10 July, 2021

Critical Race Theory and the Abolition of the Merit System in America

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These CRT (Critical Race Theory) fanatics are dangerous creeps who want to destroy our excellent Western culture. Now we know where the big push to abolish merit in America came from: the CRT founder Freeman.

The merit system means, of course, choosing people based on their merits, their abilities. Choosing the best people for the job. That’s the only proper way to choose someone. That’s why “Affirmative Action” is bullshit. Merit must be the sole yardstick used to measure qualifications. But A.A. chooses people by race. Under A.A., a negro gets a job because he is Black. That’s not good enough!

Here’s the late Alan David Freeman [1], the guy who pioneered CRT, talking about how he wants to end the merit system in America (since Blacks have less ability than Whites):

“In terms of strategy, I would suggest that instead of continuing to be preoccupied with obtaining a small number of slots under traditional criteria for representative minority people, that we engage in an all-out assault on meritocratic pretenses. This would mean a thoroughgoing scrutiny of the ideology of meritocracy, of ability, of quality, all of which I believe are basically class-loaded concepts that parade themselves as criteria of objective quality, when in fact they are instruments of class domination. That requires a good deal of effort because so many of us have internalized those criteria as genuine measures of self-worth. How many people, having done well on the test, think immediately that they are better people, that the test was a genuine measure of self-worth or self-quality? That ideology has got to be busted up.” — Alan Freeman, in 1979, at a CLS seminar that he organized.

“Instruments of class domination”?? Someone read a lot of Marx! The very idea that merit isn’t objective! Of course it is. The best person wins. Simple. How is that not objective? So, according to Freeman, we must end the merit system and choose people based on…what? Their zip codes?? Of course not. Freeman wanted to abolish merit and choose people based on Affirmation Action quotas and “equity” — based on them being Black or Brown. That’s not merit. There’s a lot of postmodernist philosophy found in CRT, which automatically disqualifies it as Marxist baloney.


[1] It is said that two men pioneered Critical Legal Studies and the later Critical Race Theory (CLS morphed into CRT in the 1980s): a negro professor at Harvard (!!) named Derrick Bell, and Alan David Freeman, who I believe was racially (keyword) a Jew, but I admit that I cannot prove that 100%. His children apparently were baptized Christians at some point. Previously, I was 100% sure Freeman was a Jew, based on various research, but now, based on still more research, I’m only about 90% sure. Regardless, Freeman’s work on CRT carried the day, not Bell’s. Bell was a lightweight negro, not a real intellectual like Freeman. Bell was simply a Black “quota hire.” A photo of Freeman is here: his nose is kinda hooky and his ears are kinda big, and Freeman is often, but not always, a Jewish name; using web searches, I found one “Freeman” who belonged to a synagogue near where Freeman was born, which I found interesting, and, who has the same given name as his mother! I also took into account region of birth, record of achievements, personality type, etc.

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