18 March, 2010

‘What If?’ My Ass

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by Arch Stanton.

“What if the collapse of the American Empire is dead ahead, in the next decade? What if, as with the 2000 dot-com crash, we’re in denial, refusing to prepare?” [Here].

I always get a kick out of this type of fear-mongering. OH – MY – GOD! What if America really is in big trouble? What if Americans have somehow missed the fact that doomsday is right around the corner? Heeeeellllllooooo! Is anybody paying attention? Is anybody awake out there? I didn’t think so. Allow me to enlighten everyone ONE – MORE – TIME. America is DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! Is that plain enough? America is not in danger; there is no disaster lurking around the corner. There is nothing to be avoided. AMERICA IS ALREADY DEAD! It died long ago and there is nothing – NOTHING that will ever bring it back, any more than it’s possible for Aunt Mable to return from the grave. America is a walking corpse. It’s like one of those “undead” zombies in a trashy, jewish horror movie. Come to think of it, you’re living in a trashy, jewish horror movie! Count Jewcula has bitten Miss Liberty on the neck and sucked all her blood (and injected her with vile yahoodie-venom afterwards). Now she has joined the army of the undead and has become as nasty and despicable as the Count himself. Miss Liberty, her deathly pallor in evidence to all those victims who see her coming, now marches around the world under orders from the sallow, bloodless Count. She seduces her victims by offering them eternal life through an infusion of what she claims is immortal democracy-blood. When her victim is finally lulled into complacency, her terrible maw opens to reveal the sharp, spiky points of remote-controlled missiles. If you’re having trouble with this imagery, then you obviously haven’t watched any of those vampire movies. Can you not see jewish cinematic “art” imitating real misery?

Count Jewcula killed Miss Liberty and anyone awaiting her return to the living is in the same league as those rapture-stooges waiting to be delivered up to heaven with the return of Jesus.

Jews have been bringing down advanced civilizations since Joseph infected Egypt with the usurious practices that drove it to bankruptcy. They have been instrumental in killing many great civilizations. Babylonia, Assyria, and Rome come to mind, then Britain and the entire commonwealth. For recent twentieth century history there’s Germany, France, Russia…in fact why not just say all of Europe and its former colonies? America was destroyed long ago but you didn’t notice because jews have refined their skills for keeping a corpse walking around.

Count Jewcula and his mistress Liberty will now lord it over the earth with a global army of RFID-chipped, NWO, multicult zombie-slaves. Yes Virginia , it’s a plan. It’s a biblical plan the jew’s tribal god Yahweh/Jehovah bequeathed to the very tippy-top, elite jews eons ago. Why? For no other reason than these are the elite cheese-mites god picked to rule over the big hunk o’ cheese. It’s like that hateful anti-Semitism thing for which there is no rational explanation – it’z just because they’re jews. In reviewing this, increasingly I find myself in agreement with the jew-god’s plan: I really can’t think of a better race of underworld denizens to lord over the grief and suffering.

The USA is like Bruce Willis in “The Sixth Sense.” It doesn’t know that it’s already toes-up. Peace and security, like other forms of joy or pleasure, are simply fleeting, orgasmic, respites from the millennial grind of boots smashing faces into the mud. This is the way the world works, this is the way it has always worked and this is the way it will always work.

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    1. -jc Says:

      I’ve so often enjoyed Arch Stanton’s writing that I hate to suggest that readers here go to Genesis 39 for themselves and read about Joseph who, as the story goes, was apparently not a “Jew” in the sense we regard Jews today, to see if there is mention of his being a usurer, anything apocryphal notwithstanding.

      In that one brief chapter you’ll also learn one of the great psychological truths of modern times, that “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

    2. Stan Sikorski Says:

      Stanton, Linder, N. B. Forrest – The words of these and some other commenters of OUR time should be collected and presented in a book that all Whites read. The entertainment value should be reason enough alone for members of the choir to own a copy. The lessons within the words should wake all but the dimmest dolt to the situation we all face as White Men and Women.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Stanton is right, the ‘Kwa is basically like one of those killer zombie-corpses in a George Romero horror movie…The Founding Fathers’ Great Experiment has turned into Dawn of the Dead….The golden age for the ‘Kwa was 1950-1970. It started sliding downhill real fast after that. All the so-called “prosperity” we had for short periods of time in the 80s, 90s and 2000’s was very weak, temporary and built on debt/speculation/illusion.

      So come on, let’s take out a shotgun and blow that killer-zombie’s head off already.

    4. Stan Sikorski Says:

      Double tap Tim. Double tap.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’ve seen a few elderly Jews who look a lot like that zombie in the photo. Except they usually had a big, stinky cigar stuck in their puss.

