16 May, 2021

A New Book by Charles Murray (Author of The Bell Curve)

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The new book is called “Facing Reality: Two Truths about Race in America.” It’ll arrive in bookstores in June (unless the book is censored by the stores). Sounds like a good book. Importantly, the book addresses the bogus, Marxist claim that all White people have unearned “White privilege” (there are a couple of big problems with that theory. First of all, many Whites are poor. I’ve known some of them, in fact. Who really has “privilege” in America? Jews! They are the wealthiest people in America per capita) [1]. (The funny thing about the “White privilege” claim is: it wouldn’t matter if it was true, because the West is a White-built region, and Whites are genetically superior people; even if we had White privilege, we would be entitled to it).



[1] the idea of “White privilege” came mostly from the Jewish Marxist Noel Ignatiev circa 1967, but also partly from his Marxist buddy Ted Allen

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