8 July, 2021

A New Narrative for Covid is Emerging

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The newest narrative (okay, conspiracy theory) shaping up online is this: global leftists created the Covid-19 scamdemic in order to reduce the global population by sterilizing men and infertilizing women when they take the Covid vaccine (which contains chemicals that hinder human reproduction, such as graphene oxide) [1][2]. Why would leftists do that? To combat “human-caused global warming”/”climate change” which is “the biggest crisis in history” according to the leftists [3].

Is this new narrative true? Who knows? Time will tell. (Don’t forget, Big Pharma is immune to Covid lawsuits by law. Even if it was true, what could you do?).


[1] recall that one pathologist advised women of breeding age to not get the Covid vaccine.

[2] [Video, 15 minutes].

[3] Leftists also hate the nuclear family, so that would be a two-fer, actually.

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