9 March, 2009

There’s No-a-Hidin’ from the Noahide Laws

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by Arch Stanton.

It’s always so nize of those Jewish boys to write up the laws we must obey. Of course we should all work real hard to understand those laws so we don’t wind up in the Neuvo Americano Gulag. To that end I was reviewing the Noahide Laws that we now live under as referenced by the following: The first two clauses of the U.S. Joint Resolution designating March 26, 1991 as “Education Day, USA,” stated that the United States of America was founded upon “Seven Noahide Laws,” which were the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization:

“Whereas Congress recognizes the historical tradition of ethical values and principles which are the basis of civilized society and upon which our great Nation was founded;

“Whereas these ethical values and principles have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws…”

So here they are, the seven Noahide Laws:

1) No worship of false gods.
2) Murder is not permitted.
3) Stealing and Kidnapping are sins.
4) Sexual immorality is forbidden. This includes adultery and homosexual behavior, as well as incest.
5) Do not blaspheme God.
6) Do not consume any flesh torn from an animal that is still alive.
7) Establish a system of laws, courts, and police that is honest and effective.


(1) No worship of false gods. And who defines the true god? The jews? So would that be any god other than the murderous, wrathful, punishing god of Israel Jehovah, aka Yahweh?

(2) No murder? So only the goyim have to follow the Noahide laws? Which is why jews can wantonly slaughter the Palestinians, they’re simply not constrained by the childish laws that bind the goyim. The richer, more versatile Talmudic laws allow for murder if the victims aren’t “worth a single Jewish fingernail.” I think I’m getting the hang of it now.

(3) Stealing and kidnapping are sins. Clearly this does not apply to jews. Heck, even Dickens knew Fagin’s racial linage of thieves. Kidnapping, why it’s absolutely a fave sport of jews – when they’re not accusing others of it. And remember sins can always be atoned.

(4) Sexual immorality is forbidden? Who the heck defines sexual immorality? The jews? Don’t make me laugh. C’mon, this can‘t apply to jews whose Talmud permits sex with girls over the age of three. And of course this can’t apply to those jews who dominate the porn business (did you catch the clever double entendre?) But then, by Jewish law, porn isn’t a form sexual immorality. I mean it’s not like having sex with a filthy shiksa or a menstruating jewess – now that’s immoral! Of course one can always use a sheet with a hole in it (a holy sheet?) to circumvent that particular form of immorality. Homosexuality? Steeeerike three! Homosexuality is rampant among jews, but that should be perfectly understandable considering their first conscious memory is of a Mohel sucking on their bloody, mutilated member. It’s pretty obvious that the idea of sexual immorality is a fluid thing for jews, much like the American Constitution. (**See below for my Biblical redaction).

(5) No blaspheming God? There’s that god thing again. And again this would be this murderous, wrathful punishing god of Israel, Jehovah aka Yahweh. I know because I can freely blaspheme Jesus (yes it’s true, some people still believe this man was in fact god even though he never directly claimed the title), Buddha, Lord Vishnu and of course the god of those “who aren’t worth a single Jewish fingernail,” Allah. This is because these gods really aren’t God a’tall. You see, those guys just made them up so they could control the masses – unlike the true god Jehovah, that all-loving, omnipotent god of the Israelites who smites the ass of anyone who even thinks about stepping out of line.