    6. Howdy Doody Says:

      The net has not been shut down, because it is used to track and watch/spy on Whites at large.

      Believe it.

      After Nixon was removed and blamed for every thing that he did not start or do, the filthy movies got worse and our borders were erased.

      Victory in 1945 ?

      I would bet the farm that those young men would never have fought on Iwo Jima 65 years ago if they had seen what today would be like.

    7. Igor Alexander Says:


      “The USA is like Bruce Willis in ‘The Sixth Sense.’ It doesn’t know that it’s already toes-up.”

      God, how many times has that ending been used for a movie? I haven’t seen The Sixth Sense but that was the twist in The Others and probably a few other things I’ve seen (there has to be at least one episode of The Twilight Zone or one of those old shows that uses it).

    8. Igor Alexander Says:

      “The net has not been shut down, because it is used to track and watch/spy on Whites at large.”

      I used to entertain those types of thoughts in the late 90s/early 2000s but I don’t think it’s true, or at least it wasn’t at that time. I think the explosion of the net caught the jews completely off guard. Even at this stage, you’d have to be a pretty dim bulb to not be able to figure out how the surf the web without leaving a trail (e.g. avoid using Google and Google-owned services, especially Facebook; clear your cookies after each session; use dial-up or reset your high-speed modem from time to time; don’t provide accurate information when filling out online forms when you can avoid it; don’t connect your Internet activity in any way with your cell phone; etc.)

      The older I get though, the less I give a shit about my privacy. It’s more important to get a political movement off the ground than to worry about spooks compiling data on you. You can’t have a political movement consisting of people who are too afraid to even voice their opinions.

      Besides, spooks aren’t anywhere near as bright as they want you to think they are. Don’t fall for the myth of the “omniscient intelligence agencies.” Hell, we might even have a few supporters in the intelligence communities. If that weren’t the case, israeli spy rings and the jewish mafia would never get busted.

    9. Igor Alexander Says:

      Here’s a privacy blog I came across that isn’t bad:

    10. -jc Says:

      Download Microsoft Online Service’s “Global Criminal Complaince Handbook,” while its still online, here: http://www.wired.com/images_blogs/threatlevel/2010/02/microsoft-online-services-global-criminal-compliance-handbook.pdf

    11. Ein Says:

      Igor Alexandre says:

      “The older I get though, the less I give a shit about my privacy. It’s more important to get a political movement off the ground than to worry about spooks compiling data on you. You can’t have a political movement consisting of people who are too afraid to even voice their opinions.”

      You’re right, and I agree. Who cares, really? After a while, you stop worrying. If you’re not doing anything illegal, what are they going to do to you?

      “Besides, spooks aren’t anywhere near [so] bright as they want you to think they are. Don’t fall for the myth of the “omniscient intelligence agencies.”

      Right again. I’m sure most of them are very ordinary — with emphasis on the word “ordinary”. Not many brilliant people would go into that career path. I’ve seen detectives at work. They were primarily concerned with when was lunch and what they were going to have. That was the main topic, everything else was secondary.

      “Hell, we might even have a few supporters in the intelligence communities.”

      I’m sure we do — at least some. And probably many.

    12. Irma Grese Says:

      Count Jewcula and his mistress Liberty will now lord it over the earth with a global army of RFID-chipped, NWO, multicult zombie-slaves. Yes Virginia , it’s a plan.

      In the future after the victorious rebels STAKE jewcula through the heart, BURN the Whore of Babylon Miss Liberty and fire their ashes into the sun, a new Aryan goddess will arise who will look just like my namesake!! She will carry a rocket launcher, not a torch!

    13. -JC Says:

      It is not just private and expensive Stanford University that cranks-out left-liberals. Government schools, starting with preschool and ending with State University graduate departments have exactly the same agenda. Community colleges are probably the worst.

      Furthermore, if any of you have ever visited Newport Beach, and I’m sure Alex Linder has been there, you would notice that it is continuous with Costa Mesa and that both communities have their share of minorities, predominately mestizos, which makes the average income even more remarkable. If anything is wrong with property values in Newport Beach it is the hoards of relatively mestizos that crowd the otherwise clean, pleasant beaches but do not actually live there.

      Last night, I heard a story about a County welfare office from a disgusted, relatively low-paid, former employee who moved-on to a more palatable job with another agency because she couldn’t stand it any longer. She recounted stories to seeing members of the same families, a multi-generational phenomena, if you will, who have been trained by the system to capture resources for 15+ years a “pop.” She said that office gave away approximately $1 million in $50 gift cards for TARGET and minority employees virtually threw them by the handfuls at fellow-minority recipients when the program was winding-down.

    14. Krystian Says:

      Community colleges are probably the worst. – jc

      From my own personal experience, there was far less Marxist thought control in junior college than there was in the four-year I moved on to. Who knows if that’s an experience representative of the true state of affairs, though.

