27 June, 2021

Evolution or Revolution?

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“Traditional society took centuries to evolve, the building of communities, values and trust. Life progressed in an otherwise orderly fashion until the recent arrival of cultural Marxism.” — a UK teacher known as AsiaTeacher.

This is absolutely correct. What is going on in the Western world today is not evolution (slow, natural change). It’s revolution (forced, quick change). The revolution seeks to transform the West from “White-ruled and stable” to “non-White-ruled and unstable.” Why? To usher in Marxism in all of the White countries [1]. (Because it’s hard to communize stable, White countries. But it’s much easier to communize unstable, multicultural countries in which the citizens have no common heritage). Why would anyone want to screw up White, stable countries with Marxism? Two reasons: 1) Because Marxists hate White culture with a passion; 2) White, stable, male-dominated countries aren’t “equal” and human equality is the political/social Holy Grail since the 1960s. So, the federal government will soon become your father and your mother. All major decisions in your life will be made by federal bureaucrats: where you work, how much you earn, where you live, etc., etc. This revolution is being led, of course, by Jews in the media, in the universities, and in the government. Those Jews decide which speech and which behavior is, and isn’t, “acceptable.”


[1] if this were 1967, the Marxism they are seeking to install would be regular (economic) Marxism. But this is 2021, and the Marxism they seek to install is largely Cultural Marxism. This allows for more micromanagement of the culture; it’s basically the difference between the Old Left (1930s) and the New Left (1960s), the latter of which focused much more on identity politics and “White-hating”

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