24 April, 2014

The Pure Meat! Pure Gold! Show #6

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Recorded 4-24-2014. [Here].

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    1. .308 Says:

      Alex has the best radio SHOW!!



    2. Joey Says:

      Well, I always enjoy the lot of insights your podcasts provide, Alex Linder. I’m not much of a fan of your singing, however. Maybe you could get someone else to sing your songs. I mean, someone with a good voice. Your lyrics are great and they deserve a better voice. Or maybe you just don’t care. Ha.

      On the subject of homosexuals, you think correctly that psychoanalysis and psychiatry is a fraud but then you think that this same institution has bowed to political pressure and let homosexuals be considered normal, stating that people should be relying on “science” when it comes to homosexuality. What science? Where’s the science?

      There is no science of homosexuality, and there never has been any. It’s all bullshit. Any and all condemnation of homosexuality comes straight from religion, the very religion you deplore, and then the so-called pseudo-science of psychiatry (Jewish based) simple borrows the religious prejudices against the “sin” of homosexuality and converts it into scientific-sounding language. It’s all rhetoric and deception. Just like there is no science behind anti-depressants for serotonin increase, there is no science on homosexuality.

      And insofar as homosexuals preying on teenagers is concerned, their number, I imagine, is small, no bigger certainly than the number of heterosexuals who prey on teenagers as well and often are regarded as respectable members of society. You could easily talk about the marketing of heterosexual pedophilia in fashion and on TV, and maybe you should.

      It is the Jews who are pushing the Homosexual Agenda, but homosexuals who are not Jews and who are White, in particular, are merely puppets or spectators. There is no homosexual activism without the Jew at the forefront. Not that I’ve seen, at least. Show me the face of a White homosexual activist and how powerful he or she is.

      I appreciate you giving a tender note to doctors and the overwhelming amount of paperwork they have to do. It’s true and some doctors can’t handle it. However, it is not better to be a lawyer as compared to doctors, as you said, if you are talking about the amount of paperwork that’s involved. Lawyers have much more paperwork. It’s just that doctors generally don’t anticipate how much paperwork they’d have to do in trying to help treat patients. And since most of the paperwork is done by computers, there’s a lot more “sitting” involved nowadays in being a doctor and ergonomic problems with the body are growing, even among those in the healing profession!

      I particularly enjoyed your savvy observation that it is much easier it is to take a pill than to actually change one’s behavior in order to get better, since people really don’t want to change their behavior. I know, in fact, a doctor who relies on pharmaceuticals and would rather prescribe herself her own “medicines” for sleeping and depression than actually exercise daily in order to be tired at night and who would rather take Wellbutrin rather than feel the necessary grief and bereavement over the loss of her husband.

      I sent her a copy of your podcast so she might hear someone smart say a very smart thing. I think your words might strike at her core in a helpful, healing way.

      I also appreciated once more your sense of humor and your discussions about Sowell and the author of “The Marketing of Evil,” along with your relevant criticisms of the book.

      Thanks for the effort.