18 June, 2021

Why Are White People the Sole Saviors of the Third World?

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Whenever something bad happens in the Third World (an earthquake, a famine, a flood, etc.), Whites come to the rescue. White volunteers go to that Black/Brown country to help with money, medical services, labor, etc. It’s always the White countries that come to the rescue. In other words, Brown countries don’t help other Brown countries.

A good example is Fiji. The Brown natives of rural Fiji were having trouble getting fresh drinking water, for some reason. The water was not good (it was sort of brown). So, a White country (America) came to the rescue, offering the Fiji natives sophisticated water filters (free of charge) to clean the water. Those filters made the drinking water crystal-clear. White people saved the day! Again!

That Fiji water situation presents two important questions:

1) if all humans are equal, why can’t Black/Brown people ever solve their own problems by themselves? Why do White people always have to save them from disasters? [1].

2) if White people are so evil and racist (as we are told daily by the Western media), why is it that only White people rescue the Third World from various disasters? Sounds to me like the opposite is true: far from being evil and racist, Whites care more about Black/Brown people than Black/Brown people.


[1] IQ means “intelligence quotient.” IQ tests measure “general intellectual ability” or “the ability to recognize and solve problems.” Black/Brown people have lower IQs than White people. The average IQ of a White person is 100. The average IQ of a Black/Brown person is 85. The average IQ of a negro in Africa is 75 to 80 (scores between 70 and 79 are in the “borderline mentally retarded” range). IQ tests used to be given in all U.S. public schools. Apparently, the tests given in schools today are not true IQ tests, they are only “cognitive skill level” tests, and are given to select out the gifted or disabled students from the regular students.

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