7 August, 2009

Building for the NWO

Posted by Socrates in capitalism, egalitarianism, equality, equalocracy, Islam, Jew World Order, jewed culture, jewed foreign policy, Muslims, New World Order, Zionism at 8:54 pm | Permanent Link

It seems that, at some point, somebody in our government asked the question, “how can America drag the Muslim world (the last holdout) into the New World Order via Zionism, supercapitalism, equalocracy and materialism if we don’t have military bases all over the Middle East?” Or a very similar question:


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  7. 3 Responses to “Building for the NWO”

    1. Angryyoungman Says:

      Although I would have been “down with” Julian The Apostates domestic policy if I were alive in Rome at the time, methinks the American Empire will share his fate in the sandbox.

      The only Muslims I want to kill are the ones colonizing Western Europe.

    2. Parsifal Says:

      Well said! May I add:



    3. Gar Goyle Says:

      Its just way back then & today nobody came up with. ” whats done in the holy land stays in the holy land” “problem solved”