaming in victimized pain as they slap white people throughout the Western world.

  • 7 Responses to “VNN Free Talk Live 03-24-09 With Mark Faust”

    1. Veritas Says:

      VNNF has been down for several days for me.

      Anyone else having trouble accessing the forum?

    2. Fred Says:

      Yes, The forum has been going up and down. I have no idea why.

    3. exalted grand-master oberführer double diamond jim! Says:

      archive ?!?

    4. Varg Says:

      Archive posted.

      I did my best to edit out the parts with dead air. Sadly James Hawthorne’s connection to skype wasnt the most stable during the end of the show, so there were parts he was chopping out.

    5. exalted grand-master oberführer double diamond jim! Says:

      nice 1!

      (hoping to be there me-self, next week…..seein’ as how him-self’ll prblby have some ½-pie decent music “on the go” courtesy or yrs-truly!)


    6. DWMT Says:

      The difference between the Jew and the Hebrew are as great as
      the difference between the Jew and the Caucasion. Jews DO NOT
      have one drop of Hebrew or Semetic blood in their veins, they are
      Khazars, eastern asians, they can trace their blood to Genghis
      Khan,spelled the same way as those Hollywierd jews. Yiddish,
      when observed by the uninitiated looks like Hebrew, but just like everything else done by the children of Lucifier, only looks like the
      real thing. A rabbi cannot read and therefore cannot teach anyone
      Hebrew! what they teach is Yiddish, and typical to the race, a perversion of what was real and true. If you care to do some
      digging you will find that the Caucasion race is the result of the
      remnents of the tribe of Dan making their way from Jacobs Altar in
      the desert in 665BC, to Egypt, then to Cyprus, then to Mesopatamina and up into Spain by 200BC, they crossed over into
      Scotland in 400AD. All the while they draged a piece of Jacobs Altar
      (abt. 5′ by 4.5′ by 1.5′) with them, and that stone would become the
      Stone of Scone, on which every Scottish, Irish, and English Monarch
      was corinated. In the movie Braveheart was a scene of the
      Declaration of Argrobrath, “Our fathers came to this place 1100
      years ago, after being in Spain for 400 years…”, this was in 1325.
      If you want to see a real document search-up The Declaration of

    7. Marwinsing Says:

      Sweet Mark sweet! Tell those Euro and Brit WNs to wake the fuck up, they lost a WN (me) to the jungle. I’m back in Africa because the fucking Euros and Brits won’t pull redtape-strings for their WN brothers who don’t have EU privileges. But then again Britain and Europe couldn’t give rat’s butt about losing their ancestor’s soil to ragheads, ching-chongs, chimps and Turks do they? Nah!