18 March, 2009

Death by a Thousand Cuts

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by Arch Stanton.

The Chinese have a rather cruel punishment called “death by a thousand cuts.”  I’ll spare you the gory details. Suffice it to say this is the number of incisions inflicted on the victim. The incisions in themselves are not deep enough to be fatal, but they are quite painful and the end result is that the victim ultimately bleeds to death very slowly. This is a form of torture on the smaller scale, but it is an apt form of attack on a larger scale as when an enemy is much more powerful than yourself. Then the same tactic can be used to bring about defeat. Small precise attacks that are but a small loss to the enemy’s overall health but in the end result in slowly bleeding the opponent to death.

I practice this form of attack on a daily basis. I call it “death by a thousand exposures.” What I do is call attention to the jew in every conversation. Whenever a jew comes on TV I take pains to point out his racial linage. Of course, due of the preponderance of jews encountered in the media, this grows tiresome rather quickly for the listener. Yet this type of offhand identification effectively serves to point out just how many jews maintain visible positions of power. Due to their media-induced conditioning, most people quickly perceive this as some sort of hatred for  jews, but I always calmly point out that I’m simply stating fact and nowhere in my statement can one find any enmity or vitriol.  I simply say “he’s a jew” and “the only reason I point this out is because most people are not aware of that fact. Were you aware he’s a jew?” When occasion permits, as it might when discussing someone like Bernie Madoff,* I roll my eyes exclaiming, “What did you expect, he’s a jew!” I do this in a disarming manner as if only the densest of twits would not understand why it happened that way.

I always use such phrases whenever someone brings up some “ethical impropriety” that would typically be considered criminal if committed by a non-Jew. Thus someone might say, “did you see that guy who only got two years for stealing all that money?” To which I reply, “Of course he got off with a light sentence, he’s a jew.” I had an interesting encounter the other day when a gentleman said to me, “if they handed Madoff over to the Israelis, the Mossad would have him talking about the money within two minutes.” I replied, “Are you kidding? Madoff’s a jew! If they handed him over to the Mossad, the Israelis would grant him immunity from prosecution. Wherever a jew commits a crime they always have the option of running off to Israel where they are safe from extradition.” Now there is a question no one asks, “why didn’t Bernie take flight in his personal jet to Tel Aviv?” I keep telling everyone that Madoff was intentionally made a scapegoat with his full complicity, probably to cover other jews’ much larger crimes.

Another entertaining and informative game is “name that jew.” This is always a fave game with the Talmudvision crowd. You begin by identifying Hollywood stars who are closet jews. Beginning with the obvious stars, like say Kirk Douglas and Paul Newman, one progresses to the less obvious. Before you know it people are volunteering names of jewish movie stars while others are saying they didn’t know he or she is jewish. This is a wonderfully entertaining method to bring an awareness of jewish presence into people’s daily lives.

The jews have done a great service to the white man’s cause in their murder of Palestinian children. Many women are becoming aware of the murder being committed in that region in the name of Zionism. For that reason many are rapidly becoming disenchanted with the jews and their sobbing claims of victimhood. So I always try and bring up the Palestinians in my discussions with women. I will say, “Did you see those horrible pictures of the white phosphorous burns on those poor Palestinian children? Why doesn’t the UN or Amnesty International do something about it?” Of course anyone who starts to research the subject will soon find out why the international organizations are effectively handcuffed over Israel’s murderous actions. Should someone point out that Amnesty International is making statements against the Israeli’s actions, I reply “Yes I heard something about that, but why isn’t anything being done? When Amnesty International jumped on the same situation with African children, the UN soon stepped in with sanctions; so why isn’t anything being done about those murderous Israelis killing those poor Palestinian children?”

Every day, in every way, I point to the jew. “Look!” I say. “There’s the jew! Look at what the jew is doing! Can’t you understand you’re dealing with jews in this matter? Jews are special people, they are chosen; that is why nothing is done.” So sharpen your tongues and begin making those small, innocuous, verbal cuts every day in every way possible. Don’t relent, keep it up for each cut of truth exposes their infection within our culture to the light. Each exposure makes their presence more obvious. Each small cut drains the jews of their power over others. When enough people finally understand who and what these people are, when enough outsiders understand their destructiveness, changes will begin to occur.

*The name is pronounced “made off” as in, “He Madoff with your money, stupid goy!” Now there’s a Big Fucking Clue! (Mogombo identifier – BFC!). One must ask why his fellow jews would trust their money to a guy with a name pronounced “made off.” Of all people you would think jews would know what a guy like Bernie is capable of stealing. Then again maybe they did, maybe this was just a “two-fer.” Maybe Bernie was the mule used to transfer a huge amount of money out of the country while enhancing the jew’s victim status. That would explain why they are handling Bernie with kid gloves.

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    1. Terrorsaurus Says:

      I used to find that even saying the j word among others was the social equivalent of dumping a bucket of sand on the gears of the conversation. People’s reactions to the j word was always the mental equivalent of a doctor tapping your knee with a rubber prong. It’s all part of the jew matrix or mind-prison we have lived under since we were born.

      My, the times they are a-changing as people start to realize how short their lives really are.

