16 December, 2009

Museum of Jewish Crimes

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I know we have some brains out there. Give me your best shot at designing one of these. I don’t mean architecture, I mean curating or laying out inside, or choosing the exhibits – not sure what the correct term is, if there is one. Interior decorating doesn’t seem quite right, altho funny. Say there are three stories. I envision this in the current ‘Holocaust’ Museum in D.C. I don’t know how many stories that has, but let’s say three for the purposes of discussion.

What do you put in this museum? how do you divide up jew history? What exhibits? What material goods?

I want to see some creative ideas. I’ve set the general framework. We’ve put the top yids on trial and found them guilty. We’ve given The Tribe the racial death penalty. We’ve humanely carried it out, per our Aryan nature. Now we turn one of their loxist institutions, the aforementioned Polocast Museum in D.C., into a Museum of Jewish Crimes. How do we do it? What do we fill it with? What kind of photos and fabrics, colors, lights, historical evidence, proof of loxist lies – how would you arrange it?

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  7. 33 Responses to “Museum of Jewish Crimes”

    1. Ian Says:

      A large picture of Karl Marx, then a progressive display of the disasters of Marxism-Leninism.

      A picture of Zionist leaders, then a display of the criminal acts of their organisation.

      A section on false representation in science.

      A section on false representation in the dramatic arts, particularly cinema.

    2. exalted grand-master oberführer double diamond jim! Says:

      don’t forget a large section on jew abortionists, ritual killing, vaccinations, war crimes & genocides like the Armenians (early last century), Bela Kun’s Hungary (1919-1920), the mass slaughter of white Russians (1919-1925), the Ukraine (mid-1930s), the terror bombings of NS Germany (WWII), the massive “ethnic cleansing” of the VolksDeutsche (1945-1950), the vile “counter-cultural revolution” of the 1960s/1970s and its subsequent atrocities like feminism, homosexuality and non-white immigration, black-on-white crimes like the Wichita Massacre & the Christian/Newsome murders
      (particularly, for “shock value”, those involving white children)….also: the butchery of the Palestinians & Iraqis (but: try to have scenes where the victims, particularly children, look as white as possible!…..including the innumerable “false flag” bombings done in Iraq &c….with as many confronting & hideous photos as possible….all blamed on the JEWz! :-|~)….make the “displays” as absolutely gruesome as possible….some-thing like this…only much more graphic!

      hopefully, that will generate sufficient white rage to make any remaining jews pay DEARLY for the vile atrocities they have committed against our Race

    3. exalted grand-master oberführer double diamond jim! Says:

      ohh…….almost forgot!…..don’t forget a large section on black-on-white farm killings in both Sth Afreaka & the former Rhodesia….again: make the displays as confronting & gruesome as possible….with particular attention paid to badly hurt/dead white children!

    4. exalted grand-master oberführer double diamond jim! Says:

      ohh…….almost forgot!…..don’t forget a large section on black-on-white farm killings in both Sth Afreaka & the former Rhodesia….again: make the displays as confronting & gruesome as possible….with particular attention paid to badly hurt/dead white children!…and……clearly BLAME it ALL on the jews!

    5. Andrea Dworkin Says:

      How about a hall of collaborators wing to the museum? The carcasses of some famous politicians and media members and academics can be exhumed and stuffed by taxidermists or made as wax statues. Teddy Kennedy, Peter Jennings, Walter Cronkite, LBJ, FDR, Harry Truman, etc…..

    6. pan Says:

      Devote the first floor to origins: Jews of the Ancient World and the Talmud. Then second, Medieval and third, Modern. Each floor could have wings for usary, subversion, and revolution for each period.

    7. tbow002 Says:

      Naturally I would start with early jewish/hebrew history. Perhaps a Nativity of the first Terrorist Leader in recorded world history, MOSES. It can be any of the Terror plots he created and implemented from his bio or eco terror attacks on the Egyptians to the mass murder of the young men of Egypt (jews celebrate it and call it passover, but really it was just mass murdering by the jews)….You can maybe finish up with the jews walking out of Egypt with all the egyptians gold/wealth, after THE GREAT THEFT….But ya gotta start at the beginning for sure in order to show how the jews invented terrorism and mass murder…

    8. Kuda Bux Says:

      “. . .What do we fill it with? . .”