(6) Do not consume any flesh torn from an animal that is still alive. Creepy huh? Kind of like one of those disgusting, jewish Hannibal Lechter horror flicks. You know I don’t ever remember white folk having a problem with tearing flesh from a living animal and consuming it; perhaps you know someone who fits this description, I mean outside of Ed Gein. Here is where the cultural background of the ancient Hebrew comes into play if you don’t understand the sacrificial system’s purpose and intent. This just seems to be another one of those nonsensical wild and crazy jew things. I’ll try to keep it short, but considering the volumes of jew law covering this subject, it may not be fully informative. The sacrificial laws demanded that an animal be butchered by the priests after which a percentage of the meat was given to the priest who performed the butchering ritual. Now the twist in this was the priest’s definition of “dead” (does this sound familiar?). The death of a ritually sacrificed animal was clean and therefore the meat could be safely consumed, but an animal that died a natural death or was illegally slaughtered by anyone other than a priest was not actually considered dead by the “cleanliness” standards of the priesthood. Therefore any animal that was not ritually slaughtered was not considered officially dead and could not be consumed. A huge sacrificial penalty was invoked for anyone who touched a dead animal body other than a priest. This meant the only way one could circumvent the law was to eat meat that was not from a dead animal, i.e. one that had not been ritually sacrificed. The “torn” part of this is simply a nize jewish touch defining the bestial appetites of the goyim. But wait a minute, you say, aren’t these laws for the goyim, don’t these laws only apply to non-jews? True, but you must realize that jews suspect everyone of the crimes of which they are most guilty; for this reason they typically prescribe laws for others in the manner they feel would be required to restrain a jew. And the sacrificial laws that governed the production and distribution of meat were paramount to the sacrificial laws of that time. If this doesn’t make sense, just move on; the subject is sufficiently complex that even a rebbe could not explain it properly and if he tried he would just lie about what it meant anyway. The fact is all these laws were meant to be open to interpretation by the high priests, like, say, uh, the Constitution.

(7) Establish a system of laws, courts, and police that is honest and effective. Gosh, I thought this was what the white man had done and it seemed to work until the jew parasite wormed his way into white culture and injected his phony Noahide laws and his byzantine structure of Talmudic legal minutia that governs which way one must fart in the desert and exactly what color the dog must be before you can roll its turd in the shadow of a privy. The Constitution seemed to work pretty well until the jew breathed his stinking, foul breath into it whereupon it became a “living document” that can now be interpreted any way a jew judge deems beneficial to his purpose.

Well, I do hope that review enlightened you as to the new laws you live under. I know it seems hypocritical, but then what does the jew do that isn’t a paragon of hypocrisy?

**And now for the rest of the story…

You’ll probably need your Bible if you want to identify the characters. Begin at Genesis 25.

My view came to focus upon Ignoral who had married several women of different tribes outside the people of the pure blood. These marriages troubled Snarkus and Skanca greatly for they diluted the pure blood among the established people of the authority and because of this the authority decided that the descendants of Ignoral and these women would be outcasts and unrecognized as inheritors of the authority’s pure blood line. Skanca realized that Ignoral was a rebel and she being a true member of the pure blood line feared that the wealth and power of Snarkus would naturally transfer to the first born Ignoral. The women of the pure blood line had no legal rights and thus could only establish their authority through their relation to men; therefore should her rebel son come into the inheritance instead of her favored son Deviant, Skanca would lose her means of survival. So she contrived a plan that would ensure her continuance through her favored son Deviant. Skanca’s plan was typical of deceptive practices that were by now the hallmark of the people of the pure blood.

By this time Snarkus had grown old and was almost blind therefore much of his perception was gained through his sense of smell, taste and touch. And it was through this infirmity that Skanca wove her plan to cheat the authority’s appointed son Ignoral out of his birthright to Snarkus’s wealth. In his old age one of Snarkus’s last enjoyments was eating and he took great pleasure in the wild game his hunter son Ignoral brought to him. And so as he drew towards his last breath he once again commissioned Ignoral to bring him the meat of wild game, saying to his favored son, “Go now and bring me some of the wild meat I crave for in doing so I will allot you my wealth as your inheritance and your status as a true representative of the authority.” And upon hearing this Skanca made her plans, for in this command she recognized her chance at the deception that could be used to transfer the wealth of Snarkus from Ignoral’s birthright to her favored son Deviant.

When they were alone, Skanca called Deviant to her side saying, “I have knowledge that your father has commissioned Ignoral to go into the field to get game for him and in doing so he will grant him the birthright of his established wealth and the power of the authority. Therefore my favored son, obey my command and go unto your goat herds and select two of the finest kids and I will prepare a dish for your father that will appear as the wild game brought from your brother Ignoral. Then you will take this dish unto Snarkus and give it to him and he will bestow upon you his wealth and power.”

