26 April, 2013

VNNForum.com updates

Posted by Alex Linder in Alex Linder at 4:11 pm | Permanent Link

Under DDOS attack again. Situation will be updated at KirksvilleToday.com, along with added material. –A.Linder

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  7. 2 Responses to “VNNForum.com updates”

    1. ericthered Says:

      Cockroaches hate the light, unfortunately these have grown intelligent enough to learn how to bust the light out once in a while.

      Hey Orkin man!

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      If the people posting on this site were only discussing idiotic nonsense, such as their favorite colored ball players or who they liked on American Idol the Social Marxist skum would leave ’em alone. As far as they’re concerned “free speech” is only for those who have nothing to say.

      So much for all those Jewish lies about “freedom, equality and democracy”. Of course real freedom has nothing at all to do with equality or democracy. But us goy cattle can’t think for ourselves, can we, you lying, scheming, manipulative Jews?