12 May, 2021

Critical Race Theory: Surprising Pushback from White Parents

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Since White people have done almost nothing to fight Cultural Marxism since it appeared in American universities in force in the 1980s, this pushback is surprising, and of course wonderful [1][2]. Whites are growing tired of the “race hustlers” (who nonetheless insist that race is just a social construct! If it’s a social construct, how can “evil White people” exist?).

[Article] and [Article].


[1] beginning circa 1986, Western culture began to be demonized daily in the universities as “evil.” A popular chant in California was “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Western Civ Has Got to Go!” And it did: California no longer requires universities to teach Western Civilization as a course; it was previously a required course and you couldn’t graduate without taking it. No universities today require it. Today, White people are the root of all evil. All parts of our culture are under relentless attack.

[2] Critical Race Theory (CRT) is just more Cultural Marxism. CRT sprang from the earlier Critical Legal Studies (CLS), which was founded largely by a Jew, Alan David Freeman (1943-1995), a political activist and a law professor at the University of Buffalo Law School. CLS morphed into CRT in the 1980s. Both movements contained a lot of Jews. Regarding CRT and CLS, think “Critical Theory applied to American law.” In other words, American law was politicized to benefit racial minorities.

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