31 May, 2021

About the UN and Communism, or, Why Do We Have a Global Parliament?

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“…all aims and objects of this cleverly camouflaged nucleus of the future ‘one world’ government are nothing other than unadulterated communism in a disguise and wearing a cloak which conceals the true purpose for which its conspirators created this abomination.” — Congressman John T. Wood (R-Idaho), 1952, speaking to Congress about the UN. From the book “In the Presence of Our Enemies: A History of The Malignant Effects in American Schools of the UN’s UNESCO and Its Transformation of American Society From The Lips of Those Who Did It” by Ellen McClay, 2008, page 16. And to think, Joe Biden just re-joined America to the UN’s “Paris Agreement on Climate Change”, which will punish and tax White countries for violating “climate change” rules and regulations, after Trump rejected that bogus, Marxist agreement. That agreement will remodel the West according to various Marxist, anti-Western guidelines.

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