    15. Jim Says:

      The concept of the “Brotherhood of Man” is a jewish scam for weakening the resolve of the Aryan. Ultimately, only ONE race will have dominion over the earth. The only races capable of conquering the world are the White, Yellow, or jew races. So far, the jews are way ahead of the game because of their high verbal intelligence combined with an extraordinary ability to lie and be believed by the other races. Outside of the White and Yellow races (mainly Japanese, Korean, and Han Chinese) the rest of the population of the world consists of hopelessly dumb niggers, and bastardized mongrels of all stripes. They possess no potential for world domination. The jews are in a category all their own. They represent the negative or satanic pole of creation. The race that will overcome the Jewish Money Power will have dominion, and will emerge stronger because of the cosmic struggle.

    16. Antagonistes Says:

      In a 1995 broadcast, Kevin Alfred Strom said the same thing.

      I agree with you both.

      Obama is just the vampire Lestat, a la “Interview with the Vampire,” dancing with the copse of America.

    17. Kuda Bux Says:

      “it is the hoards” Hordes, unless Whites are hoarding the beaners.

      “it is continuous with Costa Mesa” Contiguous.

      I used to bowl at Kona Lanes, and at Regal Lanes in Orange. They are no more.

    18. -JC Says:

      Vocabulary Lover:

      My understanding is that the term continuous means unbroken, uninterrupted, as by any apparent border.

      Contiguous, on the other hand, means having a border in common, as in Connecticut and Massachusetts are contiguous states.

      I would argue that there is really no border either between Mexico and Southern California or Newport Beach and Costa Mesa and that they simply grade, less perceptibly with each passing, ethnically-cleaning day, into one another.

      The passage of ObamaCare will, no doubt, facilitate both White abortion and the early deaths of seniors, making straight the way for “Change we (communists) can all believe-in.” Expect the promise of American health care to encourage more invasion and that elected officials will not be able to resist the prospect of magically transforming “illegal aliens” into left-liberal “voters.

    19. -JC Says:

      Ooops: I left-out a close-quote at the end of the above post.

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      ObongoCare has nothing to do with “communism”. It’s a giveaway to the health insurance industry. SuperCoon wants to force tens of millions of ‘Kwans to buy private health-insurance policies at full market price or pay stiff fines. Well, fuck him. The Federal Government has no constitutional right to force citizens to buy anything. I only hope this arrogant nigger and his out-of-control regime forces White Amerikkka to finally wake up and fight back.

    21. Antagonistes Says:

      The Christians seem to be waking up.

      I will see if they do more than pray for their enemies, or distribute tracts about how they found Noah’s Ark.

      It will be interesting.

      But, I have told people around me (and my wife tells me to keep quiet)–this is the kind of stuff that brings about military takeovers, or revolutions.

      I have never heard such lies, such duplicity, such off-the-cuff fabrications. I sometimes wonder . . . is Obama schizoid?

      Perhaps. But this is African Dictatorship, on American soil.

      The American revolutionaries were at a unique crossroads where Christianity had pretty much morphed into Deism, which meant that they had Christian morality but not the Christian obsequiousness in the face of evil. That is not our situation today.

    22. Noshirt Says:

      Well said Jim

    23. nom de guerre Says:

      Yes itz time to push over a few tombstones, and make room for new mud occupants, and give the rapture bunnies the vaporaization they’ve always dreamed about, so they can watch the action on a big screen TV on cloud nine, and high five jawveh, morning, day, noon and night.
      Maybe, just maybe, the health care fraud will be the straw that trips up the jews camel, I’ve never seen this sort of public unrest in my lifetime.. Yeah, we’ve had peace and security for so long we thought it was the whole feature, and not just the intermission…

    24. nom de guerre Says:

      Whites that are at lower levels of consciousness never wake up from the jews myths, especially if they have been indoctrinated with the Christian theology.. The jews are always busy re-enforcing the idea that the Xianity is the only bulwark against the forces that the jews are mustering to destroy it.. How many years have we seen the same circus? Nativiy scenes banned, Ten commandments not to be posted on public property, obscenity laws, while at the same times jews are barking from both sides, like that jew Sekulow barking with 2 goys about the health care.
      Amerikwa is the jews paradise on earth, a no-mans land that is a blot on the landscape, where all the laws of nature are nullified

    25. nom de guerre Says:

      The reason the Kwa continues doesn’t ,simply drop dead, is because of the artificial props know as the 50 Zoglings state guv’mints, these smaller organs of tax collection agencies, lower level burroratz, mostly masons keep the dung beetle rolling around the ball of shit. Tsarist Russia and the Soviet Jewnion were more monolithic entities, one only had to grab power in St. Petersburg or Moscow and murder the tsar and you pretty much had the rest of the Cheese. Cheka Mate! These roadblokes know as the States, are just that,artificial and illusionary as they may seem, they keep the jew golem afoot.

