5 June, 2009

Night of the Living Nazis, or, Who Are the Real Evildoers?

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by Arch Stanton.

A short time ago I watched a movie about the resurrecting of evil Nazis from the dead. I can imagine how surprised you might be to hear such a claim, but it’s true, I swear it, I saw this with my own eyes, there really was a movie about evil Nazis returning from the dead. I was surprised because I never thought the jews allowed the Nazis to die in the first place. Now for any of you who follow Hollywood’s “evil Nazi” genre, you might have noticed a particularly virulent strain of Nazis who carry out their evil experiments on their own troops. This concept has been presented in various movies like “Shockwaves” (a campy classic for all lovers of the Nazi undead) as well as various other films including the 2007 screen gem titled “Outpost.” In this classic horror movie, evil Nazi doktors try yet again to perfect Nazi soldiers who cannot be killed. Silly Nazis – don’t they know that only jews can keep the dead alive? In the lesser-known apocryphal Book of Weinstein there is an eerie story where Jesus is surprised when he calls for Lazarus to come out from the sepulcher, but a moldering SS officer comes walking out instead. Jesus then yells out, “Cut! Cut! Get the script writer over here, I want to talk to him about this Nazi-obsession thing.” In any event I guarantee shock and awe when you see the success of their efforts in this film.

It’s kind of like that clever bin Laden prop where they keep Obama – wait, that should be Osama [1] alive years after he actually died. This technique was pioneered in the 1960’s with the film “Night of the Living Dead.” During that filming jews inadvertently discovered they could keep their victims alive in perpetuity simply by filming them. What irony; to think those primitive tribal savages who refused to allow their picture to be taken knew more about the jews’ secret of immortality than David Duke! The latest twitter is that Hollywood jews are about to bring out a new culinary show titled “Adolf’s Gas Oven Secrets” featuring none other than the famed vegetarian chef Adolf Hitler! One unidentified jewish producer stated, “We feel the higher ratings for a cooking show are worth it.” Hitler is still springtime fresh and ready to share his food secrets, including his most famed dish: oven-roasted Judenschwine. (They say it’s to die for!). Imagine Emeril with a funny mustache and a swastika molded into the bottom of his frying pan.

But I digress; what is interesting is that I have never found any accounts of real Nazis using their own people for any experiments, including medical experiments [2]. Yet there is ample evidence that Soviet, jewish communists used Russian citizens, including Russian troops, for medical experiments, especially psychological experiments. Once again we find reconstructed jewish “truth” standing reality on its head. Allow me to reiterate the fundamental difference between Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany and the jewish-controlled host societies of the West: Hitler loved the German people and wanted the best for them. He clearly wanted to improve Germany and the lives of German people; his prewar actions make this incontestable fact. By much understated contrast, the jewish-controlled governments of the West hate their people and want them dead! Dead! Am I getting through to you, Mr. Beale?

In light of this should anyone be surprised to find Freudian, Hollywood Nazis carrying out their evil experiments to this very day? And knowing the very same jews who run Hollywood also run America, should anyone be surprised to find the ZAG actually carrying out those very same experiments on their own people?[3]. America has been exposed to fifty years of nuclear testing. The American government has purposely exposed its own people to a far greater amount of radioactive fallout than any foreign enemy. Do you think the American government might have done this out of its love for its citizens? Now think again, what other government exposed its own people to massive amounts of nuclear testing and radioactive fallout. Do you see a pattern yet?

Americans should awaken to the fact that those heinous crimes, for which jews most vociferously accuse others, are in fact the very crimes of which jews are most guilty. The fact is all those mythical evil Nazi experiments ain’t shit compared to the actual horror the jews and their flunkies have served up.

Government Experiments on U.S. Soldiers: Shocking Claims Come to Light in New Court Case

[1] why I always seem to confuse those two I can’t really say; it must be something deep-rooted in my subconscious. But isn’t it interesting how the worst terrorist in American history who so successfully masterminded the attack on the Trade Towers, has a name and color so similar to the president presently masterminding America’s salvation? What is that foul odor? Could it be a slippery, rotting, Freudian banana peel I smell?

[2] I thought the standard Holocaust claim was the Nazis used jews almost exclusively for medical experimentation. Who can forget that ghastly two-headed jew created by the evil Dr. Mengele. Imagine such a horror for a moment – a jew with two heads! Rumor has it they always won the argument. Years later, jewish medical comedians tried to recreate the Nazi experiment so they wouldn’t have to hire a straight man.

[3] Zionist American Government

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  7. 4 Responses to “Night of the Living Nazis, or, Who Are the Real Evildoers?”

    1. Tom McReen Says:

      Fantastic article, funny and enlightening. The jew lies of the holohoax and Osama Bin Laden the super-terrorist deserve nothing but contempt and ridicule – that’s how jews treat us. When others see how we deal with these sacred jewish cows they will follow our lead.

      Of course, some readers will be familiar with the similarity between Bin Laden and ‘Goldstein’ from George Orwell’s 1984. The joke’s on you if you’re stupid enough to believe it.

    2. joeglas Says:

      Theyve gotta work the Nazi angle into everything so that they remain at center stage.To the Jews were just bit players in their film.

    3. Zoroaster Says:

      Yawn. Kikes are so boring.

    4. Tina Carter Says:

      Stop watching circumcisde television!