But being of weak character, Deviant protested to his mother in his whining way, “But what if he discovers this deception? My brother is a manly man with arms of strength, what then if Snarkus reaches out and grasps my soft and weak arms, surely he would know that I am not his manly son Ignoral. Then he would rebuke me and cast me aside and I would surely lose what little inheritance I have coming.” But Skanca said sternly, “Weakling! Shut up your mouth and do as I say for both our futures are forfeit if you fail in this task. If there is any blame to be taken then I will assume it and leave you blameless, for I will say I have done this thing by force and against your will!” And so Deviant went out and killed two of his young goats and brought them unto Skanca who prepared them with spices to cover the domestic flavor of the meat. Then Skanca took the leather of one of the kids and prepared it in a manner that made it feel like rough skin. She then took this clothing made from the wild skins that Ignoral favored and dressed the younger Deviant in these skins. After dressing Deviant in this clothing of skins, she took the muscle of the goat and tightly wrapped the remaining skins over these muscles around Deviant’s forearms, thus giving Deviant’s soft, feminine forearms the feel of the rough, muscled forearms of Ignoral.

Now Skanca gave to Deviant the dish she had prepared with the command, “Go and give this dish to your father; lower your voice and say as little as possible.” And so Deviant took the dish unto his father and Snarkus asked, “Who enters into my presence, what food have you brought? And Deviant replied, “It is I, your son Ignoral; I have done as you have commanded and returned with the game you desire, here take this dish and may your authority be upon me.” To this Snarkus replied, “But how have you returned so quickly with this food? And Deviant replied, “An agent of your authority understood your condition and desire, so they delivered this animal that you might make your final wishes known to me.” And Snarkus said, “Come near so that I may identify you, for now you will receive my wealth and I will transfer my representative power of the authority unto you.” Deviant replied, “I am Ignoral, the firstborn son of the authority and I have fulfilled your request; sit up now and eat of this delicious repast I have prepared for you.” However Snarkus insisted, “Come near so that I may touch you my son.” And when Deviant came close, Snarkus grabbed his arms saying, “It is strange but you have a weak, feminine voice like that of Deviant, yet your forearms are strong and muscular like my son Ignoral. Why is this?” And Deviant lowered his voice saying, “Perhaps your hearing is not what it once was, father, for I am indeed Ignoral, and am now prepared to assume the mantle of your authority so that I may use that power to follow in your foot falls and do good for the people of the pure blood.” “Yes! Yes!” cried Snarkus, “Even though you have the voice of a Deviant, you have the heart of Ignoral!”

Snarkus then took the food and ate of it heartily and drank wine from the goatskin until he was warm with its glory. Then he said to Deviant, “I now present you this ring as a sign that you are the legal representative of the authority of the people of the pure blood. And he drew Deviant close and kissed him saying, “Surely the smell of my son is like the stink of our blessed camels presented to us by the grace of the authority. Therefore let the authority of our people, who are of the pure blood, allot to you the dew from heaven that fills our wells and the fatness of the labor of those who toil long in the fields so we may deal with them most profitably within the gates of their cities. Let the authority grant you the animals, the grain, the wine and all the wealth of these upright beasts of burden and toil. Therefore let these beasts become your slaves; let the all the people of every kingdom bow down to you in total fealty and fear of your power. And let your mother’s deviant son bow to you and serve you. A curse on everyone who curses you and a blessing unto those who bow down in recognition of your authority!” And with those words Snarkus slipped his ring of authority upon Deviant’s finger and Deviant quickly withdrew from his father’s presence. And he did run to his mother singing, “I gots da power!”