    26. nom de guerre Says:

      The one achilles heel in the Kwan empire, is the transportation network. What gets the Zog really lathered up is not when some jew owned skyscraper in Jew Dawk shitty topples overs, but when a bridge along an interstate collapses after being struck by a barge.
      In the aftermath of 9-11, our local State-zog chief executive, commented rather blaise, “Oh don’t worry, that happened up in New York”, but when a barge a year later struck a bridge, over a major interstate, all the burrocratic nonsense went out the door to get that traffic movin. The kwa moves on wheelz, even though we see airline traffic greatly reduced, the railroads pretty much confined to the 19th century, the trucks keep rollin,, That why the so-called event of mass suicide against a skyscraper is hardly palpable to any thinking mind. If you want to kill something you choke it our you sever its arteries.

    27. nom de guerre Says:

      The chief deity of Amerikwa, is the automobile, it allows the kwans to forget that they are featherless bi-peds, I place the car much higher than the televitz set.. You could take hammer to the televitz, and the herd wanted so much as moo, but put the hammer to their idol the ikahn of all ikahns their cars, they’d gore their own mothers.

    28. Antagonistes Says:

      “The jews are always busy reinforcing the idea that Xtianity is the only bulwark against the forces that the jews are mustering to destroy it”–nom de guerre

      Yes, name-of-war, I think that would be the perfect strategy.

      They give us a big hope that the champion that they have chosen for us will win the day, and he gets his ass kicked hands-down, or capitulates at the last moment, according to plan, a la Bart Stupid.

      They want to keep Christianity going, as long as they control it.

    29. nom de guerre Says:

      They want to keep Christianity going, as long as they control it.
      Take a look at the programming on TBN and you’ll see how much Xianity has morphed into Judaeo-Xianity. But the Zombies keep watching the shills like Hal Lindsay, or ole fat boy Billy joe with his side kick rabbi’s, even the rat rogue repuke prez kahndidate McCain had to put some distance between his spiritual guru, Fat Boy because he said the jews stayed around in Germany too long when they had the chance to go to the Holy Hoax land.

    30. Antagonistes Says:

      White people cling to Christianity because it offers them eternal life (so they say) and forgiveness of sins (so they say).

      I am thinking that Christianity was a popularizing of the mystery religions. Someone might have said this, on this website; I don’t remember. Or I might have read it in Celsus.

      But the Jews are always bringing everything down to the lowest common denominator, so I can see them devising Christianity to debase the noble mystery religions. A Jewish alternative, like their modern art is a debasing alternative to real art; like their pulp writings debase real literature and poetry (a la Alan Ginsberg), like their homosexual partnerships debase real marriage, and the music they promote is a continual debasing of the music they promoted before that. So it is no mystery that Christianity continues to be debased into Marxist multi-cult anti-White.

      Yes, they can make Christianity sound good in their books, but then you go to a service and it is like a gathering of National Enquirer readers.

      Even Christian groups that start out good, in accordance with race and soil, eventually morph into multi-cult. It is written in, or can easily be read into, their scriptures.

      ALL Christian assemblies, today, tear their garments in remorse at the thought that they were once segregated.

      (Speaking of Hal Lindsey, said on the radio one time that he was physically attacked by an invisible demon, and had quite a wrestling match.)

      Anyway, the subject of Christianity is fascinating to me.

      An incredible quote:

      “Balder the Beautiful–the Scandinavian Christ–was the beloved son of Odin. Balder was not warlike; his kindly and beautiful spirit brought peace and joy to the hearts of the gods, and they all loved him save one. As Jesus had a Judas among His twelve disciples, so one of the twelve gods was false–Loke, the personification of Evil. Loki caused Hothr, the blind god of fate, to shoot Balder with a mistletoe arrow. With the death of Balder, light and joy vanished from the lives of the other deities. Heartbroken, the gods gathered to find a method whereby they could resurrect this spirit of eternal life and youth. The result was the establishment of the (Odinic) mysteries.” (The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Manly P. Hall, Penguin, 2003, p. 65)

      The Odinic mysteries were established the first century before Christ, according to some; the first century after, according to others. The Odinic initiates met in underground caves or chambers.

      So, did these people in Sweden copy this narrative from the Christians in the Mediterrranean, with these motifs: son of god, twelve significant others, killed by betrayal, hope of resurrection ? I suppose it is possible, but unlikely, I think. I think they got all this from the mystery religions, and the signs of the zodiac. Which is where, I think, the Christians, a sect of judaism, got it.

