21 June, 2021

Postmodernism is Scholarly in Law School?

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What does that say about law schools? Not much!

“Critical race theorists, who are on the faculty at almost every major law school and are producing an ever-growing body of scholarly work, have drawn from an idea made popular by postmodernist scholars of all races, that there is no objective reality…” (On the faculty? How did they get there?).

Postmodernism is dangerous and stupid. The idea that everyone has their own version of reality, and therefore, there’s no “one” reality, is a dangerous idea. (How can a psychiatrist determine if a postmodernist is crazy or not? He can’t. He doesn’t know if it’s “the postmodern crap talking” or if the postmodernist really believes the nonsense he’s spouting, e.g., Doctor: “Do you really believe that cars are alive?” Patient: “Well…”).

Postmodernism was invented as an attack on White Western culture’s foundations of logic and reason, which, the postmodernists insist, are “mere conceptual constructs.”

Postmodernism (which has Jewish roots, e.g., Derrida, Scheler) is a form of Marxism (it’s also called postMarxism) [1].

Question: since we know that Marxism and postmodernism are both attacks on White Western culture, why haven’t we banned them by federal law? If something is harmful to society, we usually ban it (e.g., hallucinogenic drugs, hand grenades, etc.). Yet we haven’t banned those dangerous ideologies. Why not?



[1] Postmodernism is famous for two things: denying reality, and “everything is a social construct.” The fact that postmodernism was founded in France says a lot. The French are half-crazy ever since the French Revolution, because most of the normal people were killed off. Postmodernism says that “there is no one reality, because everybody has his/her own version of reality” and “most or all things in the world are social constructs” i.e., not organic and not natural. They are merely “false things invented/created by White men”; the idea of social construction comes from the Jew, Max Scheler (from his “sociology of knowledge” theory), and a few other Jews such as Karl Mannheim, Edmund Husserl and Alfred Schutz.

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