    9. hosehead Says:

      Jesus on the cross, a poster of almost every movie coming out of Hollywood since God knows when, a fake gas chamber door (like the one at the holohoax museum), fake anti-white paraphernalia (shrunken heads, human skin lampshades), Elie Wiesel stories, kosher tax logos, Palestinian genocide photos, the protocols of Zion, photos of the 3rd world invasion of white lands.

      The mind boggles at all the stuff one could put in there. You sure 3 floors will hold all this – how about 30?

      PS I liked Andrea Dworkin’s suggestion – that’s fill a hall or two as well!

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      One wing of this proposed Museum must be dedicated to Jewish “art”, ie, Entartete Kunst. Works by Chagall, Pollack and Rothko should give the visitor an idea of the hatred that Jews had for beauty.

      Another wing should be dedicated to the celebration of Jewish physiognomy, complete with illustrations from The Eternal Jew and The Poison Mushroom. Large photos of Henry Kissinger, Larry King, Susan Sonntag, Mike Wallace and Leona Helmsley should be in this wing, as should large, unflattering sculptures of Jewish schnozzes.

      Jewish “music” could be piped into every part of the Museum to help set the mood. Works by Arnold Schoenberg and Philip Glass would work as they are strange and disturbing to listen to.

      The whole design of the Museum must convey Jewishness, including from the outside. Therefore, the entire building should be wildly out of balance and proportion. No kind of symmetry or other aesthetic considerations must be used. Maybe it could be shaped like several macaroons lumped together, or a giant flaccid penis. It must offend and appall the viewer into realizing that the Jews were a thoroughly repugnant race. In fact, the Museum’s design could be based on something by the Jewish “architect” Daniel Liebeskind. Think of it as an anti-tribute to him and his anti-talents.

      A 3-D exhibition entitled “The Jews throughout History” would be nice, something like the Hall of Presidents at Disney World. Lifelike robotic Jews could be shown in period dress, rubbing their hands together, counting their shekels and stabbing the backs of the Goy nations they lived in. Remember to include robots of Jude Suss, Henry Morgenthau, Meyer Rothschild, Judah Benjamin, August Belmont and Shylock!

      Another wing could be called “Exposing the Great Jewish Figures in History”. This might feature short, 15 or 20 minute documentaries showing how famous Jews like Freud and Einstein were actually just self-promoting con artists.

      Visitors would get a water-soluable concentration camp number stamped or tatooed on their forearm instead of a conventional ticket. The giftshop could sell striped pajama uniforms, “Freud was a Fraud” bumper stickers, “I am a Jewish Museum Survivor” T-shirts, cannisters of giftgas and thoroughly Jewish books by Philip Roth, Saul Bellow and Abbie Hoffman. Admission would be one pound of flesh.

    11. sean gruber Says:

      Start off hitting the visitor over the head with long series of communist mass murder exhibits. Each tagged with placard explaining the connection to zhids. Then the Jigaboo Room – full of hundreds of large screens displaying TNB vids and misbehaving coloreds, all set to blaring hip-hop, but (again) carefully connecting this to jew “civil rights” movement (freedom rides, To Kill a Mockingbird, the jews behind NAACP, etc., with vids of these too).

      Next, a quiet section explaining immigration facts, showing destroyed neighborhoods, vids as a combo of “Line in the Sand” testimonies and “Immigration Gumballs.” Show population of Whites shrinking toward zero.

      But most importantly, end with graphic, strong section on biological parasitism, subspecies taking over human ecological niches, brute animal facts – showing jews as rats overrunning and ruining earth. (Like in “The Eternal Jew.”)

      Not all museums have to follow same model. Alternative idea: let every exhibit remain exactly as the hebes designed it…but put “LIE” (and why) on every explanatory placard.