    31. -JC Says:

      But you digress from the task at hand. And, having just finished Privileged Planet, I continue to be inclined to agree with his conclusion on alternative explanations of at least the setting in motion of it all…

      Beyond the Alamo: A Christian View on Immigration
      by Michael Colhaze
      March 9, 2010

      When small men cast long shadows, the sun will settle soon.

      And then there was that dear old lass
      Who loved to shelter cats en mass.
      She took in one, she took in two
      And welcomed many others too.
      But on the day they buried her
      It was a rather sad affair
      There was so little left of her.
      Birmingham Ribaldry

      A while ago I went to visit friends in Germany. They live in the mythical Black Forest, not far from a town where the famous author and Nobelist Hermann Hesse was born. My friends are enlightened Catholics, habitually indulging in the aesthetic glory of a well-ordered High Mass.

      Until recently. Because recently their parish priest accepted the proverbial apple, offered by a determined Eve with angelic features and lovely hips. Which led to her impregnation and his unconditional dismissal. The latter signed by the regional bishop with a few footnotes we better do not reprint here, for fear to scuttle the shop once and for all.

      In any case, my friend’s parish and its worshippers had to do without a shepherd, for the simple reason that the Holy Church is rattled by a shocking shortage of healthy young men who are prepared to perform the pastorate while forswearing God’s finest gift to man, namely a spot of glorious mating and, in consequence, a happy family. A shortage that leads also, as we are gleefully reminded every second day by the enemies of Christendom and their agitprop outlets, to the occasional employment of unhealthy ones.

      As for the missing shepherd in my friend’s parish, the big Wallah mulled the matter over in his Roman labyrinth, and one day, Hallelujah, a replacement arrived. Freshly imported from Poland, healthy for sure but somewhat rustic in appearance, with a big moustache and generally unshaven, plus a strong whiff of onion and vodka on the breath. His German was not exactly perfect, and even though my command of that language is passable, I clearly missed the point when I heard him once. His first official act during the festivities for his instalment was to squeeze the mayor’s wife’s bottom after getting drunk.

      Now the mayor is, as befits a proper mayor in modern Germany, politically correct by every definition. The same is true for his wife and her bottom, the latter particularly because it is so big. The misdemeanour elicited only a strained smile and nothing else, because anything more to the point could have been misinterpreted as racism or worse, a true receipt for political suicide if ever there was one.

      Now this piece isn’t about the insanity of modern politics, but its mirror-image in the world of Christian affairs.

      As to the new instalment, it wasn’t a success. Rather the opposite, since the bloodletting among the congregation accelerated instead of slowing down. Though mind you, nothing against Poles! I had two Polish masons rebuild my house, and they were honest, excellent craftsmen who did a marvellous job. I only needed to keep a sharp eye on the vodka bottle while they were busy. Which throws a light on the import of Polish priests and their affinity to hard booze. And which in turn throws, and not only with this particular facet, an even sharper light on the suicidal lunacy of the Roman Catholic Curia.

      My children grew up in Italy, in a tiny village in the Alpine foothills. Their kindergarten was run by Catholic nuns, generally middle-aged and more, some rather well-rounded, some thin like beanstalks, and together the happiest and gentlest lot imaginable. If ever there was someone who fully understood and lived Christ’s message of Love and Compassion without a hidden agenda or ulterior motive, it was them. The same can be said of our parish priest, a calm and friendly gentleman who did his best to introduce a bunch of unruly boys to the origins and essentials of our once great civilisation.

      These lowest echelons are, and always have been, the backbone of Christianity. It is they who have quietly renounced any ambition and serve their flock wherever some bigwig has sent them. Which can be a sleepy little village, a hideous slum in a decaying metropolis, or a stretch of bug-infested jungle in Central Africa. Unfortunately, attitudes change radically with growing responsibility and the need to maintain a status quo as perceived by the top hierarchy. The bishop of Verona, for example, only some thirty miles to the west, was one of the most despised and hated men in the region. Why? Because he owned half of the houses in that city’s beautiful historical centre, all written over to him by some old biddies and geezers who, towards the end of their lives, got worried about past sins and thus hoped to buy their ticket into Paradise. As to the bishop, he didn’t rent even one apartment to the many young people who were desperately looking for accommodation, but left them all unoccupied, simply because the laws that protected tenants were not to his taste.

      This is what I was told, and have no reason to disbelieve. And why should I? With one marvellous exception, namely the reign of John XXIII, a man great in his candour and simple in his greatness, every pope in recent times has, as far as I can see, behaved in the same way as the above-mentioned bishop of Verona. Not a hint of the Fisherman’s adage, but Machiavelli all along the line. And that to a degree which future generations might well condemn as a short-sighted, utterly egoistic, suicidal trickery which finally led to the collapse of the one great pillar that has sustained for two thousand years our incomparable European culture. Not to mention the downright genocide of those poor suckers in Africa and elsewhere who believed that condoms were counterproductive to their spiritual salvation.

