15 March, 2009

Eye for Knowledge Hour with Quest

Posted by Varg in VNNB at 9:22 pm | Permanent Link

Eye for Knowledge Hour with Quest

Premier broadcast playing now on VNN Radio 10:00pm EST (03-15-09 )

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  7. 9 Responses to “Eye for Knowledge Hour with Quest”

    1. Eye-For-Knowledge Hour on VNN « Quest Says:

      […] last time im updating this! D/L show here: http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/?p=3833 Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)No TitleFive shows I’ve been watching again […]

    2. Howdy Doody Says:

      Have not listened to broadcasts for months, but tonight the new player you put up opend and it plays clear as a bell.

    3. Bob Says:

      Agree that death by a thousand cuts is possible. It may come to pass that the ‘markets’ will go to new highs through KikeJew legerdemain.


    4. Socrates Says:

      Howdy Doody, and all others: please fill in ALL blank fields when you post. It lessens the chance of comment problems. Please re-post, Howdy Doody. No, you don’t have to provide your real information. Use whatever information you want.

    5. All you need to know about ATV vehicles. Says:

      […] Vanguard News Network » Blog Archive » Eye for Knowledge Hour with … […]

    6. Zarathustra Says:

      10:00pm EST? We’re on Daylight Savings Time now, NOT Standard Time. It should read 10:00pm EDT. Why do so many people make that annoying mistake?

    7. Craig Cobb Says:

      Now that we’ve exposed this guy as a kike, are you going to still play his show?

    8. BootBoyRomperStomper Says:

      Why are you letting a dirty greasy fat sloppy turkish jew who collaborates with with that Jew Hufschmid and Mike Delaney to broadcast here?

      I thought this was

      Vanguard News Network
      No Jews. Just Right.

      Just sayin’…

    9. Chris Says:

      God, who exposed this guy as a supposed Jew? Where is your evidence? The guy has Turkish ancestry, this does not qualify him as a Jew! I know Turks, they’re not Jews and the majority do not support the Jewish agenda. If your evidence is the fact that he has black hair, big nose and Turkish ancestry then I’m afraid that would make the whole of the middle east and asiatic countries Jewish which they’re not! Stop shouting kike, prove he is one.