      (Random ideas: Maybe put in a section showing how jews live vs. how they preach – e.g. replica of nasty public school where non-rich Whites had to put their children, v. multimillion-dollar schuls for jews in rich jew enclaves. The Jewish Mind: a modern “piss art”/ modern noise-music labyrinth, connecting jew “art” to clinical insanity. Mingle products of real asylum inmates in with the “art.” Vid of Sarah Bernhardt shrieking that “goyish” Palin should be raped by NY nigs, juxtaposed with crime scene photos of Whites raped/killed by nigs.)

      The time has come to get rid of the jews.

    12. Frank Toliver Says:

      I would start with jews of the ancient world, their corruption of the Pharohs, then you can go on to the crucifixtion of Christ, and move through all the ages, up until their final destruction (that place would be empty until a later date.) Then you would have areas for each shitty thing jews do; promoting porn, race mixing, usury, swindling, etc. Also don’t forget an area dealing with jewish tactics and dirty tricks against others. Hell the whole museum would be a history of dirty tricks and murder.

    13. Frank Toliver Says:

      One more thing; don’t forget a hall of laughter; shitting diamonds, wolves digging up food, 6 million jews killed in world war I and other tales of hilarity. Also a ‘jews in their own words’ section and a ‘Is it real’ Protocols of the Elders of Zion interactive game comparing reality with the ‘forgery’.

    14. Mr. Benson Says:

      Start with the biblical accounts in the old testament boasting of genociding dozens of “goy” tribes. Especially important is the account of genesis 43 where Jacob hoodwinks the Pharoh into accepting a Communist style government (probably the Judaic blueprint for Communism, if not an account of behavior that is inherent to Jews). Make note of the cultural weapon of “transvaluation of values” and how it is the main weapon of the Jew in his genocidal machinations. Fast forward to fool Jebus – make note how this clown mistakenly applied transvaluation of values to his own tribe in a bizarre attempt to seize power for himself, and how it resulted in disaster for Jews (this is the real reason Jews hate Jebus, because they consider him a traitor for subverting Jewish society using their own BS effectively).

      Describe how scattering increased the virulence and parasitic nature of JEWS from that point forward in history. One of the first offensives in the new nomad parasite, scattered Jew clan was to subvert Roman society with Christianity. In the middle ages, make note how through their subversion of the church they were able to gain monopoly on money lending, leading to their invention of ever increasingly sophisticated scams such as fractional reserve banking, fiat currency, to the point where their hegemony depends on these machinations in the modern period. Also explain how modern mass media afforded the Jew to wield inordinate influence by enabling them to efficiently spread their lies. Explain how this enabled the Jews to perfect their Bolshevist method (inherent in their character, which is seen in Genesis 43) to the point where they seized entire nations, and threatened the entiredy of Aryan civilizaiton. Introduce the only man in modern history that was able to offer Aryan civilization a way out from the burden of the Jewish yoke, Adolf the Great. Give background of the financial system that he introduced in Germany that lead to unheard of prosperity while the rest of the world (still suffering from Jew financial parasitism) suffered in the misery and poverty of the Great Depression (engineered by Jewish Federal Reserve). Explain that the cause of his failure (for us as a race, not for Axis powers militarily) was to be merciful to Jews, allowing them to live in camps, and be expatriated on a mass scale (at state cost, no less). Show that after the war, because of the threat that Adolf did pose to the system of Jewish tyranny(and because of extreme paranoia that is part of the Jewish psyche), that a propaganda campaign called the holocaust was perpetrated on the Western world in order to cower it into submission and prevent anyone from attempting to use the political tactics that enabled him to rise to power. Then explain that this was the rationale for the Alex Linder Final Solution. The end of the exhibit can some of the recent achievements made possible by subsequent rearyanization (developments in non-degenerate art that celebrates form and concepts of nation, clean cities free of niggers and disgusting Jewish architecture, stable currency, various glorious achievements in unrestrained aryan science, etc).