      The Machiavellian angle is perhaps a logical explanation why the Curia refuses so steadfastly to loosen the stranglehold of celibacy, even though there has been a partly successful attempt to undo it during the Second Vatican Council (1962 – 1965). Initiated by the above mentioned great pope who saw clearly that the Church had a sacred responsibility to confront the profound changes of time. And undone again by his murky successor Paul VI as soon as he was safely underground. Imagine the said Curia would have to pay not only for a priest, but also his spouse and their offspring, especially if the former took Catholic doctrine serious and fathered plenty of the latter. There is little doubt that the Bank of the Holy Spirit would go bust in no time at all. If it isn’t broke already, with or without Goldman Sachs. Whereby the latter is a perfectly reasonable suspicion, since those crooks have ruined better people than the successors of Cardinal Marcinkus and his gang — including a bit of blackmail to silence those who might think of going public with a detail or two.

      Every generation has to reconsider and authenticate age-old mores, in this way adapting them to the changing times. And if these times witness, as they do now, a concerted assault on the Christian-European civilization and its legitimate heirs, strategies for a determined and morally sound defence become paramount, if not life-saving. Whereby morally sound is the crux of the matter.
      I am a cheerful grassroots believer. My faith, plucked from Christ’s teachings and buttressed by a few admirable mystics, European and Indian alike, stands firm. No matter if you are a nihilist, atheist or evolutionist, you don’t have an explanation for the Big Bang as the cause of everything that arrived in its wake. But I have! For me the only logical explanation is a benevolent God who has created this marvellous world and regaled us with a grandiose, bountiful and immensely beautiful garden. A garden that easily would sustain man and beast alike, were it not for human greed and stupidity. The latter as the result of something called Free Will, an enigma still in a state of maturation, and therefore responsible for ninety nine percent of our assorted miseries. If I listen to a nightingale’s song, taste a ripe strawberry, watch a child’s smile or caress the cheeks of my woman, I understand that Love is an essential part of God’s Creation. Consequently I believe it not only to be a gift, but also a code of comportment that will eventually enable me to reunite with my Creator and enjoy Life Eternal.
      This is where we come to the problem. A Christian one.

      Most people, namely those with peaceful intentions and the hope to be treated peacefully as well, can see that goodness is in the long run more deserving than plain evil, even if the latter might be terribly exciting for a while. This has been understood by every reasonable society during the history of man. The difficulty that needs to be plumbed by every intelligent Christian is the exact extent to which Christ took His demand for compassion. I remember how deeply impressed I was as a small boy when told, by way of example, about a man who renounced his sinful life, retreated into the desert, climbed onto a rock and sustained himself henceforth with prayers, dewdrops and the occasional mosquito that passed by under his nose. Now that champion of Christendom would have gladly held out the left cheek, provided he didn’t fall off his rock after being slapped on the right one in the first place.

      But what about myself? Like the overwhelming majority of Christians, I am not a saint. I am, just like them, a decent human being who tries to get through life while causing as little offence as possible. Especially since I know that the use of aggression, no matter if justified or not, inevitably generates a kind of negative energy which slowly poisons spirit and soul like a hidden disease. But there are times, as now, when I must give battle or perish. The question is, will I forfeit my chances for a happy Hereafter if I punch the bastard on the nose who hit me in the first place? Me, or my family, or my tribe? Does self-defence exclude my comprehension of Love as a divine principle and, consequently, its practicing?
      Whenever I meet a beggar with an open hat, usually on a Friday morning while buying fresh fish and vegetables on the market, I dig through my pockets and drop him a coin or two. This happens unthinkingly. It is a simple and insignificant deed, yet in line with my understanding of Christ’s adage. If there were three beggars, the deed would be slightly less simple and marginally more significant. If there were ten or more, I needed to curtail my compassion drastically, because my financial situation is like that. And I think Christ would agree, because I can’t be of any help for future beggars if I’d empty my pockets of everything I own and become a beggar myself. In other words, it would be counterproductive and clearly undermine the sustenance of His message.

      Which is a fairly reasonable example why I can take in a few slum dwellers from Mexico, Manila, Kurdistan, Liberia or Senegal, no matter if they are or aren’t Christians like myself, but must refuse hospitality to vast hordes of de facto Christians whose qualifications for viable citizenship are limited to the occasional unskilled work, propped up by social benefits, drug dealing, robbery and downright murder.