      And you’re right about the jews being their own worst enemies. Or hell, even their only enemies (with any real power). Their aggression is so shocking even the mildest liberal must wonder “what gives?”.

    2. Stan Sikorski Says:

      Thanks Arch for another excellent piece. Your tactics and mine are very similar and have worked to open the eyes of many people.

    3. Junghans Says:

      Bingo, Arch, keep cutting away, relentless agitation is essential; the hallmark of a true white revolutionary. You deserve the oak leaves with diamonds to your well earned RK, Rassengenoße!

    4. Zarathustra Says:

      Maybe, just maybe, some people are starting to get tired of the Jews and their constant whining about the Holohoax and other similar persecution fantasies. The Jews have inordinate wealth and power and normal people should resent this arrogant little alien minority manipulating society to their advantage.

    5. Reck Says:

      Not to mention his first name “Burn~e” Ha, Burn~thee Made~off…

    6. Ein Says:

      Terrorsaurus Says: I used to find that even saying the j word among others was the social equivalent of dumping a bucket of sand on the gears of the conversation.

      Well said! Yep, it’s a conversation killer for sure. Forbidden territory! The tabooed topic!

    7. Junghans Says:

      The “bucket of sand” analogy is a reflection of the Fear of the Jews Syndrome, intentionally inculcated into the minds of the clueless white victims by the mind altering Anti-Race (Jews). The only way to counter the predation is through a strong sense of white tribalism, and fanatical white revolutionary activity, a’ la racial comrades Arch Stanton, David Duke et al.
      Arch is a true ‘community organizer’, of the white racial movement. Racial motivation and activity are essential for genetic survival. The racial agitation can never cease; simply emulate the Jewish Strategy, and fight fire with fire. The disintegration of artificial ‘proposition’ “nations”, like ‘our’ current, (self-inflicted and Jew compounded) Fool’s Paradise, is in high gear, so help lubricate the descent of the fatally stricken old order. This is becoming a biological imperative!

    8. apollonian Says:

      Most Strategic Move Is Striking At Psychologic Base–Theology
      (Apollonian, 19 Mar 09)

      Note as long as Jews and Judeo-conspirators keep that COUNTERFEITING conspiracy/fraud (see RealityZone.com for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]) working, EVERYONE ELSE IS at great disadvantage–Jews can just buy people at will.

      Jews then are like a huge corporation with all the assets and all the advantages, legal, technological, and military. Just imagine if u had all the money in the world–and u had enough, not too many, but enough helpers, associates, allies, and accomplices who knew and know sufficiently how to be loyal and obedient. And note then u’re fighting against stupid, thick-headed morons who are barely literate–like most gentiles and goyim. Now u know how Jews think and see things.

      Thus to try to oppose Jews overtly will be extremely difficult–it’s doing things the hard way. That’s why the easiest, best overall way to oppose Jews is by means of Christianity, dear good comrades.

      Thus Christianity, properly understood, best and most perfectly UNDER-CUTS Jews, getting at the base of the psyche–which is what one must do, Jews having every other advantage.

      Thus conventional, hackneyed theology of St. Paul (“faith” and “love”), so miserably mis-understood nowadays, actually working much to advantage of Jews for all practical effect, is placed in proper context and perspective of TRUTH vs. Jew conspiracy and lies, as in Gosp. JOHN.

      Control of Christian theology is where the real battle is then, Truth vs. Jew lies; reason vs. mysticism; objective vs. subjective–these are the appropriate anti-theses, all parallel with one another.

      All the nazi, klan and other anti-semitic and patriot organizations and efforts are ripe for this proper theologic understanding as I present (just above, again); it’s a matter of KNOWING THE ENEMY, the Jew working by means of lies, fraud, conspiracy, etc.

      CONCLUSION: So I wish the brave heroes of NSM (see WhiteReference.blogspot.com, “Bay Area…,” 18 Mar 09) well as they surely have a most difficult road to negotiate. A serious, most rationally understood Christian pt.-of-view would make things easier, surely. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    9. gollywog Says:

      Here is one that can be thrown into the bucket of sand. Next time you are sitting around throwing back a few cold ones with a barn load of those born again sheeple ask them why they can only stand proud when their christian(ness) is hyphened up with judaism.
      Call the Pope many things (and most may be true) but you will never see a collection of Judaian – Catholics.
      There are many a merry watering holes in Catholic Ireland where one can have a lively conversation about the whole parasitic flem.
      Arch you are dead on the money.

    10. Ein Says:

      Meant to write “race or ethnicity”.

    11. Tom McReen Says:

      Uncompromising internet posting on ‘mainstream’ comments sections work too. I’ve used it to my advantage and that was before the new generation of jew-aware activists (Prothink etc) came through.

      As awful as the Gaza ‘airstrikes’ were it also gave a boost to posters’ confidence in naming the jew. I see people losing their fear and naming the jew when before they would have only gone as far as ‘zionist’ or not even that – confidence breeds confidence.

      “*The name is pronounced “made off” as in, “He Madoff with your money, stupid goy!”

      Yes, Made-off. Is that some kind of typical “illuminati” joke? They do it all the time with numbers.