29 November, 2010

Jews Outraged Over Talking Hitler Exhibit!

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by Arch Stanton.

Jews are angry about a German history exhibit featuring a bust of Hitler that laughs every time it hears the word “Holocaust.” Said one visitor to the exhibit, “It’s really creepy. When you stand in front of the bust and say ‘holocaust,’ a deep, hollow laugh seems to come from out of nowhere. It’s almost like Hitler is laughing from the grave.” When asked about the possible affront this might present to jews, Greta Himmler, spokesperson for the exhibit said, “Nazi exhibits are always somber, so we thought we’d lighten things up a bit by having a Hitler bust laugh automatically. However, we’re still investigating why it only happens in response to the ‘H’ word.”

During an interview about the exhibit, jewish leader Alan Nickelbiter reportedly said, “This is an insult to the memory of every last one of the sixty million jews that we claim died in the Holocaust. So what if the actual numbers have been dropped by more than half, it’z the thought that counts! Everyone knows the stories about the Holocaust are true, even the ones that have been proven to be lies and were refuted by our own Vlad Cash-In. These stories hold true, and better yet they pay big money to this day.”

Visitors to the exhibit have noted an odd curiosity: the voice emanating from the Hitler bust doesn’t really sound like Hitler. Rather, it sounds very much like jewish leader Menachem Moneybags. Mr. Nickelbiter scoffed at such a suggestion. “What are you saying? Are you implying that jews created this scandal for their own purposes? That sounds like anti-semitism, and I’m going to report you to the EU’s Extra-Special Committee to Keep Jews Rolling in Shekels. We don’t have to take any crap from the filthy goyim. They must learn to always consider the facts from the jewish perspective, lest they confuse actual fact with jewish fact. Jewish fact always trumps actual fact. God said so.”

Hitler Exhibition Breaks Germany’s Last Taboo

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    1. R CROSS Says:

      Sixty million now?the lie just gets bigger and bigger,and greta himmler?is some-one having a laugh.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Yet Levi Salomon, an anti-Semitism expert for Germany’s Central Council of Jews said he was not alarmed at the prospect of a Hitler exhibition. “We need to deal with the Nazi era in a number of different ways,” he said.”

      What’s this? The Jew Salomon sounds almost rational! And congrats to Der Spiegel, for pointing out that the exhibit’s curators are treating the German public in a condescending manner with their “scary Hitler” nonsense.

      *sigh*……Will Germany ever be free again?

    3. -JC Says:

      “Fears that the exhibition could deliver the wrong message were underlined by Professor Hans-Ulrich Thamer, the chief curator when the idea was first mooted six years ago. He insisted that every effort should be made to avoid glorification of the Nazi leader. ‘We must not create any opportunity for people to identify with him,” he said.'”

      Consider reading all of The Furher’s Challenge at <http://www.natallnews.com/story.php?id=9546 ?

      "And because we share much of our ideology with the National Socialists, it’s a good idea for us to pay attention to what worked for them. Because times have changed over the years, we might find that their tactics might not work exactly for us today, but it’s still good to take note of their tactics. And the good news is that because the basic psychology of White people hasn’t changed much, the mental perspective of the audience that the German National Socialists were targeting is more-or-less the same as that of our target audience today. "

    4. Howdy Doody Says:

      Nickelbiter Un-quote.

      What a name !


      SOB bastards.

    5. Cousin It Says:

      Sometimes I think Mr. H. is looking down on us, viewing the smoldering ruins of the US and laughing, saying: “I told you so.”

    6. Cousin It Says:

      Sometimes I think Mr. H. is looking down on us, viewing the smoldering ruins of the US and laughing, saying: “I told you so.”

    7. DMS Says:

      Just in time for the xmas season, the ultimate chinky Wal-Mart crap gift: Interactive Laughing Hitler Head. The perfect follow-up to the singing fish on a plaque!

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      I thought Arch’s story was for real until I saw that faux Jew name “Alan Nickelbiter” at the start of the second paragraph. Good work, A.S.

    9. Justin Huber Says:

      I read somewhere, maybe even in the linked article, that this exhibit has had pretty good attendance thus far. German officials were or course “embarrassed”. This, in spite of the fact, that this whole thing was put on in the first place to show how despicable Hitler and the Nazis were.

    10. Nietzsche Says:

      It’s only a matter of time before Germany returns to itself.

    11. Howdy Doody Says:

      The bust in the photo is purposely a very poor rendition.

      Of course they could show a bust that would reflect his deep concern for what Western civilization and kin faced.

      Whites of Europe KNEW exactly exactly what the murdering insand lunatice did to Russian and the Czar Nicky’s four daughters.

      Kikes from hell.

      By the way it is considered hate to connect jooos with the the slaughther of Russia and Czar.

    12. who+dares+wings Says:

      They’re selling “Remembrance Bows” that look like those pink
      breast cancer ribbons, only made out of bacon, and temporary Elie Wiesel tattoos of his missing Auschwitz number A-7113 in the museum giftshoppe. They also have a shelf of these teapots! http://www.fugly.com/pictures/12535/hitler_teapot.html

    13. k9base Says:

      Nicklebiter =Named perfect. Please more Goyfire &Radio Istina we are Jonen out here.Listen to old files week Classic breath of fresh air.Thanks

    14. k9base Says:

      opps This Week

    15. Sean Sandaluci Says:

      I love how the number of Jews that died keeps getting bigger and bigger. I Seriously think they are some stupid people. It’s a shame the Fuhrer didn’t get rid of all the cheap bastards. And i find it hilarious that it laughs whenever you mention Holocaust.