Ignoral now came into the tent bringing the fresh meat of his game saying, “Hi-ho, dad-e-o!! I got game!” And Snarkus answered, “You got game!?” And Ignoral answered, “Yes my father, I got game!” And Snarkus queried, “Who is this that got game?” “It is I, your son Ignoral, that got his game on!” replied Ignoral. Snarkus, now wet with fear, asked, “But if you are my son Ignoral and you got your game on, then who was it that brought me my first plate of victuals that brought forth my blessing and transfer of authority? I cannot believe I ate the whole thing! O’ my beloved son, it is tough sheep rump unto you for I have already given away the power that was to be yours.” And when Ignoral heard this he was greatly urinated and he did then turn very red saying, “No! No! dad-e-o, give me the power; bestow upon me the power of the authority that is rightly mine.” But Snarkus replied, “Of this I am truly sorry but your brother Deviant has stolen my power by deception and frankly I did not think such a wuss had this within him. But know there is nothing I can do to regain your rightful power for I have given my ring to Deviant as my sign of authority. My son I fear you are like the unleavened loaf that has been left too long in the oven.”

Hearing this Ignoral cried out, “My brother is a rotten son of a nameless camel and he shall be exceedingly sorry for what he has done for he has stolen the wealth of my inheritance and now has stolen my rightful power of the authority! Just wait until I get my strong and swarthy hands upon his scrawny, effeminate neck, I will snap it like a great wind snaps the twig; then we will see who is like the unleavened loaf left too long in the oven. Dear father, have you nothing left to provide for me? Am I to be like the other people of average stature who have no power of authority? Snarkus replied, “And how did you give him your inheritance of wealth?” Ignoral answered, “Well, er, I, um, well you see, pater, it is thus…” And Snarkus asked, “Yes my son – like what?!” Ignoral continued, “Well you see pop, a while back I was out hunting and I did not get my game on. Therefore I returned hungry, in fact I was very, very, very hungry! It was then I found Deviant in the field watching his sheep. He was watching them sheep real, real, close, you know, up close and kind of personal-like. Anyway, while watching his sheep he had made a delicious stew that I found bubbling over the fire. And you know what a good cook and seamstress he is, and like, well, it was a really, really, delicious stew and…” Now Snarkus interrupted saying, “Yes, yes, my son, spare me the details and cut to the chase for I am old and there is not much breath that remains in these old bones.” And so Ignoral confessed, “Well you see father, I traded all my inheritance for a mess of pottage, but it was exceedingly good pottage and I was exceedingly hungry.” Now it was Snarkus’ turn to be exceedingly urinated and he cried out, “YOU DID WHAT!? Is it not a wonder that we named you ‘Ignoral’? From this day forward, those who are unaware of their words and actions shall be known as Ignoral! Know this Ignoral, I have indeed given the sissy you call brother the power of the authority and although his mother may yet dress him, he is still your master. But I now know you have given him the wealth of your rightful inheritance. Ignoral, you are truly a lummox who is exceedingly dumber than the average sheep of the field. But I’ll see what I can do.” And so Snarkus gave unto Ignoral this blessing:

“You shall be downtown brown and so shall suck off the wealth of others, but not as greatly as your brother. And you will lap up the dew of the authority, but not as greatly as your brother and you shall live by the stone sling, but you shall serve that worthless bitch named Deviant. And it shall come to pass that when you are sufficiently urinated, you will break his yoke from your neck.”

And Ignoral said unto Snarkus, “I am not sure about the yoke part, but I am ready to break Deviant’s neck in the here and now.” And then he muttered under his breath, “Just wait until the funeral is over you scrawny son of a nameless camel, then you will get yours!” Now Skanca heard this and she ran unto Deviant saying, “Your brother is indulging in the breathless fantasy of wringing your soft and beautiful neck. Therefore you must obey my command and flee unto my brother Labium in Harlem and stay with him until your brother forgets his fury.” And Deviant replied sarcastically, “Like for sure dear mother, my raging bullock of a brother will soon forget that I have made him destitute and powerless, after all, how could he possibly remember I have done this even through the passage of the next sacrifice?” And Skanca leveled her look of sternness towards Deviant, saying, “O’ ye of little faith, why do you think he is named Ignoral? Now get thee from this place and hie unto Labium’s tent and while you are there ask him if you might try on some of his silken robes for it is said that he does dress in a manner that makes the women of Harlem grow green with envy.” Then Skanca muttered under her breath, “Men! Even so I could not take two deaths in one day.”

