6 June, 2021

South Africa: They Knew, But They Did It Anyway

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(Above: U.S. diplomat Henry Kissinger, circa 1971)

They knew. When the so-called “international community” forced South Africa to end apartheid (White rule) in 1993/1994 and allow Blacks to share political power with Whites, the globalists knew it was a bad idea. They knew that, very soon afterwards, Blacks would rule South Africa entirely, and, that the country would turn to shit. And now Blacks do rule S.A. and now it has gone to shit. Nothing works there now. Power outages are common. Telephones don’t work half of the time. Crime rates are sky high. The government is completely incompetent and corrupt — just like the globalists knew it would be. Giving Blacks political power in South Africa was a horrible idea, but it didn’t matter because White rule over Blacks was “evil” and it “had to stop.” Never mind that Whites (British and Dutch) built all of South Africa: the roads, the bridges, the power grid, the buildings, the schools, the government, everything. Whites built all of it. Importantly, the same thing that happened in South Africa is now happening in America, albeit slowly. By 2045 America will be in deep shit due to Black (and Brown) rule and incompetence.

Trivia: the major players in the ending of apartheid in South Africa were the Jewish diplomat Henry Kissinger and the Jewish communist Yossel “Joe” Slovo (1926-1995) [1][2].



[1] the threats over South Africa’s system of apartheid began early: for example, Kissinger issued a veiled threat to South Africa in a speech in Lusaka, Zambia, in April 1976, saying that apartheid in South Africa “must” (!) end within a certain time limit:

Quoting Kissinger: “But white South Africans must recognize as well that the world will continue to insist that the institutionalized separation of the races must end. The United States appeals to South Africa to heed the warning signals of the past two years. There is still time to bring about a reconciliation of South Africa’s peoples for the benefit of all. But there is a limit to that time — a limit of far shorter duration than was generally perceived even a few years ago.” While Kissinger was giving this speech, Israel was, of course, practicing apartheid! Funny how Israel can practice any policy it wants to, but White countries can’t! (Also, thanks to Kissinger’s 1975 Sinai II agreement, America and Israel are “joined together at the hip” like Siamese twins).

Cleverly, Kissinger used political pressure on South Africa to weaken and isolate another White country in southern Africa, called Rhodesia, and pave the way for Blacks to achieve equal power there (Rhodesia is now called Zimbabwe, which has been destroyed by Black rule). He “played one White country against another White country in order to isolate and destroy the first country.” Sneaky! Kissinger could sell sand to the Arabs. Really. A clever fellow. Very persuasive. He was out of office by the time S.A. ended apartheid, but nonetheless, he paved the way for S.A.’s death as a White country. It’s not a stretch of the imagination to say that, without Kissinger, both Rhodesia and South Africa would likely still be White, although they would probably be under sanctions from the “international community.”

[2] Of course, Slovo wasn’t the only Jewish activist on the front lines of the battle to end apartheid. Several dozen Jews, most of them Marxists, were key players in the ending of apartheid, including: Ruth First (Slovo’s wife), Harold Wolpe, Albie Sachs, Ronald Segal, Dennis Goldberg, Lionel “Rusty” Bernstein, Hilda Bernstein, Solly Sachs, Helen Suzman, Ray Alexander, Ronnie Kasrils, Raymond Suttner, Ray Simons, Moishe Geller (related to Pamela Geller), Jules and Selma Browde, Arthur Goldreich, Norma and David Kitson, Wolfie Kodish, Harry Bloom and Bernard Friedman.

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