    15. alex Says:

      Lots of ideas here, good start. This is one of the rare times I don’t have a fleshed idea of my own to beat you with. I had the MJC idea long ago, the captstone to the Aryan’s final dealing w the jews, but I left it there, satisfied, not bothering to work out the exhibit details. Of course, at one point, on the old html pages, we had put up a virtual MJC and stocked it with about six exhibits. I’d exhume those if I knew right where they were, and I’m sure I have them somewhere. But anyway, this is a good discussion. I may need to do a perma-thread on this in the forum, and link this page in here, so rest assured your ideas are not going to be lost.

      It really bears some thinking.. Yes, could do it chronologically, but that’s kind of a fall back. I think we need something genuinely brilliant. I don’t know what that is, but we’ll know it when we see it (and I havent fully read this thread yet, but some aspects and ideas that quality are surely in there, at least bits and pieces).

      So, again, we’re looking for big ideas and small.

      BIG is over-arching ways to organize the-whole-thing.

      Small is ideas for individual exhibits.

      We have space, sound, lighting, pictures, video and history to play with.

      Certainly there must be a hall of dupes and collaborators.

      And some juxing of real atrocities _caused_ by jews with fake atrocities _claimed_ by jews. ‘Caused vs claimed’ has a nice ring to it, would look good over entrance way.

      Something reflecting their sick mentality – the fact that most of their history was invented. Most of their holidays celebrated slaughter of the other. And of course the general cultural perversion that always spoliated wherever these people of spork settled.

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      I was just thinking of that museum exhibit in the first Planet of the Apes movie, where Charlton Heston sees his Black fellow astronaut stuffed and put on display. I think a museum wing featuring the stuffed carcasses of Ariel Sharon, Al Goldstein and Ron Jeremy would be nice. It would remind the visitor what kind of dangerous, parasitic hominids once inhabitied the earth. And displays or reconstructions of the interior of typical Jew dwellings would show how lavish yet dirty and unkempt the Jewish lifestyle was. I would suggest reconstructions of the interiors of Beverly Hills mansions or townhouses on the Upper East Side.

    17. Mr. Benson Says:

      Well if its overarching themes you want, I’d say go with exalted grand-master oberführer double diamond jim!’s idea of shock vlaue barrage of images showing Jews genoicidal intent. Now I’m going to assume that you’d have government level extravant budget to work with here. That being the case, hire something like disney imagineers to design it as a ride (or perhaps people mover conveyor type things). If you’ve ever been to the haunted house I’m sure you’re familiar with some of the clever ways they use optical illusions to disorent you to enhance fear. Then spray a mist into the air that is otherwise harmless asside from the effect that it makes it painfull to shut your eyes more than a fraction of a second (think of the reverse of how pepper spray makes you feel). Then flash that staccato of images of Judeo savagry using some state of the art 3-D visual system. Think IMAX, but without the glasses. Painfull but harmless electric shocks could be employed to enhance terror, etc. Shortly after this part, spray them with a cool mist, then show a series of images of animals in nature defending themselves against predators. Then show the sequence of images of the glorious events of the recet deJudiazation.

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      You’re basically just repeating my suggestion, Benson.

    19. Mel Brooks Says:

      We vant a Hollyvood-schtyle epik..nutink less!

      Call in refrigeration contractors..to approximate the mean temperature of the gulags. Blood frozen in the snow..railroad cars with figures of soldiers returning from battle with the Germans, only to die in icy desolation. Reproductions of the blood-filled torture pits the NKVD used in Latvia. Half-buried figures with terror frozen by rigor in their decomposing features.

      Have another section super-heated..so hot that the displays cannot be entered but viewed only from the entrance. Fill this space with skeletal remains dressed in women’s and children’s clothing. Smouldering buildings and automobiles…basement replications filled with bomb-blast human soup. Add an ironic element by placing bits of glassware and porcelain figurines of 18th century courtliness about.

      Cirque du Soliel performing an interpretation of the Israeli “rooftop dance” in swirling ash and dust against a backdrop of the freshly-minted New York City skyline.

      A “Clockwork Orange” tribute featuring members of the tribe dressed in the garb of the typical “professions”..their eyelids forced open as they watch alternating images of various wars, revolutions and riots they’ve instigated.

