27 May, 2021

Texas Exposes Covid-19 as a Fraud

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Re: Texas ending its Covid-19 lockdown hysteria: “Now a new study appearing as a National Bureau of Economic Research working paper, highlighted recently in Reason Magazine, has found “no evidence that the reopening affected the rate of new COVID-19 cases in the five-week period following the reopening. …State-level COVID-19 mortality rates were unaffected by the March 10 reopening.”

The same situation exists in Sweden: that country didn’t engage in lockdown hysteria, at all, since Day 1, but their death numbers were merely average. People did not drop like flies in Sweden from Covid-19, as “experts” had predicted. Sweden has been the only Western country to not engage in lockdown hysteria. The fact that people there didn’t drop like flies proves that Covid is fake, or largely fake anyway.

Now, Texas has ended its Covid hysteria. The “experts” yelled and screamed that people would be dropping like flies in Texas. Did they? Nope. Not even close.

Covid-19 may be the biggest and most expensive fraud ever foisted upon America. Billions of dollars were lost in each state. Millions of jobs vanished. Suicides, drug abuse, alcoholism and divorce rates went thru the roof. People delayed or even refused to seek various medical treatments for fear of catching Covid if they visited doctors’ offices or hospitals. Who is going to pay for that? (Answer: nobody. This is America. The guilty never pay. Only the innocent pay).


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