18 June, 2021

Thoughts on Democracy for Newbies

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Democrazy: it’s crazy!

A democracy in 2021 operates on the automatic assumption that all the humans within it are equal in every way. Person A is equal to Person B, who is equal to Person C, who is equal to Person D. So, there is no “pecking order” among people in democracies today. They are all equally capable and talented and resourceful. In a modern democracy, there are Black mayors, Asian councilmen and female judges. Democracy assumes equality by default. Today, anyone is free to run for mayor or governor, regardless of his race or creed. Eugene Kamenka would be proud of the race/creed abolition [1].

Contrast that to any Western country circa 1900 (before “democracies” were invented, or, re-invented if you prefer), when there was a clear pecking order: White males were ranked first in the pecking order, before anyone else. White males had seniority and dominion (it was usually unspoken, but was understood nonetheless) [2].

Democracy (both it and the idea of it) wipes out any natural pecking order among humans and renders them “all equal to each other.” Sounds almost like communism, except you can vote. Curiously, America has not been a democracy for very long. It became a democracy circa 1964 with the bogus “civil rights” laws which gave Blacks and Browns “equality” in all areas of American life [3].


[1] “In the name of science and of man it (Marxism) seeks to transcend the specific divisions of climate, race and creed, of nation-state and language-group, in order to chart a common future for mankind.” —- from the book “The Ethical Foundations of Marxism” by Jewish/Marxist scholar Eugene Kamenka (1928-1994), 1962; from the Preface to the Japanese edition, 1965.

[2] the world’s first democracy was in Athens, in ancient Greece. It died after about 300 years (depending on when you date its beginning). If democracy is so wonderful, why did it die and remain dead for 2,000 years? Democracy means “idiots and negroes can vote” and “any jerk can hold public office.” Plato said that only the smartest people should be involved in politics. Today, we have negroes in Congress.

[3] America was not called a “democracy” on a regular basis until F.D. Roosevelt became president (it was previously called a republic). FDR seemed to have a special fondness for the word “democracy” because he used it very often in his speeches. It’s not a coincidence that FDR’s favorite speechwriter was a Jew: Samuel Rosenman. In a public radio address from the White House, called “Conference on Children in a Democracy” on January 19, 1940, Roosevelt used the word “democracy” 12 times

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