      Set design by Gehry-to begin drafting after a week spent sleepless and listening to hip-hop jazz, and ingesting liquid LSD.

    20. alex Says:

      I was just thinking of that museum exhibit in the first Planet of the Apes movie, where Charlton Heston sees his Black fellow astronaut stuffed and put on display. I think a museum wing featuring the stuffed carcasses of Ariel Sharon, Al Goldstein and Ron Jeremy would be nice.

      Definitely has to be some taxidermy in the MJC. Have to have Abe Foxman, per the famous photo, with his paw up and clawing, with his jewy scrinched up face. And one of Sarah Silverman bent over with black eyes flashing and pointing at her butthole.

    21. Warlord Says:

      Needs to have a “fun house” or a house of horror, like they have in amusement parks. You ride through civil rights riots, the Liberty attack, a gulag, an abortion clinic, Somalis being airlifted into the US, Zundel’s show trial, etc. The final scene would be of the “future”, a world of rubble with blacks searching the ruins for rats to eat.

      The Warlord

    22. Bret Ludwig Says:

      If the Jews are ever exterminated Aryans should do what the Jews would in such a circumstance-eliminate all sign of them so that it would be as though they never lived. Simply no mention of them whatsoever.

    23. Nordlander Says:

      First floor: ancient times, Bible massacres and dominance of usury and slavery in the Roman Empire up to the Renaissance. Sucking up to princes, making themselves useful as compassionless tax collectors.

      Second floor: communism, the lies and the massacres, the immense destruction on a scale never seen before in human history. The communist Jews in the West covering for the Jews in the East.

      Third floor: culture/race war. Jewish attacks on art, the family, Christianity and Pagan religions, White history, conservatism, men, all natural authorities in White society. Jewish promotion of mass immigration and race-mixing through their control of the media and their influence in the halls of power. Jewish focus on Israel as America’s world center, paying for it, supplying its murder weapons, and slaughtering/starving its enemies in the hundreds of thousands.

      …Leading up to the fall, the empty coffers, the mass unemployment, defeats in Afghanistan and later Iran, demonstrations and riots, race battles in the streets, the flight from the cities, the martial law and the autonomous regions, the ordinary Whites finally taking to arms and fighting back.

      Should make for a pretty good exhibit.

    24. Tim McGreen Says:

      If the Jews don’t like Christianity then why did they inflict it on us? Christianity: The export version of Judaism.

    25. hdumpty Says:

      According to the person who’s researched this probably more deeply than anyone, it was principally Jewish doctors that talked whites into cutting off part of their babies’ dicks and tossing them in the trash can.

      I know many of you won’t consider that to be of much, or of any, importance, and will consider that I’ve overstated the “operation.”

      Time to educate yourselves, before you violate your kid. Or if too late for that, before you let your kid violate your grandkid.

      I understand there’s a very educational video of the “operation” at


      So, clear out all those piles of human hair and reserve at least one wing of the museum for piles of prepuces.

    26. hdumpty Says:


      “…cutting off an IMPORTANT part of their babies’ dicks…”

      It’s hard for me to keep in mind that everyone has been brainwashed into not understanding that.

    27. Tim McGreen Says:

      Could it be argued that circumcision for goy males is a symbol of goy submission or surrender to the Chosen ‘Uns?

    28. Ein Says:

      “it was principally Jewish doctors that talked whites into cutting off part of their babies’ dicks and tossing them in the trash can.”

      Very good point, Herr Dumpty! I wonder what could possibly be their reason for inflicting that unnatural, cruel practice on others, especially tiny infants? Is there not something inherently sadistic in it? (If they want to mutilate theselves, that’s their own business; but why everybody else?) Any ideas?

      My own parents’ generation thought this was the modern, progressive, advanced, “civilized” thing to do. The latest advance of medical science (even though primitive Semites had been doing it for thousands of years!!!) But that’s what they were told, and they believed it. After all, the medical “experts” said so. Who were they to argue? Hmmmm. I wonder who told them?