Now Skanca turned to Snarkus saying, “O’ husband what if our son Deviant takes a wife from the daughters of Loathe?” And Snarkus answered, “Woman! Were that come to pass, then I would count this among my greatest blessings for I would be greatly comforted knowing he did not take a husband!” To this Skanca replied, “A piffle upon you, Snarkus, for I am serious about this matter. You need tell Deviant to stay away from those loose women of Loath. Tell him to hie unto Labium and take unto his ass one of my nieces.” And Snarkus did call out to Deviant saying, “O’ Deviant, Deeeeeviaaaant, your mother has commanded me to command you to stay far from the loose women of Loath and hie unto her brother’s tent and take one of your cousins for a wife. In this you would do well to keep it all in the family. Remember the motto of the people of the pure blood, incest is best for it is what keeps our carts permanently mounted upon blocks in front of our tents. Now climb upon your ass and hie to the land of PanAm where the house of your mother’s brother is and take a wife from Labium’s stock. Before you go, I have one more blessing left within these old bones and I now unload it upon you:

‘May the power of the authority walk with you and may you not take this too literally, but be fruitful and multiply like a rabbit so that you become an entire troupe and may the authority give you the same boon he gave unto your grandfather Legerdaman so that the people of the pure blood will inherit all the land in which they are strangers and to which they have no right, but yet was still promised unto us by the authority. Now get thee from here and hie unto the land of PanAm!'” And as Deviant left the tent, Snarkus called after him, “One more thing, for the authority’s sake – stay out of Labium’s closet!”

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  7. 6 Responses to “There’s No-a-Hidin’ from the Noahide Laws”

    1. Zarathustra Says:

      Mr. Stanton, take a look at how concise and to the point Mr. Socrates is when he writes an introduction to an article he’s posted. Is there any chance at all you could do likewise????? I mean, wasn’t it Felix the Cat who said brevity is the soul of a twit, or something?

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      The extremely cruel practice of the Chinese in ripping the skin off living animals . . . they certainly need law #6.

      William Pierce said, in one of his broadcasts, that he would kill the sons of bitches if he saw them doing that.

    3. Vaultner Says:

      I found this link to be of interest on the subject:

      I recall there being more to it than I can find references to, something to the effect of anyone caught with a bible had better be a jew because only a rabi can hear or voice the word of God.

      “read the Noahide endorsement of law made by Congress of the Bush Administration in 1991, as it NOWHERE mentions the Bible. The signing was complimented and furthered by a suggested “international scroll of honor signed by the President of the United States and other heads of state”, making room for an international United Nations agreement to revoke the Christian Bible as the fundamental foundation of law in America in favor of the Babylonian Talmud’s rendition/interpretation of “universal law” as the code of man upon the Earth — namely, The Noahide Laws. This is a radical revolutionary attack against the truth that the foundation of America and all Western civilization was based upon the Holy Bible in law.”

      “making room for an international United Nations agreement to revoke the Christian Bible as the fundamental foundation of law in America in favor of the Babylonian Talmud’s rendition/interpretation of “universal law” as the code of man upon the Earth — namely, The Noahide Laws. ”

      I find it very disturbing.

    4. Zarathustra Says:

      I don’t mind if the Chinks want to eat their aborted Chink fetuses or annihilate each other. But cruelty to defenseless cats and dogs? Have you seen those You-Tube videos from China of dogs being skinned alive or cats getting their throats slit? I see a lot of young women walking around with short, fur-trimmed jackets. I wonder how’d they react if they knew where that fur came from or how it was procured?

    5. Ein Says:

      “wasn’t it Felix the Cat who said brevity is the soul of a twit, or something?”

      Something. Thanks. I don’t know about Felix, but not being a speed reader myself, I didn’t have the patience to read it all. A couple of people here, if they wish to have their posts read, desperately need the services of a good, brutal editor. (Hint, hint. If the shoe fits.)

    6. gw Says:

      “not being a speed reader myself, I didn’t have the patience to read it all. A couple of people here, if they wish to have their posts read, desperately need the services of a good, brutal editor.”

      I began to wonder if there was an end. If there was one, I gave up before getting there.