      Unfortunately the hordes arrive already full pelt, and what is more, they are even welcomed. Not only by politically correct liberals and their sponsors as part of an unholy strategy, but by influential churchmen as well. Small wonder therefore that a slowly growing number of decent, taxpaying citizens begin to ask themselves if ere long the Western World will degenerate into a string of Banana republics, all democratically established by the sheer power of numbers. And all run eventually by some bogey like Mugabe or Chavez who will rob the once prosperous countries of their essential elite and push everyone else over the edge into chaos and misery. Meaning everyone, also those who hoped for a change but were only fleeced by the powers that are. And when naked barbarity has replaced the last vestiges of law and order, as looms already on the horizon of Zimbabwe or South Africa, the teachings of Christ will be a first casualty.

      If one thinks along these lines, the attitude of the aforementioned churchmen is not only bewildering, but frightening — a plausible explanation, since nobody can be so naïve and expect compassionate motives. There must be a Machiavellian angle. Just as Britain’s Labourites thought the import of all the world’s bums would keep them in power eternally, so the Roman Curia and similar Christian top echelons believe that huge numbers of non-white Christians will sustain Mother Church and its various offshoots forever. But this is wishful thinking in the guise of clever scheming. Because look what happened to Tony Blair and his gang. Chased out of office, despised and hated by almost everyone, a bunch of crooks whose only historical legacy might well be a civil war.

      Given this squandering of our very life sap by unelected spiritual leaders, every responsible Christian of a First World Country is forced to balance compassion with common sense and consider matters impartially as an alternative to running like the proverbial sheep after a soft-spoken Torquemada with the mental horizon of a lemming. Or whoever pretends to be your shepherd in Christ but refuses steadfastly to see the writing on the wall, no matter if he is Protestant, Anglican, Baptist, Methodist or whatsoever.

      Because if we are unable to rouse you out of your lethargy, your ignorance, your irresponsibility towards your inheritance, your country and your children, it will take only a short time and Santa Ana’s trumpets, or the hubba-hubba of obscene rappers, will be blaring under the ramparts of a cultural and social Alamo where some latter-day Crockets called Buchanan, MacDonald, Taylor, Griffin, Haider, Le Pen and their band of patriots, male and female alike, prepare for a last stand against vastly superior forces.

      And when we go down, we’ll go down with a clean conscience. And if that isn’t a ticket to Paradise, what is?

      And when the mob climbs over your fence and moves up your well-groomed lawn towards your pretty house, watched with naked terror by your wife and your children, you will curse yourself for not having joined us or dropped us a few pennies while there was still time.

      Michael Colhaze (email him) is a pen name.

      Permanent URL: http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/authors/Colhaze-Alamo.html

    32. Tim McGreen Says:

      I just find it pasing strange that Xianity was foisted on us by the Jews, yet they themselves never bothered converting to it. Xianity is the export version of Judaism.

    33. Igor Alexander Says:

      “If you’re not doing anything illegal, what are they going to do to you?”

      There’s that but I think it’s more that the older I get, the less self-centered I become in my world-view and the more preoccupied I am with the big picture. From a bird’s-eye view, I’m no more than a tree — and a small one at that — in a mighty big forest. From a historical perspective, I’m a grain of sand in a desert. If intelligence agencies want to keep files me, as well they should, it’s a relatively minor matter in the greater scheme of things. 100 years from now I’ll be dead and it won’t matter. It’ll matter even less if in 1000 years our race and civilization are gone and the computer data of today is as indecipherable to the inhabitants of the future as the Egyptian hieroglyphs were to us 200 years ago.

      A few years ago there was an ARA asshole on the net who had done a surprisingly thorough job of gathering information about me and publishing it. At the time I found it annoying and intimidating, but looking back, I should’ve been flattered that someone thought I was important enough to put himself through the trouble.

    34. Igor Alexander Says:

      typo: …keep files on me…

    35. Igor Alexander Says:

      “I am thinking that Christianity was a popularizing of the mystery religions. Someone might have said this, on this website; I don’t remember.”

      I’ve said that a couple of times on the forum recently. In particular, the similarities between Christianity and the Osirian cult and the similarities between Socrates and Jesus.

    36. Igor Alexander Says:

      “…a George Romero horror movie…”

      I liked his movies when I was younger but I can’t stand them anymore. They’re so brazenly political. In the original Night of the Living Dead, we’re supposed to feel sorry for the black guy, the only survivor of the zombie attacks, who ironically gets shot in the head at the end by a mob of armed rednecks. Hmm, is there a racial message of some kind there? If I’m not mistaken, in the sequels it’s always the black man and/or the woman who survives; the white men are always killed, usually as a result of their own stupidity or bravado.

      I saw a movie of his on a video store shelf a few months ago and it looked like he put a feminist spin on the old “witch burned at the stake coming back for revenge in the present day” plot.