      Well, it’s interesting to note, and probably no coincidence, that this gruesome operation came into general vogue in America around the 1920s-30s, just at the same time that the Jews finally broke down the former quota systems in the country’s medical schools and universities, and the medical profession was turned into a Jewish profession.

      It’s interesting too, that we hear a great deal of hullaballoo today from the (largely Jewish) lesbian feminists about “female genital mutilation”– yet not a word about its male counterpart. Oh, incidentally, I have seen this topic come up on Amren several times before, but when someone [not I, btw] has mentioned the lack of concern for male babies, they have been poopooed and ridiculed; or the entire thread has been abruptly closed to further comments. Apparently, that’s something you can’t mention at Amren.

    29. Tim McGreen Says:

      Circumcision is analogous to a dog owner bobbing the tail and ears of his Doberman Pinscher pups, I’d say.

    30. Ein Says:

      My answer to Tim McGreen ….

      Yes, Tim, that would be my guess, exactly!

      They say (I forget where exactly I’ve read this) but anthropologists and such say that circumcision was an early substitute for castration, a symbolic sign distinguishing the victor from the vanquished. Rather than killing them outright, as even more primitive societies would have done, it was recognized as desireable to keep the defeated alive as slaves, but reduced to nothing more than docile machines for work.

    31. Ein Says:

      “A symbol of submission” … Tim.

      Yes, Tim, that’s what I was referring to.

      It’s interesting that Semites (of various sorts) have spread this sadistic custom aroumd the world, making it practiced by billions.

      I remember, as a curious teenager, delving into my grandfather’s old Encly. Britannica, edition 1911, I think. I remember vividly that it listed circumcision under the heading of “Mutilations”, and described it as “a mutilation practiced by Semites and savages.”

      I’m sure the ADL has gotten that revised long ago, but the early definition is still the best one. Back then, people were swtill able to tell the truth (about both Semites and savages).

    32. Dagon Says:

      Well the conventional reasons for circumcision among Aryans is that the practice leads to ‘better hygiene.’ However, it is interesting to make the analogy between the growing practice of circumcision among non-Jews and the ‘queue’, ‘top-knot’, or pony-tail hair-style worn by Han Chinese men during the Qing dynasty as a sign of their ethnic group’s sumission to the then-ruling ethnic Manchus. After Manchu rule ended in China in 1910, Han Chinese and other non-Manchu males everywhere in China cut off their top-knots as a sign of their liberation. Perhaps one day Aryan man can celebrate his own freedome from bondage by doing the opposite and NOT cutting off a certain other appendage a little more precious than hair.

    33. Nordlander Says:

      Circumcision in North America came from the Puritan idea that masturbation was evil and must be stopped. It was thought that cutting off the foreskin would make masturbation too painful.

      The false hygiene argument was an ad hoc argument coming later.

      It seems to me the Puritan part of the people were more than capable of pulling off something like this on their own, without Jews holding the reigns. And this was done before Jewish control of the media. However, the practice would have ended by now if the media Jews didn’t think it benefitted them. They know their circumcision would have singled them out as aliens and a subject of ridicule. With Whites controlling the media, space would have been given to doctors arguing for an end to the madness.

      In an episode of Sex and the City, the redheaded character (played by a homosexual, of course) is dating a man who, she finds out, is not circumsized.

      You would expect the show to be enlightened and say everyone is allowed to do as they want, right? And say that circumcision is a shoddy old conservative practice that should be banned, right? Wrong. The redheaded character was repulsed by the uncircumsized penis. She refused to sleep with the man again. In the end of the episode, the man declares that he is getting circumsized – for her sake. She smiles and obviously can’t wait to see him again when he has gotten a sexy, Jew-like circumcision.

      Moral of the story: the Jews promote leftist ideals most of the time because the anti-culture benefits them. But when something Puritan or conservative benefits them instead, like army worship or anti-masturbation mutilation, then they will easily promote that. How do you explain the contradictions in the media without adding the Jew to the picture? You can’t. Only the question “Is it good for Jews?” shows the red thread through it all.