      Fuck George Romero. I don’t know if he’s a kike, but if he isn’t, he might as well be one.

    37. -JC Says:

      Christianity wasn’t foisted on anybody by “the Jews.” A lot of Jews and Jew-led organizations, including most if not all Judeo-Christian non-profit corporate ministries, many just stupid but the majority probably with knowing & willful agendas press Zionism, race-mizing, etc., for profit & gain. But if three ever was a mistake it is throwing out the positive influence of Christianity not only on Western civilization but the Middle East as well baby with the bathwater. I’m surprised that with so many bright, perceptive readers here that these kind of threads blather on as if those who probably have the sort of agendas that they claim to decry subtly propagandize and libel.

      You don’t have to accept all of what you may regard as mythology and symbolism– including parallels to other myths– and Catholicism particularly in Latin America is full of this, life-after-death in Heaven, etc., to allow others a little space for what works for them. Ask yourself what drives those who go on and on about this sort of thing, including attacks on Muslims. Hopefully they’re just damaged from having had fundamentalism driven down their throats as children or something else relatively innocent and aren’t trolls or worse.

      And as for being just on tree in the forest, I’d be encouraged to see how quickly posts to the VNN Forum are read by a goodly number of people. That can multiply quickly: Things going viral, as they say, start somewhere. And that is also why it is important to be responsible with what you post that makes these forums look stupid, mean-spirited, etc.

    38. -JC Says:

      I meant to add that the Mark Potoks of this world hang on every word on these forums and get their material here, too, about what the “neo nazis” are saying and doing.

    39. Tim McGreen Says:

      Of course Xianity was foisted on the goyim by crafty, scheming Jews. Who do you think SS Peter and Paul were?

    40. -JC Says:

      You need to consider your sources and do a little research, if you’re sincere, because you are apparently mistaken. The Bible is the story of one man’s family– Adam’s family. I’m not going to be taking the bait and spending a lot of time posting in response to a rhetorical question but the first page I Googled-up that appears to address this issue is http://www.crutchercpa.com/adamcpts.htm.

      Published Gen. George Patton materials indicates he was apparently of the opinion that Khazars were of the tribe of Judah and that’s apparently not the case either. So, if you’re simply confused, you’re in good company: Confusion is the name of the game and careless posting here can only lend to the confusion. Enemy identification is necessary before target acquisition and I’m only interested in spotting those who are deliberately misrepresenting facts.

    41. Tim McGreen Says:

      Was Adam a Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus or Australopithicus? Because it was those kinds of pre-human hominids who were the ancestors of the human race, and they lived millions of years ago. We are not descended from the sons of Noah, Adam or some other obscene Jew who lived in Babylonia 4,000 years ago. Patton was a great general and a kick-ass guy, but his Bible-based belief system was ill-informed.

      There, have I really “dragged” you into some kind of rhetorical, sophistic pit from which there is no escape?

    42. Tim McGreen Says:

      What is it with these Xians? They are so afraid of being proved wrong. Would you rather have the truth or just be lulled into a false sense of comfort by a bunch of Bible stories? Anyone who tries to engage these darn Xians in debate is accused of having slipped into a quicksand of moral relativism and sophistry, or something.

    43. Antagonistes Says:

      JC–are you J. Kent Crutcher, a la JC?

    44. -JC Says:

      No, but I see here, http://www.crutchercpa.com/cpa.htm, that he holds himself out as a Christian; I do not. However, I did share a helicopter with Mary Leakey on one occasion.

      The presumptuous, apparently Irish, “Tim McGreen” is apparently a smatterer at archaeological terminology but neither a protestant nor a catholic.

    45. CW-2 Says:

      This is what I love about vnn, lost of interesting and discussive postings.
      However, the post by ‘Jim’ caught my eye. The 3 major races are in a battle for global dominance, with the only real contenders being Aryans, jews and northeast Asians, ie. Hans and related peoples. If the jew inspired program succeeds in eliminating the White race, the self-chosen circumcised-ones will be head to head with the Chinese, a contest they cannot win even with hordes of mongrels and mulattos at their command? So the ‘meek’ Chinese will inherit the earth?

    46. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Chinks will NOT inherit the earth. They have a lot of serious problems that will make world domination impossible for them. And being Orientals, they have no sense of imagination, individuality, adventure or creativity. All they can do is steal or imitate whatever technology is invented in the West. They have an ant-colony mentality which may suitable for running their own affairs, but useless for taking over the world. Ants simply don’t know how to do that.

    47. -JC Says:

      Well, they may not be the smart fiscal managers that Whites have been but the Chinese backing certainly gave us fits in Vietnam, Rhodesia, and elsewhere. Oh, wait, maybe we haven’t been so smart in adopting a central bank and paper money managed by aliens either.